foreclosure fraud: I will try to help you, BUT PLEASE STOP YELLING AT ME - 06/15/11 09:06 AM
I am truly humbled by the number of people who read my various blogs and who then pick up the phone to ask me questions.  It is my strongest desire to try to be of assistance to anyone who calls me with a question.  If it is a question I cannot answer, I strive to find the right resource to get the answer and put the caller in touch with that resource.
I took a call yesterday from a woman who had read one of my blogs. Her specific inquiry to me was in relation to what recourse she may have … (0 comments)

foreclosure fraud: Success in the Rain- An interview on foreclosure fraud in Maryland and forged Deeds - 03/09/11 07:06 AM
Another Maryland foreclosure mill accused of fraud- Now it's the Deeds by CHARLENE PERRY | 2011/03/09 |
It was my honor to have been interviewed and quoted for this article by Jamie Smith-Hopkins of The Baltimore Sun which was in today's edition. (3-9-11),0,5388979.story
I took a call yesterday from Jamie Smith-Hopkins, reporter for the Baltimore Sun, who writes about real estate in Maryland.  
Ms. Smith-Hopkins has read my blogs here and wanted my input on the state of foreclosures in Maryland and in particular how the allegations of deeds being executed by other than the named trustee would affect our industry. I listened … (4 comments)

foreclosure fraud: Make sure your title agent is pulling the COURT FILE just prior to closing. Check out this Show Cause Order - 03/04/11 04:12 AM
JACOB GEESING, et al., *
Plaintiffs *
VS. *
Defendant *
 IN THE CIRCUIT COURT KENT COUNTY, MARYLAND CASE NO. 14-C- ************************************************************************
This Court having received Plaintiff's Affidavit of Deed of Trust Debt dated April
15, 2010 which includes a mathematical error involving a credit in favor of the Defendant
of $12,690.31 which was added to the Defendant's debt, and having before it for
consideration an Order of Ratification and Referral to Auditor, and this Court having

foreclosure fraud: Yesterday we had HSBC and today it's SunTrust-it will just never end I fear. - 03/03/11 04:46 AM
And now we have SunTrust and HSBC by CHARLENE PERRY | 2011/03/03 |
Yesterday I read that HSBC was suspending all of it's foreclosures nationwide as a result in deficiencies in their foreclosure process and then today, I read this:
An internal review by SunTrust Banks, Inc. has uncovered problems with the paperwork in thousands of foreclosure cases, according to the Atlanta-based company's annual regulatory filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.
"We recently conducted an assessment of our foreclosure process in all states," SunTrust explained in the report. "Our review indicated approximately 4,000 files...contained documents with technical issues in … (1 comments)

foreclosure fraud: Fannie Mae REWARDS foreclosure mills in Maryland for dismissed foreclosure files - 01/21/11 03:38 AM
This has got to be the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.
Yesterday I wrote about 250 Maryland foreclosures being dismissed because of shoddy foreclosure work, liars affidavits and robo-signing and then today I read from Housing Wire.....
Fannie Mae will increase the maximum allowable fee servicers can pay Maryland foreclosure attorneys to $1,300 from $950 for mortgage loans referred to them on or after Feb. 1.
But wait, it gets better!! The reason they need a raise is because they need to do more work in Maryland in order to correct deficiencies. 
A recent decision in Maryland courts … (2 comments)

foreclosure fraud: ALLY Financial pulls 250 foreclosures in Maryland due to Robo-signing - 01/20/11 04:29 AM
ALLY Financial withdraws 250 foreclosures in Maryland Heard this on my local news last night and wanted to share.
According to a report by the Washington Post, Ally Financial announced Tuesday it is withdrawing all foreclosures in Maryland signed by an employee who admitted to being a "robo-signer."
Jeffery Stephan testified under oath that he signed off on thousands of foreclosure documents every month without verifying their accuracy or signing them in the presence of a notary.
Because of the controversy and potential paperwork errors, Ally has agreed to dismiss and re-file 250 active foreclosure cases in the state that he … (0 comments)

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