maryland title agents: I really love working with you, but, your fees are just too high! - 08/19/14 06:13 AM
That was the call I took last month  from a Realtor with whom I have completed several transactions.  She called to tell me that she had just sold a home to a first time home buyer and that she was going to refer the transaction to me, but another title agent quoted her a fee that was $50.00 less than my normal fee.   The buyer was  just barely able to prove the required funds needed to complete closing and the Realtor wanted to make sure that title fees weren't going to keep this young buyer from achieving her dream!  She did not ask … (7 comments)

maryland title agents: Third Party Vetting of Title Agents Rears It's Ugly Head Again - 08/15/14 06:26 AM

For the first time in over two years, I was recently asked by a loan broker whether or not I was vetted through Secure Settlements, a third party vetting agency who claims to be able to properly vet a title agent to insure to the lender that they (the title agent) are compliant with best practices, and are trustworthy by offering a comprehensive risk management report of third party services providers, including title agents, appraisers, accountants, attorneys, document preparation firms, etc. 
In 2012 this same company was very actively engaged in trying to get all lenders to use … (0 comments)

maryland title agents: INTERVIEWING YOUR TITLE AGENT- WHAT DO YOU NEED TO ASK? - 05/09/12 04:43 AM
QUESTIONS YOU NEED TO ASK WHEN INTERVIEWING TITLE AGENTS by The Preferred Title Group, Inc. on Wednesday, May 9, 2012 at 2:38pm ·   It would never occur to you to enter into an agreement with a Realtor to list your home for sale or to represent you in the purchase of a home without conducting an interview of several Realtors to insure that their experience, licensing, continuing education etc. meets all of your criteria.  Nor would you place your trust in a lender wtihout conducting interviews of several lenders to insure that they are offering you the most competive rates … (2 comments)


But, I spend my days playing detective!
Today, I am trying to solve the mystery surrounding a missing link in the chain of title. 
While I am a very good detective, having spent the better part of the last 25 years doing just this type thing every day, I am becoming increasingly tired of this role.  
In the current transaction we have a bank owned property that is under contract with a closing date of MAYBE Friday, the 5th of August.  
One would think that since there are not less than 3 title … (2 comments)

maryland title agents: Going Green means STICKY NOTE WITHDRAWL SYMPTOMS!! - 07/18/11 06:16 AM
We have launched our GREEN PROJECT here at The Preferred Title Group, Inc.   As of July 1, 2011 we are doing all we can to NOT use paper for our files.  Each file starts out digitally and continues on through the entire process in a digital fashion. At closing the borrower is given a disk with copies of all pertinent documents, including their title commitment, copies of all documents signed at closing, the location survcey, etc.  on it.  This has already resulted in a HUGE savings for me in terms of the cost of paper and toner, etc.,  BUT......
This project has come at a … (0 comments)

maryland title agents: Shoppng for settlement services, does that really happen? - 07/12/11 01:57 AM
Since the beginning of 2010 rwe have all been using the "new" HUD-1 settlement statement. The purpose of this revised HUD was supposed to enable consumers to make informed decisions relating to the cost of thier real estate transaction. The THEORY was sound, the end result though is that nothing has changed. EXCEPT that in some cases the consumer is actually paying MORE for settlement services than they may have been post 2010. Prior to the revised HUD an agent or lender would call our office, request a preliminary HUD and presumably would then share the ITEMIZED costs with the consumer. … (0 comments)

maryland title agents: What do you grab as the tornado sirens go off? - 04/28/11 03:47 AM

It's been a crazy morning here in Maryland.  Tornado sirens are not something that we hear as a matter of course so naturally when they start going off it is necessary to take action.
We have always been told to have an emergency kit put together in case of inclement weather.  As the sirens went off this morning, I was fully prepared. 
I grabbed my briefcase stuffed with files that had titles I needed to review, my cell phone which enables me to have a "wireless hot spot" and my nook color so that I could communicate with my office … (2 comments)

As a title agent I often collect excess deposit checks at closing from either the listing broker or the selling broker.  I have been doing this for years and it has never been a problem.
UNTIL TODAY!!  I got a notice from my bank advising that a check that I had deposited into my escrow account had BOUNCED!

I frantically researched the matter and learned that the check that I had presented for excess deposit had been returned.
I immediately called the broker's office and was connected to her assistant.  I nicely explained that … (0 comments)

maryland title agents: WORKING FROM HOME- It doesn't work for me. How do you all do it? - 03/14/11 03:13 AM
I am forced to be working from home today as a result of a well malfunction. Oddly enough when I woke at 5 a.m. all was well with the well.  (no pun intended)
After reading some news and checking and responding to e-mail, I went to take a shower and much to my surprise found that the well pump was not working at all.  So.. a quick and angry call to my husband at work yielded an argument between us and a phone call by me to a well specialist.   Luckily the well specialist will be able to come out today … (125 comments)

maryland title agents: Success in the Rain- An interview on foreclosure fraud in Maryland and forged Deeds - 03/09/11 07:06 AM
Another Maryland foreclosure mill accused of fraud- Now it's the Deeds by CHARLENE PERRY | 2011/03/09 |
It was my honor to have been interviewed and quoted for this article by Jamie Smith-Hopkins of The Baltimore Sun which was in today's edition. (3-9-11),0,5388979.story
I took a call yesterday from Jamie Smith-Hopkins, reporter for the Baltimore Sun, who writes about real estate in Maryland.  
Ms. Smith-Hopkins has read my blogs here and wanted my input on the state of foreclosures in Maryland and in particular how the allegations of deeds being executed by other than the named trustee would affect our industry. I listened … (4 comments)

maryland title agents: I need a make over!! Will I ever be able to go paperless? - 03/02/11 08:17 AM
I have been unwell for the last several weeks with the Swine Flu. 
I am finally back at work and I feel so much better and I do want to thank all of you who took a moment out of your busy days to wish me well.
Being out of the office and truly not working has wreaked havoc on my desk!!  I am sitting here now at my desk which is usually pretty tidy and I am OVERWHELMED.  There is paper everywhere, I don't know what all this paper is but I do know that I don't feel like dealing … (3 comments)

maryland title agents: Social Media ~ Are you playing fairly? - 02/08/11 05:48 AM
Every day we all do the same thing.  We tweet, re-tweet, blog, like, comment, LinkIN and Branch out.  But, are you doing these things selfishly or are you playing fairly?
It's exciting to see your numbers increase isn't it?  You check every day to see how many people are following you, who has subscribed to your blog, who has recommended you on LinkedIn, how many have invited you to Branch Out, commented on a Face book post,  and who has tweeted or re-tweeted you and so on. 
What have you done for your followers?  I just started using Twitter (@PREFERREDTITLE) more diligently this month. In … (2 comments)

maryland title agents: RAINMAKERS LOVING THE RAIN - 02/07/11 04:29 AM
Saturday February 5, 2011.  A dreary nasty day here in Maryland.   But I turned it into a RAINMAKING opportunity!!
Because of the kindness of a good friend, Bridget McGee, the Mortgage Mama I had an opportunity to participate in a gathering of RAINMAKERS from Maryland and Pennsylvania.
We met at the Suburban House in Pikesville, MD.  I was immediately welcomed into the group by Margaret Rome an Ambassador in the Rain, our hostess, and just a wonderful warm and friendly individual. Margaret made a point of personally welcoming me to the group and introducing me to all who attended.   She also … (4 comments)

maryland title agents: LIVING LIKE THE JETSON'S - 02/03/11 04:29 AM

I love the Jetsons!! I recall fondly many afternoons spent watching this futuristic cartoon and wishing and hoping for some of the technology that the Jetsons enjoyed.  What wonderous things they had.  A robot to clean the house, a machine to dress them, a machine to feed them a car that FLEW!! and then folded up into a brief case. Man those were some great ideas. 
As I look around my office and home I realize that many of the futuristic ideas presented on the Jetsons have actually become standard items that you can find most anywhere.  We all have … (0 comments)

maryland title agents: I just made my first referral as a licensed real estate agent - 01/27/11 04:15 AM
I got my real estate license again in November, 2010.  I tried to place my license with a national brokerage but was told that because I hold a title producer's license, I could not place my real estate license with this brokerage, but, that they had a program for referral agents.  I chose to go that route. 
Today I made my first referral to a good friend and phenomenal agent, Dan McDevitt,
Dan and I have worked together on some other transactions and I am always very pleased with the service that he rendered to his clients.  The referral I gave … (0 comments)

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