settlements: Would you like some Cheese with that Whine? - 07/07/14 05:33 AM
The client's needs should always come first, right?
Yes, that is good business no matter what business you are in but what do you do when the client starts to whine incessently about the "inconvenience" he/she must experience through the entire real estate transaction.
Whether you are the listing agent, selling agent, lender or title agent you are constantly trying to coordinate schedules with a host of folks beginning with the initial showing of the home and ending with the final closing.
In Maryland we have a face to face meeting with buyers/sellers, sometimes called closing an sometimes called settlement but … (4 comments)

settlements: You have an on-line PRESENCE, but are you PRESENT? - 08/03/12 03:44 AM
Every day we update out Twitter feed, enter our status on Facebook, blog, e-mail and text message to our clients in the hope that our on-line presence will attract their attention.  It is important to do this, without question, but is that the only way in which you are communicating with your client base?  More and more lately I find that people are only communicating via electronic media.  I too find myself often falling into this same habit of sending a quick e-mail rather than picking up the phone sometimes and I resolve to stop relying upon electronic media to connect with … (0 comments)

settlements: Are you "Practicing Law" ? - 07/23/10 03:53 AM
I read an interesting article today at Source of Title written by Robert Franco.  Mr. Franco brings up a very good point, one that I think most Realtors don't consider when trying to help a friend or family member in a FSBO transaction.
I have seen, in my role as a title agent, situations where the Realtor has provided a blank contract of sale as well as the necessary addendum for lead paint, FHA financing, etc. One would assume that the Realtor probably reviewed the contract with at least one of the parties to the transaction.  
Mr. Franco brings up a … (0 comments)

settlements: ALL TITLE AGENTS ARE NOT CROOKS!! - 07/19/10 08:56 AM
Recently there have been several articles in our local daily paper, The Baltimore Sun, that would make one believe that ALL title agents are crooks and are not to be trusted.  I am here to tell you that that is just not so.
An article written by Jay Hancock dated June 20, 2010 is so blatently accusatory of the whole industry that it just made my blood boil. His statement "It's the lesser-known side of the mortgage disaster. As lenders foisted billions of dollars in mortgage debt on unqualified borrowers buying overpriced houses, too often there was a sticky-fingered settlement agent … (0 comments)

settlements: A sure sign you are working too hard and too many hours when out of the mouths of babes...... - 06/21/10 04:03 PM
My almost 5 year old grandaughter at one time was in my office Monday-Friday from 10:00 a.m to about 3:00 p.m. This was before she could walk and before she went to daycare. So you can say she has been raised in the title busines.  From the time she started to go to daycare at about 18 months old to the present she continues to come into my office at least once a week to "do her work".  She has her own little work station and she has her own little set of "office suppies" and she and I "play title" when she … (2 comments)

In a lawsuit filed in Charlotte, NC Bank of America claims that First American and it's subsidiaries have either denied payment or withheld payment on over $500 million worth of claims stemming from title defects, including vesting problems, legal description errors, intervening liens and other covered items.The law suit states that in at least 5500 instances they have to file claims under these title insurance "policies". All of these claims are related to Equity Lines of Credit or Home Equity Loan.
Bank of America claims that under the Fiserv QuickClose Lien Protection Insurance Program, a streamlined substitute for title insurance that they are entitled … (0 comments)

settlements: BOA STRIKES AGAIN via SCOTT L. PERRY- Source of Title - 03/11/10 02:51 AM
Well, the 'net is buzzing once again with news of the latest screw-up by Bank of America.  Seems that they took possession on the wrong house...again.  My question is: how does a thing like this keep happening with the same company over and over again?
This time, it's Angela Iannelli of Gibsonia, PA just north of Pittsburgh who is the victim of BoA's gaffe.  But she's not taking things lying down and has filed suit against the bank."If you or I did to Bank of America what Bank of America did to my client, we would be in prison for 10 years," says attorney Michael Rosenzweig, a … (2 comments)

settlements: NEW FANNIE MAE ADDENDUM - 02/22/10 06:39 AM
I was very pleased to learn last Friday that Fannie Mae is using a new addendum for their REO properties.
As you may know all banks use their own addenda for REO sales.  For many years now Fannie Mae has been using basically the same addendum which stated that the buyer MUST use the seller's title agent and that the cost of transfer taxes and stamps would be bourne in full by the buyer.  Fannie Mae is in fact EXEMPT from the payment of transfer taxes and stamps, although some local jurisdictions push the entire burden on the buyer without taking … (15 comments)

settlements: AIG IS AT IT AGAIN - 02/02/10 01:26 PM
Well, I guess you know I just have to comment on this!
In an article in today's Washington Post written by Brady Dennis it has been announced that AIG is planning on issuing bonuses to employees of their Financial Products Division, with an additional tens of more millions worth of  bonuses to be paid out in March. Some of the employees who stand to benefit by these bountiful bonuses don't even work for AIG any longer, but yet......
We are reminded by Mr. Dennis that "the Financial Products Division is the unit whose risky derivatives deals brought the insurer to the brink … (2 comments)

settlements: SELLER'S TITLE AGENT MISSED IT ! - 12/10/09 02:31 AM
I reviewed a title yesterday on behalf of a buyer who was purchasing a property out of foreclosure from Fannie Mae. As you all know, Fannie Mae and most other big lenders and servicing agencies have gone to the "cradle to grace" concept.  This means to the consumer that if they use the seller's title agent, as most REO contracts will say they must, there are absolutely no checks and balances as to title issues that may have been missed by the seller's title agent and/or the foreclosure attorney. 
In the instant case the property was vested in Fannie Mae. The … (0 comments)

settlements: Protecting your client in an REO transaction - 12/07/09 07:19 AM
In almost every REO deal the bank will counter offer with their own addendum which will contain significant changes to your offer.  Some of the terms you will see in the counter-offer will include such items as:
In the event of a conflict the bank's terms will prevail.  What does that mean, well it means that the original contract is basically uselss and the seller's addendum will represent the entire agreement between the parties The bank will deliver a "Special Warranty Deed.  Meaning, the bank only has to clear title issues for the time period in which it was the owner … (3 comments)

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