real estate franchise: Real Living Continues Impressive Growth - 05/06/10 02:35 AM
Real Living today announced more additions to the family.  We continue to grow through a highly successful, three-pronged approach:
franchising companies providing merger and acquisition assistance delivering the necessary support to help local brokers grow their operations by opening new offices in major markets In the last month, three companies -- with offices in Louisiana, Texas and Illinois -- have joined Real Living's growing national brand. The three most recent companies to join the Real Living brand are:
•        Real Living Bobby Drude, Hammond, La
•        Real Living Houston Home Sales, Spring, Texas
•        Real Living Properties, Gurnee, Ill
The most … (1 comments)

real estate franchise: Check out our most recent Podcast! - 03/12/10 01:10 AM
GMAC Real Estate franchisees continue to migrate to the Real Living brand in droves.  This week we converted 6 more and one of the franchisees is Mike Watts, broker owner of Real Living Carolina Property in Morganton, North Carolina. 
Mike's firm of 42 agents boasts over 600 listings in his market!  You will definately get some good insight from listening to this next installment of Real Living's podcast series. 
Here is another installment of a podcast interview with Mike Watts.  Enjoy!


real estate franchise: Real Living Continues to ROLL. 6 More GMAC's Convert to Real Living! - 03/05/10 01:05 AM
We've been busy at Real Living. In the past 60 days we've converted over two dozen GMAC offices and over 1,000 GMAC agents to the Real Living network.  I'm proud to announce that the brand we created in 2002 continues to gain traction throughout the US!
The seven most recent companies to begin waving the Real Living flag in their hometowns include: 
Real Living Advanced Realty, Hoover, Alabama Real Living Carolina Property, Morganton, North Carolina Real Living Cranbrook, Realtors, Franklin, Michigan Real Living Greater Montana, Hamilton, Montana Real Living Messina, and Associates, Duluth, Minnesota Real Living Team Advantage, Columbus, Indiana Here is … (9 comments)

real estate franchise: Arizona, Minnesota and Florida - Home to the NEWEST Real Living Franchisees! - 01/25/10 02:17 AM
I'm proud to announce today that three more companies have converted from GMAC to the Real Living brand in their local markets.The three latest companies to convert are:
· Real Living Premier Partners in Arizona (formerly Sonoran Properties GMAC Real Estate)
· Real Living 1st Knight in Florida (formerly 1st Knight Realty GMAC Real Estate)
· Real Living Home to Home in Minnesota (formerly Home to Home GMAC Real Estate)
Each of the new Real Living brokers had their own reasons for seeking out the award-winning Real Living brand, which is uniquely positioned within the real estate industry, and has earned a reputation … (1 comments)

real estate franchise: What GMAC Brokers are Saying About Real Living... Quotes - 01/20/10 11:52 PM
Here are what two of the newest Real Living franchisees are saying regarding their decision to re-brand and join Real Living.  GMAC Brokers are excited, agents are excited and we who've been Real Living for a while are thrilled by the fast growth. 
"When we were deciding to go with Real Living, I was very impressed with the technology offering and the marketing."
"The Real Living brand is new and we believe the concept is something that is really going to stick."
"It is important to be associated with a franchise that keeps you at the top and differentiates you from the … (6 comments)

real estate franchise: Harley Rouda Jr. and Eddie San Roman Interview - Exciting! - 01/14/10 02:36 AM
Wednesday, January 13, 2010 is a historic date in the Real Living history book. It marks the date where first GMAC franchise converted and re-branded to Real Living! Eddie San Roman, president and CEO of First Service Realty (now Real Living First Service Realty) owns the proud distinction of being this first brokerage to join.
Hundreds of red, round and real yard signs will immediately infiltrate the Miami market as Eddie and his agents paint the town Real Living RED.
This is another interview, done just hours prior to Eddie announcing this news to his agents and the entire … (1 comments)

real estate franchise: Video Interview with Real Living First Service Realty - 01/14/10 12:47 AM
This is a video interview I conducted with Eddie San Roman, President and CEO of Real Living First Service Realty in Miami, Florida. This interview was completed just hours prior to him officially announcing to his 725+ agents and consumers that he'd be re-branding from GMAC to Real Living. As you will see, Eddie has a great amount of passion for the business and, now, the Real Living brand.
On Saturday, January 16, 2010, hundreds of red, round and real yard signs will infiltrate the greater Miami and Dade county area.
Real Living First Service Realty is the first … (2 comments)

real estate franchise: How "In Demand" Are Your Listings? - 09/23/08 07:23 AM
Very!  Real Living has a deal with a local Columbus weekly newspaper, This Week Newspapers.  Due to the fact that we have and control the listing data, we display all local listings on the newspaper's website under the "real estate tab."  We are not compensated, but our brand is displayed as "powered by Real Living," and the local newspaper pushes weekly headlines and local area content to the details page of our site.  We share content with each other.
Here is what the search page looks like...
After doing a search, here's how listings are displayed...

When a visitor clicks … (2 comments)

real estate franchise: A Really, Really BIG Coupon - $10,000 off - 09/22/08 03:49 AM
How many of us are writing e-mails and/or sending letters to our customers like the one Real Living agent Jason Proctor wrote about in his recent blog? 
Informing consumers on the state of our industry and arming them with information and links they need to make an informed decision.  How many first-time buyers know there is a $7,500 tax credit available?  If not a first time buyer, how many customers know that this is a "buyers market" and taking a 20% reduction on their listing knowing they'd get 20% + off of a property you are buying is a great thing.  … (4 comments)

real estate franchise: Does Web 2.0 Really Work? - 09/05/08 02:54 AM

Real Living launched its proprietary Web 2.0 platform three years ago - home page pictured above.  Through this platform consumers can register, save searches, receive listing updates, track how often their home was viewed online, communicate with their agent, utilize a calendar, and much, much more every day. 
Today, Real Living has 170,000 active users of our MyRealLiving platform.  And, it continues to grow.  There are close to 4,000 new registrations added every month.  To me this proves the necessity of the platform and providing consumers what they require to search, communicate and interact with their real estate partner.
We … (8 comments)

real estate franchise: Personalities of Real Living... Vicki Forst - 09/02/08 05:37 AM
When future Real Living owners visit our offices in Columbus, Ohio, one of the first people they meet is Vicki Forst.  Vicki not only plays a role in our "Real Deal" discovery day, Vicki is an integral member of our team when it comes to the new franchisee being "on-boarded."  On-boarding is a term we use to describe the full process of bringing a partner into Real Living.  Some of the key functions include coordinating with key team members to...
Activate all agent web sites Launch the broker site Integrate the MLS into their broker and sites Organize broker-owner-advance training … (1 comments)

real estate franchise: More Personalities - Becky Blankenship Real Living Mortgage - 08/26/08 04:26 AM
Becky Blankenship is a key liaison for Real Living franchisees and a point person for mortgage operations.  Becky has over 15 years of mortgage sales and operations leadership experience.  For the last 6 years she has been with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage and is a driven professional known for building profitable business-to-business relationships that fuels productivity and increase revenues. Her focus and strength is to be an innovative business analyst, researcher and planner in order to understand and capitalize on client needs to generate sales of products and services while significantly impacting company and client bottom lines.
Real Living … (1 comments)

real estate franchise: Personalities of Real Living - Training and Operations! - 08/22/08 03:25 AM
Pictured from left to right are Caroline Shroyer (VP, Professional Development & Recruiting) and Sarah Shoemaker (chief operations officer).  These two play an integral role in the support function within Real Living to our franchise network.
Caroline is the training liaison for our franchise network.  Her team designed and implemented a learning management system which offers our employees, agents, managers and brokers a scalable online learning portal, Real U. Caroline manages the following...
Broker Owner Advance Training - a three day seminar new franchise partners attend.   The training is complete with how to demonstrate the Business Center, broker web … (2 comments)

real estate franchise: The People of Real Living - Creative Services! - 08/21/08 03:54 AM
This is going to be my first of many installments of a "meet the people/personalities" of Real Living series. 
Erin Corrigan, Vice President Creative Services...
Erin is a bright and talented design professional and one who is instrumental in the management and maintenance of Real Living's brand.  We affectionately refer to her as the "brand Nazi," but she prefers "brand steward."  As you can see she even wears RED all of the time to embody our brand.  One of the common characteristics among franchisees who join our firm is that they always compliment us on how "well managed" our brand … (5 comments)

real estate franchise: Sneak Peek Into Real Living's Offices (Many Pictures) - 08/06/08 05:11 AM
It is with great anticipation that I finally post this blog, I've been waiting to do something like this for a long time to show off our company and offices.  Here is installment number one of many tours of our offices, culture, and staff.  This one primarily deals with our office spaces... Future blogs will highlight and interview the Real Living employees who support our franchises so effectively.  Through this series I'll provide a visual insight into our company, brand and team intended for future Real Living franchisees/agents as well as current agents who've not visited yet.   
When a potential new franchisee visits our … (16 comments)

real estate franchise: You can have our playbook, BUT... - 08/01/08 05:26 AM
You still have to stop us - Bobby Knight (I think).    
Here is a sign Real Living is in the game.  True story from Wednesday afternoon...
I field a call from a suburban Chicago area code (630 - I worked Chicago so recognize the exchanges there) from a woman interested in some information about Real Living's franchise.  I talked to her briefly and was pushing to get some information about her company, goals, etc. prior to divulging information.  The call turned a bit "fishy" when she was 100% focused on the cost of our franchise and service fee structure.  I … (12 comments)

real estate franchise: Do you really want to "capture" a consumer? - 07/22/08 02:25 AM
I've attended a few seminars, meetings and read a few blogs lately where I've read about companies and agents trying to "capture" consumers.  Semantically speaking, wouldn't you rather "establish a relationship" with consumers vs. capturing them? 
As a consumer, I personally do not want to be captured.  That term implies being caged like an animal without an ability to get free.  Like I'll be receiving an overkill amount/abundance of e-mail, phone calls, snail mail, etc. until I buy.  I'd love to see us an industry get to the point where we use more consumer-friendly terms and phrases in these instances.

real estate franchise: E-Mail vs. Phone - 07/17/08 06:06 AM
I was in an interview with a potential marketing candidate a few days ago.  One question I always ask is, "how do you communicate?"  I'm looking for an answer that ensures me the candidate is not fully tied to e-mail.  In real estate and franchising, I feel it is 100% necessary that the franchisors' employees are able to pick up the phone and/or talk to someone in person with just as much comfort as e-mail.  Whether you are in sales or support, the phone and person-person skills are still valuable.  
I come across more and more people who are hesitant (possibly afraid) … (20 comments)

real estate franchise: Transparency – What Do You See? - 06/26/08 04:38 AM
Transparency is critical today in our relationships.  Broker-Agent, Agent-Consumer, Broker-Consumer and Broker-Franchisor. 
Here is why...
Women make 89% of the purchasing decisions in real estate and comprise the majority of our agent populations.  Women are also excellent BS detectors and transparency is essential for building trust and a working relationship.
Fake and fluff don't sell and will ultimately be exposed.  Keep it real - just like my blog title. 
Transparency equates to trust, genuineness and being real.  People do business with people they trust.  When perspective franchisees visit our office, the first thing I always relay to those individuals is that … (3 comments)

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