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Following the announcement from the Federal Reserve a couple weeks ago, the U.S. Government has also made the decision to use taxpayer funds (Treasury Funds) to invest in mortgage securities such as Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Ginnie Mae loans.  This investment may be controversial to many Ameri...
Interest rates continue to be as low as they have been in over 4 decades.  I recommend everyone to look at their current loan with a professional to discuss the option of either refinancing for a lower payment, or to shorten the term on their loan.  I have seen some homeowners saving as much as $...
Today I have had my home on the market for about 4 weeks and from what I am seeing we either are in a unique market with very little concern about the economic conditions, or I have a great deal.  I have had over 30 showings, (I lost count last week on #29) and have had several offers.  Honestly,...
It sounds like Christmas may just be for the kids this year according to statistics put out by the major firms tracking consumer spending.  That may not be a bad idea considering the uncertainty of the job market and the talk by President Elect Obama that we may see even higher unemployment in th...
October was a great month for purchasing and refinances.  I had heard the entire mortgage industry had an increase in business, especially in the midwest.  I think the weather helped, as well as many people deciding to turn the TV off for a while and get back to living their lives, rather than be...
I'm not sure what you think, but this morning's news of the market is distressing, not to mention confusing.  It seems to me that like Warren Buffet said, it would be an excellent time to buy.  From what I know, there is a selloff going on due to hedge fund liquidation.  It sounds like we are in ...
I guess CNN didn't like him, but Fox does.  Why does the media have to be biased and purposely force an opinion on viewers, rather than giving news.  I have never seen so many broadcast stations move to one side of the arena than this year.  I just checked out CNN's website and they have complete...
Now that we are approaching the Presidential elections, we are coming upon the time when everyone in our industry was anticipating things to begin to settle down.  Today we are officially at 13 days, and a few hours from knowing who will be our next President of the US.  Some people are now conce...
If you are having trouble making your mortgage payment, you may qualify for HUD's Hope for Homeowner's program.  As long as you can afford the new loan and qualify for it, you could lower your monthly payments and have a safe, secure 30 year fixed rate. If you want to know more about this great p...
Did you know the four additional things other than paying your bills on time that count when trying to get the highest credit score possible?  These little known topics can help you maximize your credit score, and can allow you to recover from a missed payment sooner. First, pay your bills on tim...

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