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We discuss different ways to reach buyers in this tight market including old ways with a new twist. It is about moving your property faster. Why "Change Marketing"? The company name is D3 which was based on the mathematical symbol Delta which means Change and the exponent 3 for cubed. Our goal has always been to accellerate business growth through a change in thinking when it comes to marketing.



It is one of the most popular sites on the internet.  Build a page and it is propogated throughout the web in minutes not months.  So how do you capitalize on Facebook Juice for SEO?  The same way you do on any other blogging site, keywords and relevant content. I have a client who is taking a Fa...
I got a very early start to the day today so instead of breakfast before work, I took a breakfast break.  As a result, I saw a show that I have never seen before called the Drs.  One of the topics was how a handshake reflects on your health. Do you give the limp fish or do you wrestle somebody to...
Luck is Opportunity Meeting Preparation That guy who won the Power Ball the other day, boy was he lucky, or was he?  His opportunity was the numbers that were drawn, his preparation was buying the ticket.  I didn't win, man was I unlucky.  Oh wait, I wasn't prepared because I didn't buy a ticket...
Men's Health Magazine released their rankings of socially networked cities.  If you want to read the whole article, here is the link. The methodology took into account a ton of factors, but here are the results: Washington DC Atlanta Denver Minneapolis Seattle San Francisco Orlando Austin Boston ...
I toyed with a tantalizing title to get you excited, but less is more sometimes. It has happened.  Facebook usage has exceeded email.  A recent study found that people spend about 4.6 hours per week on Facebook compared with 4.3 hours on email.  Why?  Think of Facebook as being email on steroids ...
Those that follow me know that I have a significant background in the world of online auctions having worked in that realm for the past 12 years.  Today I came upon some stats that proved the point that I have always maintained, "it just takes 2".  We all talk about short sales and the down econo...
I have been in the business world for 20 years now and have been in sales and marketing most of that time.  I know everything there is to know about how to sell.  No really, all you need to know about sales is that it takes hard work and the ability to listen.  You didn't really think I was bragg...
Ah yes, the annual rites of Spring - The Yard Sale It is the theme of our family this year to simplify our lives and reduce the stress and noise.  We are doing great through the first 2 months of the year and last Saturday, we had our first Garage Sale of the year.  I say first because in cleanin...
How smart is my facebook page?  It knows what page to put you on when you get there. It even knows if you like it or not and will show you what you different things if you do like it vs. haven't liked it yet. It even can tell you whether it is going to rain or not.  Well okay, it can't do that, ...
No really.  Charlie Sheen has taught me a few things this week. No it isn't the phrase, "Duh, Winning".  Stay with me just a bit and you will understand the genius that is Charlie Sheen.  Sometimes people don't want to hear the truth In this politically correct world, many times people don't want...

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