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We discuss different ways to reach buyers in this tight market including old ways with a new twist. It is about moving your property faster. Why "Change Marketing"? The company name is D3 which was based on the mathematical symbol Delta which means Change and the exponent 3 for cubed. Our goal has always been to accellerate business growth through a change in thinking when it comes to marketing.



So you are new to the real estate game or perhaps you just aren't producing the results you were hoping for.  Come a little closer and I will tell you the 3 Secret Tools that Successful Real Estate Agents use to improve the chances that their homes sell and faster and at top dollar.  You have to ...
Last week, I was slapped with reality.  You see, I thought that realtors were fantastic marketers who did everything they could to get a house to sell.  Last week I woke up. Sure, I saw all of those articles downplaying the importance of QR Codes.  So many people telling me that QR Codes wouldn'...
...that guy over there Sorry Pogo (old cartoon, look it up) but the age of personal responsibility has left us.  We are now a blame society.  We have all reverted to our 6 year old selves who don't want the consequences of our actions and thus blame the other guy. While you are up there on your s...
Let me start by saying, I haven't fully digested this release Here were some interesting statistics. Facebook is now at 750 million users 4 Billion things shared each day 50% of users participate in groups with the average group size being 7 people Share is growing exponentially, meaning:  Last y...
The 4th of July is a Celebration but it is more than just a time to bar-b-que. July 4th is roughly the mid point of the year.  The exact mid point is actually on the 3rd. It is time to look back on the first half of the year and guage your progress toward your goals.  Oh sure those resolutions we...

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