Actually it was two people who made me very happy,  Prince William County, VA REALTOR'S® Arthur and Karen Kruschka. You see Karen posted a blog titled 'Why I Love My Husband #7'. I thought she was very brave to post that photo because now others might fall in love with Art too! Karen and Art neve...
This blog post is about how easy and inexpensive it is to update your light fixtures with a press of a nozzle, also included are the why's behind this project. In this example a switch out of the pendant's glass globe was done for the finishing touch!Whether you are selling and in need of an upda...
  This blog comes courtesy of my wise friend Jack Gilleland who owns Home Inspection Services in Clayton, Ohio. With Christmas season right around the corner his timely advice about the importance of the correct tension inside the outlets in your home may save your life and home too! I've been gu...
In downtown Granville, Ohio on Beggar's Night they were ready to woo...I saw THING 1 and Gene Simmons too! The residents had gotten into a spooky spirit for Beggar's Night, they waiting on their doorsteps to give out treats to wee ones and tall ones at first sight!     There was THING 1.............
The 2010 season for Farmers Market in Granville, Ohio is coming to close this Oct, 23rd. Make plans to to scoop up the goodies this Saturday! Buying directly from local growers & vendors is a great way to enjoy the fresh taste of organically grown produce & fruits. The cottage industry bakers, an...
How to update a mirror frame to a more transitional look. Do you have a mirror that you wish had a different look? Maybe you saw a brand new one with a different finish you long for and now it's begging you to buy it! Before you shell out the $$$ on the new mirror try this project! It's easy and ...
Photos from the 2010 Hotlicks Bluesfest in Granville, was a red hot & blue day! The temperature that day was mild but the tunes were sure hot in downtown Granville. If you didn't get a chance to make it to the FREE Hotlicks Bluesfest here's a few photos to get you started on your weeken...

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