productivity: 10 Common Time Management Mistakes - 01/06/12 02:58 PM
10 Common Time Management Mistakes Avoiding Common Pitfalls  
 How well do you manage your time? If you're like many people, your answer may not be completely positive!  Perhaps you feel overloaded, and you often have to work late to hit your deadlines. Or maybe your days seem to go from one crisis to another, and this is stressful and demoralizing.
Many of us know that we could be managing our time more effectively; but it can be difficult to identify the mistakes that we're making, and to know how we could improve.
When we do manage our time well, … (12 comments)

productivity: Twelve Tips for Making 2012 Your Best Year Yet - 01/03/12 11:26 PM
Twelve Tips for Making 2012 Your Best Year Yet
1. Stay Positive.   It's more important than you think or others want you to believe,  You can listen to the cynics and doubters and believe that success is impossible and that having a positive attitude doesn't matter or you can trust that with faith and an optimistic attitude all things are possible.
2. Develop Laser Focus. Each day when you wake up in the morning ask yourself: "What are the three most important things I need to do to move me closer to my goals?" 
3. Get Real Instead of being … (4 comments)

productivity: Are you a Dreamer? - 04/10/11 12:32 AM
If you have ever watched just even 10 minutes of the  Olympics, then you understand the power of a dream.  Don’t underestimate how dreaming in vivid colors (while you’re awake!)  can define the quality of your life.
For many of us, setting goals is a standard practice in our business.  But how many of us set out to see our DREAMS  become reality?  Sadly, too often, we hear phrases that call for us to get our heads out of the clouds and come down to earth and that ask us to stop dreaming dreams because they will never come true.  Sometimes these voices … (5 comments)

productivity: Discover Your Best Self - 03/25/11 01:58 AM
This means something different to all of us.  But one thing remains true, in order to understand your life's purpose, you must first come to understand yourself.  In order to achieve success in life, career and relationships you need to discover your best self!  That allows you to live your best life!
Living your best life means understanding and living out your life's purpose.  It means creating harmony within all parts of your life.  It involves more celebrating and less worrying.  It's joyful not stressful.  Your best self thrives when you are living your best life.
It all sounds so easy … (2 comments)

productivity: Time - Friend or Foe? - 03/11/11 01:13 PM
Time … the word & the concept of it gets more attention in our daily life than most world news.  It seems we can’t stop talking about it, almost obsessing over it.  How many “times” a day do you find yourself looking for more time, scheduling time, taking time, managing time, wanting time, blocking time …
Our relationship with time  is somewhat tumultuous.  We seem to always want to control time and why not?   Time itself is a man-made concept dating back to the Mayans.  They created the calendar by calculating the length of the Earth’s orbit around the sun.  … (3 comments)

productivity: Launch Your Day! - 03/08/11 04:51 AM
I have often said the way you start your day is the way you will spend your day. 
When you get out of bed with a "I don't want to" attitude dragging yourself around to get ready you will certainly not feel ready to handle anything that the day brings you.  And when you leap out of bed with a start panicked and rushed you will be on edge all day too.  But if you could launch your day in a positive and energetic way, just what could you accomplish?

As Soon as the Alarm Rings...
Spend … (2 comments)

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