facebook: How to make sure your FaceBook followers see your news on their walls - 01/21/18 03:15 PM
With the recent changes on FaceBook concerning less people seeing your business post in their news-feeds, while there is no way to manipulate their feeds on your end, there is a way to instruct your followers how to make sure they see your posts.
Personally, I think this is a way to force you to "pay" to boost your posts. When you make a post, you can boost your post to make sure your followers that are located in a specific demographic and even their friends. Like I said, just another way to get to your wallet.
I am sure some of you … (9 comments)

facebook: Do You Own Your YouTube Channel? - 05/23/17 02:39 PM
Most people who know me, know that I believe YouTube needs to be a "best freind" for the online marketing of Realtors. YouTube is owned by Google and Google wants to deliver video search results.
I do need to address an issue I am running across with some of my new clients and prospects. They don't actually own or control their YouTube channel. There are two primary reasons this happens.
1) New agents join a franchise that sets up their franchise or brokerage e mail address which can also be tied to a YouTube channel they create for you. Sometimes they even set up … (8 comments)

facebook: How to reduce your social marketing sphere every 4 years - 11/13/16 12:46 PM
Or, "Were you a part of the 4 year Facebook friends purge"?
Now that the dust is settling post election, did you remove people from your sphere? Did people remove you from theirs? Or did you stay chill and focus on building your business?
I don't know about you, but I use my Facebook and Twitter accounts to grow a sphere of prospects and business associates as I build my business. I am approaching 4,900 Facebook friends and 3,600 Twitter followers, all legit.
80% of my marketing sphere is made up of real estate agents, brokers, coaches, gurus and real estate related vendors and … (34 comments)

facebook: If you want to blog, be consistent and run the race! - 08/08/16 07:57 AM
I have a good friend who decided on a new career path 4 years ago at the age of 63. He went into a specific legal support vocation. He was at a slight disadvantage online. He had no Internet history. Being a self employed contractor, he was essentially a start-up business in a very competitive field.
To help jump start his online presence, I built him a new website in WordPress. I set up his business social network. I placed him in 50 online business directories. I taught him how to blog.
My friend had a blogging advantage. Three masters degrees. Many years working for the government. He … (28 comments)

facebook: Facebook Birthday Greeting Strategies - 05/19/16 02:27 AM
I have around 4300 Facebook friends at the moment. I have probably actually met around 10% face to face. Around 60% are involved in the real estate industry. Around 30% live in Las Vegas.
Every day I see Facebook birthday notifications in the right sidebar of the Home page. I am sure most of you see the same thing.
You probably know that only 12 to 20% of your Facebook friends will ever see your posts on their walls. Facebook is looking at friend-to-friend interaction and the more online interaction you have with others will improve those numbers. Birthday greetings can improve these numbers.
When is the best … (1 comments)

facebook: Your online reputation effects the ROI of your marketing - 04/27/16 06:40 AM

Two months ago while traveling, I saw a commercial wherein Barbara Corcoran is endorsing a local real estate team. I googled the team, curious as to their online reputation and was surprised to see their online footprint was weak and they had a few bad reviews.
This concerned me as we no longer sit around with a pen and paper while watching TV, waiting to write down phone numbers we see in commercials. Most of us, if interested in the product or service will just google it.
Daily on my computer I see Realtor ads pop up on my screen from my favorite … (51 comments)

facebook: When a prospect "googles" you, what are they looking for? - 02/16/16 03:28 AM
Google is both a proper noun and a verb. Within this post, when you see the word "google" and it is not capitalized, I am referring to the verb.
When consumers "google" something they usually have one of two intents.
The first is the "intent of click". They are looking for a product, service or information including news. They have an intent to click on a link from the search results which will take them to a destination that will meet their need.
The second intent has nothing to do with finding a link to click on. Consumers are googling business professionals and businesses to … (44 comments)

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