I have heard it say 1st born, 2nd spouse and 3rd realtor. So often as a Realtor I give advice that is not heded by my sellers. I good realtor will give you a good chance to get your home sold at the market in the shortest possible time. As a seller of your own home you have the final word of ...
It is always best to make sure your your home is in the best possible condition when you put your home on the market. In a buyer's market like we have been in the last 4  years, they're are more homes on the market and consequently more choices for the limited number of buyers to choose from. As ...
Studies show that having green features in a home helps it sell quicker and for more money. Green is the new buss word. But being green means different things to different people.   Results of studies report consumer are looking for 3 main categories. 1. health consideration 2. Sustaining materia...
A CRS which stands for Certified Residential Specialist. A CRS is a member of the council of residential specialist. Less than 3% of the one Million Realtors,  haved earned the CRS Designation. CRS stands for Certified Residential Specialist. A CRS is a member of the Council of Residential Specia...
Many don't realize that the window of opportunity to buy nearly twice as much home for the dollar is closing. The interest rates being charged for FHA and VA loans are the lowest we have seen in 50 years. The current interest rates have been  hovering around 4%. This is a low rate on the type of ...


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