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Investment Training and Coaching Blog, all about the real estate investment business and Peter Vekselman your hands on real estate coach, mentor and trainer, who customizes real estate training to your needs and location. National Real Estate Trainer and Coach
Do you want to invest in real estate with a little money, but are not sure if this is a good idea? There are many people that are wondering this same thing. To help you make that decision, there are some important things that you need to do first. This article is going to tell you the most import...
Is Buying In A Down Market A Good Idea For Your Family?   Are you thinking of buying a house, but are not sure if now is a good time? The best way to determine if now is a good time for buying in a down market is to do your homework. Learn as much information as you can about buying real estate i...
How To Make The Transition From Renting Real Estate To Buying Real Estate   Buying real estate will probably be the most expensive purchase you make in your lifetime.  It can be difficult to go from renting real estate to owning your own home.  Here are a few things to keep in mind to help you ma...
If you cannot get people to look at your property, it is pretty much impossible to find someone to rent.  This is precisely why you want to focus on advertising when renting real estate.  There are a few things you can do to get results with your advertising.   Some of the typical advertising met...
If you are considering buying real estate, you will learn that there is a lot that goes into the overall process.  After all, it will probably be the most expensive purchase of your life.  As exciting as it is to start looking for a new home, it can be stressful and overwhelming.  You will find t...
If you are an investor and have considered getting into the real estate market, leasing real estate is the answer for you.  It is an extremely appealing avenue that many people do not even consider.  There are a number of reasons why some of the most successful real estate investors are using the...
Whether you are investing in real estate or selling real estate, it is important you understand the possible reasons for the property being up on the market. If you are investing, it can help you purchase at a remarkable rate. If you are selling your property, you want to know how you can get the...
What To Look At When Buying Real Estate Bargain Properties    When looking into real estate investing, home foreclosures and bargain properties are typically the place to look at first.  While you do want to save money on a home and possibly fix it up, you also do not want to purchase a home tha...
5 Steps To Take Care Of Prior To Buying Real Estate For The First Time Buying real estate for the first time can be an exciting point in your life.  Most people dream of what their first home will look like and are anxious when the time finally comes.  However, there are a few things you want to ...
Leasing Real Estate The Right Way    Buying property and renting it out has been a common practice for some time in the real estate industry.  It can be a great way to make money from the real estate market while taking advantage of various property.  This is exactly why leasing real estate is so...

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