rcrn: Viral Videos - 04/09/09 06:02 PM
Jerry the EbizGuy and Coach Steve talked about viral marketing on “Virtual Superstars.” Viral marketing includes advertisements disguised as short, interesting vignettes about a product, person or service. Several factors must be taken into account before an advertisement can be classified in the category. First the advertisement must be short, about a minute or less. Also, it isn’t made for television, but is designed for web sites such as YouTube. It should be so interesting or controversial or funny or unusual that it incites the viewer to get others to watch it. “Viral marketing should promote something and offer really good … (1 comments)

rcrn: Online Community - 04/02/09 04:15 PM
The message from host Coach Steve on the Virtual Superstars Show” is, “Real Coaching Radio is about being in action.” The network is growing with the addition of an on-line coaching alliance program. “We’re not talking about it anymore,” he said, “we’re going to do it. It’s time to step up and support one another.” Co-host, Paul -- Podcasting101 agreed -- “It’s one thing to know the right thing to do and know how to act, it’s another to walk the talk,” he said. Coach Steve said that it was ok if you don’t walk the talk, but to at least … (1 comments)

rcrn: After a Year of Laser Focus I am Back! - 03/29/09 09:26 AM
On July 15th 2007, we were looking for some brave Realtors, Mortgage Brokers or anyone in the real estate and finance industry who wanted to participate in our new show "The Healing of the Finance & Mortgage Industry in America". 
We had a number of brave participants; Bill Nazur-Mortgage Banker, Todd Clark-Realtor, John Occhi, Hemet CA, Realtor, Mission Grove Realty, Paul McFadden, Mortgage Broker, Jennifer Graves-Realtor, Adam Waldman-Realtor.  Then after just eight episodes we have run out of things to say, the industry stopped participating most everyone was in denial that there was a problem.  Most everyone put their head in … (1 comments)

rcrn: Do You Want You, Your Product or Your Service to Become Famous on the Internet? - 03/25/08 04:13 AM
Social Media and Web 2.0 are bringing the world closer to all of us. Every day we are getting more and more connected. Personalization is becoming an obvious direction on the Internet. The Web is becoming more about individuals and their niche/mastery not about web-sites. We are all building relationships with people at an amazing pace.This is like the Tsunami...and if your product, service or business isn't positioned in front of the waive and you don't have your surfboard sized correctly and maintained then you are going to be left behind.There is a once in a lifetime opportunity here, where you … (1 comments)

rcrn: Surfs up, Ride the Tsunami!! - 03/16/08 04:48 PM
Wow, can you believe the Fed riding in like the night on a white horse and throwing $200 Billion dollars at the credit markets trying to stave off a market crash. Whewwwww, it worked for all of 24 hours.For all you surfers out there get your surf boards waxed up because not only is the surf up in the credit crisis ocean, but there is a Tsunami building and it is going to be huge! Everyone has been thinking that all this turmoil would roll past in a short period of time, but what they failed to take into account is … (1 comments)


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