tips: Halloween Safety Tips - 10/27/16 03:49 AM
With the Halloween fast approaching and Trick or Treat taking place across the country it's a good time to think about the safety of our little goblins, ghouls and princesses.  Have you found yourself looking for a deals on candy to treat those little ones that knocked on your door?  We all know that the cast of Star Wars and Superheros will not be happy with apples or pencils!  Here are 10 of my favorite tips to make this holiday as safe as it is fun!
1. Glowing concept
Glow sticks, necklaces, bracelets, and the like can help make it easier to see your … (2 comments)

tips: Your car is a target! - 07/20/16 01:51 AM
Car break-ins have been occurring in Haines Acres, Fayfield, and Yorkshire.  This post to inform you that your vehicle and personal belongings are in jeopardy! The criminals have already hit 40-50 vehicles and do not show signs of slowing down as more cars were burglarized this week.
What are the police doing about this?
I called the Springettsbury Police Department and spoke with Sergeant Wilbur.  Sergeant Wilbur informed me that the department has additional cruisers patrolling the area over night and that they have more cops in plain clothes on foot in hopes of apprehending the assailants.  They have some  
I asked how I … (2 comments)

tips: What's in the water? - 07/13/16 01:50 AM

As I was paying my water bill, I decided to read over the York Water Companies water quality report.   It was reassuring that the reports that the water company provided were very detailed and gave accurate readings for various chemicals that are found in the water and how they treat the water to remove the contaminates.  It also gives us a look at the actual contamination levels for each of these chemicals.  The report is analyzed down to parts per million or PPM on the report.
I have added a link to the York Water Company's Annual Drinking Water Report for you to review.  I hope you find the … (1 comments)

tips: What is the 4th of July? - 07/01/16 01:33 PM
Independence Day or more commonly known as the 4th of July celebrates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence back on July 4th, 1776.  This is when the Continental Congress declaring that the 13 colonies would no longer answer to British rule.  The colonies actually agreed to this on the 2nd of July but the Declaration was not finished and signed until the 4th, some early signers of the Declaration of Independence believe that we should have used the 2nd and not the 4th as the actual date of acknowledgment.
For me this holiday seems to get lost in the fireworks, barbecue and back yard parties.  We have some … (5 comments)

tips: Fireworks TODAY! - 07/01/16 12:32 PM
That's right today Sunday the 3rd, not on the Monday the 4th!!  If you're looking for a great display locally that the whole family will really enjoy then you need to head on over to Springettsbury Township park.  The fireworks display is to start right after the live music by THE STICKERS.  Click here for a link to the Springettsbury Township page with additional information about the event, and what you can and can't bring with you.
I hope you all have a safe and happy independence day!
Coal Infantino
Coldwell Banker
(717) 676-5545

tips: Not your normal trash day - 07/01/16 12:30 PM
Hey there fellow Penn Waste customers, I just wanted to remind you that our trash is going to be picked up a day late next week.  I went on the Penn Waste site because I was looking for an update on when the new recycling bins will be delivered.  I did not see anything that gave an answer to my question but I did see that our trash pick up will be delayed by a full day.  Click here for a link to Penn Waste for additional details on trash removal in your township.
On a side note just a reminder that the old … (0 comments)

tips: A new deck in 5 steps! - 06/21/16 03:47 AM
Maybe you didn't notice that yesterday was the first day of Summer but with it comes outdoor living! So how do you maintain the deck in which you spend so much time, give it a longer life and keep it looking good all summer long?  Here are the 5 steps to keeping that deck in tip-top shape, and splinter free all summer long!
#1 You need to clean your deck
Regular cleaning prevents your deck from that gray worn down look that we are trying to prevent. You have a few options to get the surface cleaned. 
Use a hose: Use a garden hose … (2 comments)

tips: Educate your buyers - 06/09/16 12:41 PM
Many first time buyers are not aware of all the things that they are about to face when buying a home, so it's good to prepare them for the road ahead.  Most of the time they have no clue about the gauntlet they are going to run while seeking a mortgage or the fact that they need to plan for 2 days off so they can attend the home inspection and settlement. Maybe more importantly how to stay qualified by not going out to shop for new furniture once they ratify a contract.
So how can you get your buyers ready for the road ahead?  I prefer … (1 comments)

tips: HERE IT COMES! - 06/08/16 12:53 AM

Every year we get hit with a few major storms and it seems that at the last minute everyone is running to the store to pick up some basic essentials to ride out a few days without power.  I go to the store just to take pictures that I share with my friends, we laugh because the shelves where the bottled water was are all empty, the paper goods such as plates, napkins, and toilet paper have vanished.  It seems that nobody is planning for the inevitable hurricane, or tropical storms that we get EVERY YEAR.  The day before the storm people … (8 comments)

tips: Hot Rods take over York - 06/03/16 01:07 PM
Are you wondering why your seeing hundreds of Classic Cars, Trucks and Hot Rods cruising the streets of York? 
Because it's the Annual Street Rod Nationals East Event.  The event started today and will run through Sunday the 5th!  Make sure you find a great place to park your car pull out a lawn chair and watch them scream past.  You will notice Rt 30 is lined with people and their bag chairs and coolers.  Or you can get a closer look and head down to the York Fair grounds and see them all on display there.  Make sure you have your camera for these beauties!
See you there!
Coal Infantino

tips: It's not lead in the water! - 06/01/16 03:33 AM
If you happen to see that your tap water becomes a little cloudy then you might want to check out this flushing report before contacting the EPA. 
York,PA Water Company Flushing Schedule 2016
Begins Monday, May 2nd, 2016. This is an annual event to maintain the capacity of our pipes and the clarity of our water. During and immediately following flushing your water may appear cloudy due to stirred up sediment. This is normal and you should flush your tap for a few minutes until it clears up. If the water continues to appear cloudy, please give us a call at (daytime) 845-3601 and (evenings) at 848-2984.

tips: Fed up with gaming requests on Facebook? - 05/31/16 06:43 AM
Nothing drives me crazier than the constant request to play games on Facebook.  I barely have time to get all the things done that I need to do no less the things I want to do and then you have these game notifications in my feed.  Friends, if I wanted to play games I would seek them out myself, please stop sending me requests sp that you can get more points or extra lives etc.
So today I took a minute for my own sanity and found a link that walked me through how to block requests.  I used the link below and … (2 comments)

tips: Mosquito's are coming! - 05/18/16 12:44 PM
The best 8 ways to beat MOSQUITOS! We are all looking forward to summer, but nobody is looking forward to the mosquitos!  As if they weren't annoying enough before, the threat of the Zika Virus has made mosquitos even more dangerous. So after scouring the web for the best tricks for keeping the buggers away here's what i found. 1. Plant a garden. There are several plants that are known to be mosquito repellants including lemongrass, lavender, and marigolds.
2. Grow your own herbs. One of the best is something you might want to grow for other, tastier, reasons as well.  Basil is … (12 comments)

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