central oregon real: Wondering Where Your Bail-out is? Well here you go... - 03/16/09 08:24 AM
Been paying your mortgage on time, even despite struggling to just to make ends meet?  Are you already late on your payments and barely hanging on?  If you're wondering where your "Bail-out" is, well here you go! 
The Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan, recently announced by the Obama Administration, may be the very thing that many of us have needed.There are two separate parts to the plan: a refinancing initiative and a loan modification plan.
The Refinancing Plan allows some homeowners to refinance their loans that are backed by either Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac.  Homeowners must owe between 80 and … (1 comments)

central oregon real: Fred's Top Ten Real Estate Tips - 01/20/09 07:56 AM
Hire a local Real Estate Professional.  You'll be glad you did in the end.  Your local Real Estate professional is your advocate in every regard whose job is to provide you with all possible information and/or services that will be of benefit throughout the transaction.  A lot of footwork is needed during any Real Estate deal, and you will need and appreciate the resources that can be made available to you via your local Broker.  These days, especially if you're selling, you need a REALTOR® now more than ever.Shop for loan rates and Pre-Qualify for financing before you start to look … (3 comments)

central oregon real: Dogs Don't Carry Wallets - 10/17/08 11:05 AM
The last few weeks of financial turmoil have reminded me of school and an econ class I took once upon a time.  I can remember trying to wrap my head around how the Federal Reserve decides to lend money to the banks and at what rates of interest, and how those kinds of decisions theoretically translate into this-or-that kind of "multiplier effect" or not, supply curves here, demand curves there, yadda-yadda, blah-badee-blah.  I've got to be honest, after a while it all seems like voodoo to me, the way things are done.  How money literally gets simply printed and pumped into … (4 comments)

central oregon real: Real Estate can wait... - 08/06/08 09:31 AM
One of the most beautiful things I've ever heard. Real Estate can wait...
Wilhelm Kempff playing Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata movement 1. Wilhelm Kempff (November 25, 1895 – May 23, 1991) was a renowned German pianist. Wilhelm Kempff was born in Jüterbog near Berlin and grew up in nearby Potsdam where his father was a royal music director and organist at St. Nicolai Church.
His grandfather was also an organist and his brother Georg became director of church music at the University of Erlangen. Kempff studied music first in Potsdam and then in Berlin. He was also a composer. Kempff toured very … (5 comments)

central oregon real: Waiting to buy? That decision may have cost you more than 50,000 dollars! - 07/21/08 07:36 AM
For Buyers who may have been waiting for the market to finally bottom-out, that time may have already passed.  As a matter of fact, the decision to wait may have already cost the average buyer 50 thousand dollars or more.
 Last Spring I argued that there couldn't possibly have been a better time to buy:
 "If you're waiting for prices to decline to an ultimate low, you may be missing the boat by overlooking other variables that should be entered into the equation at this time...
..It's a great time to buy Real Estate now and not just because of the … (9 comments)

central oregon real: Formula for the Death of a Real Estate Salesman - 07/14/08 07:26 AM
Last year I wrote a story entitled "Support your Local Starving REALTOR."  It was meant to bring to light that not all real estate brokers are getting rich. 
"..The vast majority of Real Estate professionals are not paid a salary and live purely on commissions.. for every day in, and every day out, for every phone call made, every fax or email sent, every hour of research spent compiling information, every mile driven with both real clients and those who just want to kick tires, your local agent is paid nothing until the deal has closed escrow... 
..That theoretical six percent … (10 comments)

central oregon real: Realtors Don't Sell Kirbys - 06/16/08 11:22 AM
 "So Mr. and Mrs. Buyer, I'm really excited about finding you the perfect property to suit your needs and I think I have a pretty good idea about what you're looking for.  I am, however, still a little foggy about what price range you would be comfortable with... 
... Ok, I hear that your decision will depend on what's available, and whether or not any given property fits your needs, but does that mean that you're OK with looking at million dollar homes or higher, or are you more comfortable somewhere below that number? 
... Here's my problem Mr. and Mrs. … (7 comments)

central oregon real: A Fashion Statement about Real Estate - 05/16/08 12:26 PM
Last year I wrote an article suggesting that if you want to know something about your Realtor you should check out his or her ride.  It occurs to me, however, that instead of using a Realtor's car as an indicator of what kind of agent you'll be getting (or already have) a more interesting point of reference might simply be what they're wearing. 
That's right, I'm going to be talking about clothes...what Realtors wear, when and why. 
First of all, I have to admit that I am not particularly known for any real keen sense of fashion (ok, and everyone who … (8 comments)

central oregon real: Fence Sitters - The Time to Buy is Now ! - 03/14/08 10:40 AM
If you've been uncertain about whether or not to buy Real Estate in the current market, let me be the first one to help you down off of the fence.  This is not just a great time to buy, its a classic "Buyer's Market" out there, combining seemingly a "perfect storm" of contributing circumstances that appear to be making this perhaps one of the best times ever to purchase your dream home or investment property.  Here's why:
Prices are down.  You don't need me to tell you that the name of the game with any investment strategy is to buy low … (8 comments)

central oregon real: GO GET THAT FSBO ... Here's some AMMO - 12/14/07 09:17 AM
At first thought, selling your house by yourself might seem tempting. After all, how much work could it possibly be to sell a house anyway? You just plunk a sign out in the yard, run a couple newspaper ads, park yourself in the rocker on the front porch for a while and wait for the buyers to start showing up, literally at your doorstep.
I'll admit that perhaps that particular strategy has worked, and may still work on that rarest of rare occasions... at least getting the buyers to your door, that-is. The problem is that even if that was the extent … (10 comments)

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