fred jaeger: Summary of La Pine Oregon Neighborhoods and Subdivisions - 06/22/08 01:55 AM

Last year the local newspaper asked me to provide a summary of local neighborhoods and subdivisions in the La Pine area.  Surprisingly, these descriptions and prices still look pretty current even despite the so-called down-turn.  Here's what was published:
Antelope Meadows: South of La Pine center approximately six miles.  Neighborhood positioned between Highway 31 and 97off Beal Road.  Mostly one to five acre lots with dirt/gravel road access.  Mix of bare land, Frame and Manufactured homes ranging from 40,000 to mostly under 300,000. 
River Pine Estates:  South of La Pine eight miles where Hackett Drive intersects Highway 97.   Hackett Drive … (3 comments)

fred jaeger: I Love Technology – But Please Don’t Make Me TM ! - 04/17/08 02:17 PM
I used to be known as a bit of a technophile; you know, one of those geeky Inspector-Gadget kind of guys, who's on top of the latest gismo that's on, or will be coming onto the market soon.  I have to admit however, that despite my dual subscriptions to Popular Science and Mechanics, my widening separation from a close proximity to the cutting edge seems to correlate directly with my increasing age.
In the Real Estate business, that tendency to separate from the latest-and-greatest can, over time, be a pre-curser to the death of a salesman, a Real Estate Salesman that … (14 comments)

fred jaeger: Here's the Secret.. - 11/28/07 07:00 AM
The so-called media talking about the so-called National Real Estate Market needs to shut up with all the doom and gloom!  I don't know what kind of crystal ball these so-called experts are looking into in order to make the recent rash of negative predictions, but accurate or not, just the saying so is, unfortunately, enough to drive the market in the wrong direction.
The Real Estate Market is in large measure, perception driven, in one direction or another.  It's as simple as this; if you're a buyer out there listening to it all, why in the world would you make the … (31 comments)

fred jaeger: It's not about Left or Right.. it's about The American Dream - 11/12/07 05:09 AM
I'll never forget what I did that first time I purchased Real Estate.  I actually sat on the ground of that property and, just like a kid, played in the dirt.  I just had to feel the ground, dig down into it with my hands and let my fingers feel the rocks, sand, sticks and mud of this tiny piece of the earth that had somehow, incredibly, become mine.  I looked around at the trees blowing in the breeze, and yes, I admit it, I had to run up to a couple of them and give'm a good squeeze.  How could … (7 comments)

fred jaeger: Every House will Eventually Get Sold. Even the Ugly Ones... - 11/01/07 10:36 AM
Every house will eventually get sold.  Even the ugly ones that are hard to love, or even like.  Realizing that fact and doing a good job of not projecting personal feelings is one of the greatest challenges I've found while showing homes.
Every time I show a house I just hate, I practically have to bite my tongue in order to keep my mouth shut.  "Somebody's going to buy this house!" I try to say to myself; "so don't embarrass these people if they end up being the ones who do."
I've actually been foolish enough to say something negative about a house … (8 comments)

fred jaeger: Central Oregon Get-Away Spot - Priced to Sell - 10/29/07 08:57 AM
Description:PRICED TO SELL! Older manufactured home in nice shape on a well cared for acre. Add-on allows for a couple extra bedrooms and a living space with a great woodstove. Includes out-buildings. Storage trailer with built-on will be dismantled and removed. Would make an excellent get-away place or primary residence.  … (1 comments)

fred jaeger: Prime Central Oregon Building lot on quiet cul-de-sac Surrounded by Nature. - 10/29/07 08:43 AM
Prime building lot on quiet cul-de-sac surrounded by nature. … (0 comments)

fred jaeger: "We Got the House!!" WRONG! - Hold your Horses.. just slow down a minute! - 10/28/07 02:03 PM
I just love all these Real Estate shows on the TV lately where an accepted offer arrives and the Realtor declares, "You got the house!"  
HOLD THE PHONE!  I might be the only one that starts getting agitated with that, but it's usually at about this point when I start screaming "NO YOU DON'T!" while simultaneously throwing something at the tube.
We all know there's a long way to go once a deal hits escrow before it's actually closed, so let us count all the ways a deal can get killed post mutual acceptance, (and these are just for starters:)
Fred's favorite ways … (7 comments)

fred jaeger: Alright-already.. I admit it - My Vehicle is a Little Sloppy !! - 10/27/07 03:57 PM
When I first got into Real Estate, I promised my self that I'd keep my vehicle in tip-top, ultra-clean condition, ready at all times for my clients.  The reality is however that somehow every time I've got a showing you'll find me making a mad dash out to remove trash, dog hair, nose prints, mail or other various Real Estate Implements-of-Destruction (anybody remember Alice's Restaurant?) just in the nick of time before we need to dash.
This has got to stop.
But it's not just the inside.  (If you could see my head, it would be hanging in shame.)  My problem unfortunately extends … (15 comments)

fred jaeger: First Time Buyers in Oregon need to know this... - 10/26/07 11:02 AM
Oregon's State Housing Finance Agency (HFA) may be an excellent source of financing to first time home buyers.  Providers of the "Oregon Bond Home Loan" and the "Purchase Assistance Loan" (PAL) programs, the HFA says that this little known resource might just be the solution for home buyers seeking financing in an ever-tightening lending market.Tapping into a large source of below-market rate lending capital (225 million in 2005,)  the Oregon Bond claims to "never run out of money" and has had an ongoing source of funding for over 10 years.  99.5% of 2004 Oregon Bond borrowers served were first time home … (3 comments)

fred jaeger: Stick-Built v. Manufactured Homes / Which is Better ? - 10/22/07 10:57 AM
Here's a topic that's almost guaranteed to bring some heat.. the now classic question (or argument) with regard to which type of building construction is better to purchase.. "Stick Built" (classic on-site framed construction) or a home that has been, for the most part, "Manufactured" at a remote site and assembled, at least partially, on-site.  There's a lot of strong opinions out there so let's see if we can sort it out.
Ironically, one of the classic arguments, for both systems, is the notion of Strength of Construction.  Those that favor frame construction will argue with great gusto that there is simply … (5 comments)

fred jaeger: Got a Job? Decent Credit? You can Buy a House !! - 10/16/07 10:04 AM
If you've never owned any Real Estate before, you might think that buying a home is completely out of your reach, especially with all the talk in the news about the so-called Real Estate/Lending crisis.  The fact is however, if you've had a job for at least a year, and have kept your credit at least reasonably clean, you are probably still eligible to buy your own house!
I know what your thinking... You're thinking that's all fine and dandy but you'll never be able to save up enough money for a down payment.  Well, to that I've got good news.  Believe … (2 comments)

fred jaeger: Deciding on a Realtor? Check out their Ride! - 10/11/07 02:42 PM
Since I've been hanging around with a bunch of Realtors I've noticed an interesting corollary with respect to each of my colleague's choice of transportation.  If you're looking for a Realtor, and can't quite decide on whom to use, you might want to check out their ride.  I'll tell you why in just a minute.In La Pine, usually about twice a month we all get together for what we call an "Agent's Tour."  It's an interesting little exercise where we first meet in a central location, (way too early in the morning,) gobble up some coffee and other goodies that one of … (50 comments)

fred jaeger: In an Ocean of Listings.. LETS GET YOURS SOLD !! - 09/24/07 04:09 AM
The other day I was in the middle of planting a "For Sale" sign on some land I had just listed when a guy pulled up in his truck, leaned his head out the window and hollered something to the effect of "Are you a Realtor?"  To that question, the wise guy inside of me was tempted to reply with something on the order of me not being a Realtor, but in reality, some kind of sign vandalizer caught in the act, but no, of course my reply was much more polite...  "I sure am.  What can I do for you?" … (3 comments)

fred jaeger: Central Oregon Riverfront not to be Missed! - 09/21/07 08:09 AM
Riverfront at its Best !! … (2 comments)

fred jaeger: Spectacular Views in Idyllic Setting - Rare Opportunity - 09/21/07 08:04 AM
Rare Opportunity for Something Special … (1 comments)

fred jaeger: Top Ten Real Estate Tips for Buyers and Sellers - 09/19/07 08:22 PM
 Hire a local Real Estate Professional.  You'll be glad you did in the end.  Your local Real Estate professional is your advocate in every regard who's job is to provide you with all possible information and or services that will be of benefit throughout the transaction.  A lot of footwork is needed during any Real Estate deal, and you will need and appreciate the resources that can be made available to you via your local Broker.Shop for loan rates and Pre-Qualify for financing before you start to look at houses.  If you're not sure where to begin, ask your local Real … (2 comments)

fred jaeger: Clowns in a Volkswagon - 09/19/07 09:18 AM
If you've ever been to the circus you might have seen the act where they see how many clowns can stuff into a Volkswagen.  Until recently, that's how our office has felt for the last year or so; too many agents and not enough desk space.  With a whopping  384 square feet including a bathroom and storage space, our "main office" was a marvel of efficiency while maintaining a certain cozy feel.  Cozy or not however, the idea of "sharing a desk" took on a completely new meaning in as it meant not only that a desk might be "shared" by … (0 comments)

fred jaeger: Hey Mr. Realtor...What's that MLS thing? - 09/19/07 08:45 AM
Not long ago, a young woman walked in to our Real Estate office and wanted information about a house she had seen with our company's "For Sale" sign in the front yard.  After talking to us briefly and getting the information she had wanted she said she was in a hurry to go.  She explained that in order to get the information that she needed by the end of the day about the two other houses she was interested in, she would have to get moving because they were "with" other companies. 
Wondering why she was going to all of this … (2 comments)

fred jaeger: For Sale by Owner (FSBO) Why not sell it on your own? - 09/18/07 02:54 PM
At first thought, selling your house by yourself on the open market without the assistance or the cost of an Agency representing you, might seem tempting. After all, how much work could it possibly be to sell a house anyway? You just plunk a sign out in the yard, run a couple newspaper ads, park yourself in the rocker on the front porch for a while and wait for the buyers to start showing up, literally at your doorstep.
I’ll admit that perhaps that particular strategy has worked, and may still work on that rarest of rare occasions… at least getting … (0 comments)

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