luxury real estate: Just Married - 09/13/08 09:09 AM
by Coco
Congratulations!  As you start your journey together there are a lot of important decisions to make, not the least of which is where you will live.  You know you want to own a home at some point, but you don't really want the hassle or the financial strain right now.  On the other hand you'd like to know that in a few years a home will be financially possible.
Consider living vertically. Buying a luxury condominium is a great way to enter the housing market.  It's infinitely more economical and offers you all of the benefits of building equity … (1 comments)

luxury real estate: Asking for Help - 07/27/08 07:10 PM
One of the many things that I love about Active Rain is the way it creates an almost automatic mentorship program for the newer realtors.  I just want to congratulate all of the "newbies" who have found their way here and who ask for help and advice.  You can find a treasure trove of information here and it is available 24/7, for free.   There wasn't anything like Active Rain when I was coming up through the ranks; we mentored the old fashion way, which I remain a fan of.  Still, the benefit of Active Rain is positively immeasurable to those of … (3 comments)

luxury real estate: The L.A. Luxury Market - 07/27/08 09:24 AM
In these "interesting times" that we are living in, it is important to remember that value is value. published a report not too long ago about the most lucrative neighborhoods in the United States, neighborhoods that continue to grow in value despite the current turbulent market trends.  It should come as no surprise to anyone that Los Angeles was featured in the report and that the Westside was singled out as one of the most lucrative neighborhoods in the country.
Forbes particularly singled out the area just south of and including Wilshire Blvd between Ohio and Westgate Avenues. Forbes cited the homes … (1 comments)

luxury real estate: In Love with a Lifestyle - 07/27/08 09:19 AM
Whenever things get complicated or difficult I think it's a wonderful time to reflect on all of the people and things that we love in our lives and to be grateful. After my family and friends  and my animals, the thing that I love most in my life is my lifestyle.  When I think that there are people in Iowa who daydream their way through the month of February picturing a sunset on the beach, I am reminded of just how lucky I am.  I don't take it for granted that I can see the sunset on the beach everyday if … (2 comments)

luxury real estate: The Advantages of The Vertical Living Lifestyle - 06/29/08 02:07 PM
Imagine your alarm going  off, you want to go to the gym throw on work out clothes and head to the state-of-the-art gym, which is dowstairs. You have a great work out and then take a refreshing turn in the heated lap pool.  Now you are ready to start your day.  
Back in your luxury condo you step shower and change and then call thevalet to bring up your car to go to work,  have a great lunch, a few meetings, more work, a little shopping and then a night out on the town.  How much gas will all of … (5 comments)

luxury real estate: Design for Living - 06/25/08 07:23 AM
In the beginning there were caves and huts.  As time went by there were log cabins and eventually brick homes. Housing developed and grew until finally it reached its highest design form - luxury condominiums.  With all the benefits of living in a luxury hotel plus all the comforts and privacy of "home", living vertically in a luxury condominium is one of the ultimate gifts a person can bestow upon themselves.
Imagine being free of all gardening and maintenance tasks, while living in a lush beautifully maintained wonderland.  Visualize saying good bye to long commutes of bumper to bumper traffic in … (0 comments)

luxury real estate: How Much Luxury Can You Handle? - 06/19/08 06:45 PM
As luxury condominiums grow in popularity we are seeing a surge in ultra-luxury condominium development.  Designers and developers are vying for your attention offering a wide variety of amenities.  The question is what luxury perk will you choose?
On the Wilshire Corridor, where luxury condos are beautifully showcased in a wide variety of packages, there are some amenities that are so prevalent that they are almost taken for granted.  Full security buildings with doormen, 24 hour valet and concierge service are the order of the day on the Wilshire Corridor.  Most of the buildings also offer sparkling swimming pools, luxurious Jacuzzis … (0 comments)

luxury real estate: The Art of Referral Business - 06/18/08 03:40 AM
The quickest most efficient way to build your business is through referrals.  This is true in any business, but most especially in real estate.  When clients are happy they talk about it and that leads to more business.  It always behooves us to make our clients happy.  So I have compiled a list of practical ways to make our clients happy.  They are basic and easy to do, but don't discount them.  You'd be surprised how many agents are not living by these simple principles: 1. Be polite - always, it will never serve you wrong.2. Treat your clients with respect … (3 comments)

luxury real estate: Spa Chic - 06/16/08 05:46 PM
If you haven't paid a visit to the fabulous Aqua Star Spa in the Beverly Hilton you need to treat yourself as soon as possible.  When The Beverly Hilton originally opened back in 1955 the Aqua Star Pool was considered the quintessential symbol of health, well being and LA glamour.  As part of its truly phenomenal restoration the essence of the Aqua Star pool lives on in the Aqua Star Spa.  This cutting edge spa offers its guest rejuvenation, invigoration and luxurious pampering on a scale that is epic in nature.
The world class spa experience offered at Aqua Star Spa … (4 comments)

luxury real estate: Designing the Perfect Bedroom - 06/16/08 05:04 AM
Nearly a third of our lives will be spent in our bedrooms, asleep.  If studies are correct we should all be trying to find ways to increase that percentage in order to lead a longer, happier more productive life.  But sometimes it's hard to get a good night's sleep.  Sometimes you go to bed and your mind just won't quiet down.  Does this sound like you?  If it does it's time to make some changes in your bedroom décor.
The main function of a bedroom is to help you to rest and sleep, don't confuse your senses by having your bedroom … (0 comments)

luxury real estate: Blue Heaven - 06/16/08 05:02 AM
Azzurra is one of the more recent additions to the Marina del Rey community of condos.  This distinctive residence features 450 beautiful residences with floor-to-ceiling windows designed to capitalize on the panoramic views of ocean, sky, mountains and marina.  The views from this contemporary masterpiece are beyond stunning, they are legendary. 
Not to be outdone by its superlative views Azzurra also offers a wide variety on amenities to assist its residence in creating an ideal seaside home. A full security, full service building with valet parking, concierge and switchboard services, Azzurra also offers superlative recreational facilities replete with swimming pool, sauna, … (0 comments)

luxury real estate: The Perfect Setting - 06/13/08 05:50 AM
 Priorities are important.  What you value shapes the way in which you live.  For people who are at the top of their field, who work hard to maintain a level of excellence in their chosen field, there is an unspoken understanding that the home you return to needs to be a haven to refresh your batteries.  You can't work as hard as you do, expend the energy that you do and come home to less than the perfect setting.
It is not only your privilege for the work that you do, it is your right.  Ultimately it is necessary in order … (0 comments)

luxury real estate: The Summer Condo Experience - 06/11/08 08:40 AM
With summer quickly approaching it's a great time to enjoy the benefits of luxury condo living in Los Angeles.  As cool ocean breezes waft over lush balconies with divine city nightscape views it's great to acknowledge that all of those hours you spent in the state-of-the-art fitness room have left you bathing suit beach ready. 
While other people are sitting in traffic contemplating the rising price of gas and its effect on their vacation savings, you enjoy a leisurely stroll to work and mull over whether you will spend your vacation in Cannes or if Rio de Janeiro will be this … (2 comments)

luxury real estate: Lock and Leave - 06/11/08 08:38 AM
by Coco Clayman-Cook One of the most comforting things about luxury vertical living is the ability to lock and leave.  I love my work and think nothing of putting in long hours, but when I have the opportunity to get away and take some time for myself, I take it.  I don't have to worry about who will water my plants or if I will have a break in.  I don't even have to wonder if I left my six burner gourmet stove on.  I can always call the concierge and ask him to check it.  I literally can lock my door … (1 comments)

luxury real estate: Blog Power - 05/22/08 05:25 AM
The LA times did a great article in February of this year about the power of blogging within the real estate community.  I know I am preaching to the choir here, but I am thrilled to hear a third party acknowledge the power of this medium to reach our desired audience on a previously inconceivable scale.
I frequently see people discussing the point system here on AR.  I love the points because they are a lovely reinforcement for practicing a craft that is new, exciting and essential to all of our ongoing success.
I still hear realtors saying, I don't really … (6 comments)

luxury real estate: Staying Power - 05/19/08 10:09 AM
At the end of the day staying power is the skill that often seals the deal. It is important to accept that no matter how good you are at your chosen profession, no matter how positive you train your mind to be, challenges will come your way.  The question is how will you handle those challenges?
Many people give up.  We are watching as many realtors are leaving the market to find other jobs now that the flip festivals are no longer the order of the day.  Other people are staying, but are consumed by the drama of how difficult everything … (1 comments)

luxury real estate: Embracing the New Technology - 05/09/08 08:36 AM
I am a huge fan of technology.  I'm old enough to remember what it was like before everyone had a cell phone or was connected via the World Wide Web.  I have no desire to go back to those days.  I enjoy the convenience of today's modern communications.  I embrace technology and try to incorporate it when ever I can into my business plan.  But has anyone else noticed how quickly technology is changing?  I suspect it is a full time job just to keep up with it!  When I think that two years ago I didn't know a wiki from a … (0 comments)

luxury real estate: Palisades Beauty - 05/09/08 06:34 AM
There are some properties that only come available once in a lifetime.  Today I am featuring a Pacific Palisades beauty.  This divine gated residence at 1439 El Bosque Court in the Highlands Palisades area of the Pacific Palisades features 5 bedrooms, 5 ½ bathrooms.  The Spanish courtyard offers ample parking in addition to the 3 car garage.  The open floor plan creates an elegantly flowing living space with a double door custom tiled entrance and gourmet kitchen.  The stunning mountain views from the entertainer's dream grounds are a crowd pleasure. 

luxury real estate: When Things Look Dark - 04/29/08 05:31 AM
What do you do when things look bleak?  Do you eat more and gain weight?  Do find yourself paralyzed with fear and indecision?  Or do you view it as an opportunity to learn and grow?  Do you turn potential negatives into prize winning positives?  Sounds great doesn't it?  Why don't they teach that class in High School?  Life Skills 101 - What to do when things aren't working out.   The truth is there is bound to be a little rain fall in every life.  If you feel like you're stuck in a torrential down pour - take heart, the sun will … (4 comments)


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