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Most REALTORS® have an understanding of competition in their area of operation. They know who is successful, who sells a lot of houses, who they can trust to conduct ethical business, etc. But what about just how many REALTORS® there are in a state? How difficult is it to compete in a new state o...
Drones (also known as Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), the term used by the FAA) are being increasingly used for commercial purposes. Real estate professionals may want to use these drones to improve their listings with aerial view pictures or videos of a property (a pretty cool practice we've be...
Illegal immigrants, undocumented workers, illegal aliens—whatever the chosen vocabulary, there are millions of people residing in the United States and California that fall into this category. Illegal immigrants live somewhere and with California’s notoriously high prices, renting is the only opt...
Medical marijuana, the controversial practice that flies in the face of federal legal classifications of the drug, has been a troublesome topic for landlords for some time. While California landlords have had the right to prevent tenants from smoking in their residences under existing smoking law...
You're a landlord and you receive an application for one of your vacant units. You get excited, looking forward to the income, but then you learn that the applicant has a criminal record. What do you do? Maybe it matters what the crime is. You might feel comfortable renting to a nonviolent offend...


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