real estate investment: Gragg v. United States: IRS Tax Deductions Clarified - 12/29/16 11:15 AM
Many real estate professionals use their knowledge and expertise to invest in real estate. They know a good deal when they see it, know the laws they need to navigate, and likely have contacts in property management or are confident in their ability to manage a rental property. Rental losses are also potentially deductible, insulating investors from some risk. But how does this deduction work? In Gragg v. United States of America; Internal Revenue Service a real estate professional was found to not be eligible for a tax deduction that they felt they were entitled to, shedding light on the details of the law—real estate … (4 comments)

real estate investment: Foreign Investment in U.S. Real Estate--Questions Answered - 07/12/16 05:27 AM
An in-depth examination of foreign investment in U.S. real estate markets. Thank you to anyone that takes the time to read it. Sources are cited in-text and numbered, then provided at the end in link form.
In today’s global economy, real estate is far more than a series of local markets whose prices are determined by local buyers—it is an interconnected, international market where the economic conditions in one nation can affect real estate values thousands of miles away. Foreign investment in U.S. real estate is now commonplace and has significant impacts on both commercial and residential market conditions.
Hearing this, a … (32 comments)

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