rpo: How to create your first ASP.NET page - 06/02/08 11:50 PM
ASP.NET is an exceptionally remarkable technology for building web applications. To start with you need to first learn:
From where to download ASP.NET premium edition? The installation process. How to develop your first ASP.NET page? How to run and test your ASP.NET page? From where to get ASP.NET premium edition?
To run ASP.NET pages you need to download and install Microsoft ASP.NET Premium Edition. ASP.NET premium edition contains CLR (Common Language Runtime), .NET Framework Libraries, ADO.NET and compilers for C#, VB.NET and JScript.NET languages.
To download ASP.NET premium edition, go to ASP.NET home page and follow the link which says "click … (0 comments)

rpo: BPO Companies - A Means Of Outsourcing - 06/02/08 11:48 PM
Outsourcing is the process of contracting with other person or company to do a particular task. These days organizations outsource their product or services in some way. BPO companies are getting quite popular with their back office BPO operations and front office BPO operations. The BPO companies are classified into offshore outsourcing, nearshore outsourcing and onshore outsourcing businesses. It depends on the country where outsourcer is located.
Generally, BPO companies are located overseas and represented by call centers, data entry specialists, offshore bookkeepers, tax preparation specialists, accountants, email answering specialists, telemarketers, copywriters, web sales and marketing professionals and many other specialists.

rpo: How To Get A Slam Dunk On Your BPO's For A Short Sale - 06/02/08 11:48 PM
The key to a successful short sale depends on you convincing the BPO agent that the house is worth what you are asking. The only way you can get a low price from the agents is to provide rehab details and to give your low comps for the area. Obviously gaining rapport with the agent will definitely help.
Here is the Information you need to give the BPO agent or appraiser when you meet them at the property. You will have to meet them at the property that you are trying to short sale.
1. Run comps - we have a … (0 comments)

rpo: BPO Companies – What Are They - 06/02/08 11:46 PM
Some experts offer to divide all BPO companies into two main groups: back office BPO companies and front office BPO, depending on the nature of work and the necessity to be or not to be in contact with customers. Further, the BPO companies are divided into offshore outsourcing, nearshore outsourcing and onshore outsourcing businesses, depending on the country, where the outsourcer is situated.
Some of the most widely spread BPO companies are represented by call centers, data entry specialists, offshore bookkeepers, tax preparation specialists, accountants, email answering specialists, online customer support, image processing specialists, form processing specialists, hr help, translators, copywriters, transcription … (0 comments)

rpo: Macromedia Dreamweaver Vs Microsoft FrontPage - 06/02/08 12:00 AM
Microsoft's FrontPage and Macromedia's Dreamweaver are the two most popular WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) web editors. Both are aimed at different markets. While FrontPage can prove to be more beneficial for the novice user, where as Dreamweaver because of its advanced tools facility will do magic for the professional web designer. Given below is the comparison between the two which will help you in choosing the right one based upon your requirement.
FrontPage has been designed for the average home user who has a modest interest in web design. It is ideal for beginners and offers … (0 comments)

rpo: Call Center Services - 05/21/08 07:40 PM
For last four years Cogent E-Services Private Limited has proven itself in the International Call Center & BPO arena as a company providing a wide range of outsourcing services to the Telecom and Banking sector.
Business Process Outsourcing
Intensive research and analytics is the forte of Cogent. With years of experience in the outsourcing industry, we at Cogent understand the needs of our customers and deliver to high quality and efficiency criteria. Creating value for our customers through high-quality research with the opportunity to save 40-45% in costs, shorter design-to-market lead times, expert analysis of competition, markets, products and services.


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