The bond markets are poised to rally this morning. Jobless claims for last week rose 69,000 to 375,000; analyst were expecting a reading somewhere near 315,000. Consumer spending slowed in December to the lowest levels that we've seen since 2006. MBIA bond insurer lost 2.3 billion dollars in writ...
I know that we all have different roles when it comes to transferring real estate from one person to another. Some of us deal with people while some of us deal strictly with paperwork. Some of us do it all while still others do work exclusively over the phone.No matter what your role in this dive...
I love American History!It's truly fascinating to read about America's trials and tribulations that have made America a great nation. Recently I met a semi-famous author in Bath, NY. Robert E. Yott is the author of a book entitled From Soldiers' Home to Mecial Center A Glance at 125 Year History ...
 We all strive to bring something to the table that is not already there. We all have a similar skill set, policies, and procedures but there are some things that each of us can do to bring a certain unique feel to our own personal business approach.Since my companies investment and my own person...
I love AR and the community. You guys aer great, and I love the platform. Whether it be through referrals or advice AR has helped me improve my business and my practices. I have gotten many great and inspiring ideas from many of you!My thanks go out to all of you!What I would like to know though ...
Rates are low. low, low!Rates are low, as low as they were in 2004 when I began my career. Refinance applications are up and so we (company and I) decided to start purchasing leads. Wow, what a shift in gear working Internet leads is from working referrals. Sleazy sales tactics...Is what I am up ...
I have begun something new at work and it is working great. I have begun writing my goals for the week and posting them up on the wall by my desk. This week I had 7 immediate goals and as of today I have accomplished 5 of them. We all have our daily tasks and it is easy to forget very important t...
The State of the City of Plattsburgh:I've really come to fall in love with the real estate that I have come across in the Adirondacks. I live in Plattsburgh, NY near the tip of the Adirondacks. I am from the area originally, I moved away for a while to get some experience behind me. The only real...
I am in a unique position as a Mortgage Professional. I have the privelage of preview hundreds of pieces of property just as or before they go on the market. One in particular property caught my eye recently as I was perusing the listings of one of my partners listings. John Murphy of http://www....
I'm Psyched! I just got another Real Estate Firm on board to do a portion of their marketing with me. I guess that it's not a hard sale to get a Realtor to work with me on this project because I am giving hard hitting marketing away for free. Free and I know first hand that many people, especiall...

Christopher Ohlsen

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