Their goal from what I can tell based on the news circling the company that I have read is to return to profitability by the end of 2008. They have been frantically cutting costs, raising capital, and consolidating shops for the past couple of months. I really like a couple of Assistant Underwrit...
I can't believe it... I mean, I know that it is true I am just mystified by it. I don't understand why anyone would do something like this... I am talking about an underwriter at an ailing bank. The Bank is HomeComings Financial (ResCap) and I won't mention the individual because I do not want to...
My new website is up as of yesterday! I am pretty excited about it except that there are a few things that I still need done to it. I was expecting a lot of it to be done when the site came live, but they gave me the option of taking the site live while some things are still being done to it. For...
Shopping for an interest rate is one of the absolute worst ways to shop for a mortgage. The really funny part in saying as much is that people become sceptical when it comes to a Mortgage Professional saying that shopping for an interest rate is the worst way to go. The irony here is that a disho...


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