ethical lender: Well thought out articles or blogs on the fly; which sell better? - 05/12/08 07:20 AM
I am guessing that a carefully planned and well written article will pull better than a blog that someone writes on the fly. I write most of my blogs on the fly... and I have met with success. I have definitely extracted business from the web via my current style of blogging. I will definitely continue this style of blogging but I may change it up on my personally owned blogs.
AR is AR and I am here more for the business to business relationship that I have developed and to learn from other seasoned professionals. It is a bonus … (6 comments)

ethical lender: What about when the buyer agrees with the seller on price? - 05/01/08 06:14 AM
I have seen a lot of posts here on AR complaining about sellers who just won't lower the price of their home even when buyers are not biting. I have also seen complaints around the web here and there about appraisal issues killing deals.
Most often though it is refinance deals that an appraisal condition may kill. I have run into a first time issue for me... I have a seller who wants to sell his home for $335,000.00 and a buyer who wants to buy it. The buyer does not have any complaints about cost of the home.
I have always been … (15 comments)

ethical lender: My Review of Search Marketing, LLC - 04/30/08 06:49 AM
As the company refers to itself...
I have a Search Marketing, LLC. blog located at
When I first set up my own blog I was not sure where to go or which platform to use. I looked around for a while until I found I read their claims and I became interested in their "vertical directories".
Their "vertical directories" really do work! They are actually pretty simple in the way that they work... All they really are, are blogs that are set up so that when you post a new entry on your own blog and select a category your post … (2 comments)

ethical lender: Is there still a lot of mis-information out there? - 04/21/08 08:57 AM
Or is it just me? Is anyone else aware of the fact that mortgage interest rates increased today with just about every lender out there by about .375% - .5% or is it just me?...
I had a gentleman call in today to inquire about financing a portion of a Co-Op that he is purchasing in New York, NY. He's looking at a 30 year term and is looking for a 5.375% (on a Co-Op... Ha!). I told him no, I cannot get that rate today. He told me that the interest rate is the most important thing and that if I can get … (5 comments)

ethical lender: Title Matters - 03/20/08 06:08 AM
It's hard to find a title company that is both fast and responsive. My company has an affiliation with New York title out of Long Island (as of very recently). We send them a bit of business and there service is excellent. It does not matter if it takes me 9 days to get title back on a purchase transaction (in most cases) because I can order it right away and have it in plenty of time for the average purchase transaction (just got CTC in 5 days on one, but that will be another post).
I am not sure how all of … (3 comments)

ethical lender: 680 for 100%, FHA finally has a true purpose... - 03/04/08 07:18 AM
And what I mean by that is that FHA is not some kind of a spectacular loan program. It is very useful in certain situations, but most often the best way to go is conventional if you qualify. Conventional offers the best rates and terms avaiable which is why it is reserved for those with good credit and income qualifications.
I get people coming to me all the time who have been sold by someone who later denied them on an FHA program. Sometimes the person coming to me is qualified for conventional financing, and I ask them "why FHA". I usually … (6 comments)

ethical lender: Do business with me and get a 3 day 2 night getaway for free! - 02/27/08 02:35 AM
Maybe, I haven't decided yet. I am working on a transaction with a high profile agent in the Plattsburgh, NY area; Andre LaFountain. Andre is a smart cat, he is heavily imbedded in real estate but he also has a few things producing additional income for himself on the side.
Andre has approached me about a travel agency opportunity. I am not sure of the details or of the pay structure. I do know that the business model is MLM. I'm not sure that is enough to disqualify it from being a legitimate opportunity. Of course, I have something else in … (7 comments)

ethical lender: THAT IS HUGE! - 02/22/08 07:05 AM
Organization is crucial. This thought came to mind as I was organizing and sorting my email. I must've had about 200 emails still in my inbox. I use outlook to sort my email into folders. I keep everything, because I never know when I may need to reference it again. You know the old saying right? "If it ain't in writing it ain't".
As I sorted through my email I starting thinking about how many more prospective buyers I can turn into closed transaction with a more efficient system of organized follow up. I follow up regularly with all of my clients, … (0 comments)

ethical lender: No Closing Cost++ Home Refinance Loan! - 02/21/08 06:40 AM
"No Closing Cost++ Home Refinance Loan.Call Today to Combine Mortgage and Debt."
I found this enticing headline today on a one of countrywides websites. This cracks me up because I have been talking about this for some time. It makes me wonder though, if it is presented this way is the consumer happy when they get to the table?
I give quotes to people everyday and I always hear "hmm... your closing costs seem high" and it no longer blows me away when I hear this statement. My closing costs are very low compared to what I have seen out there and I … (8 comments)

ethical lender: John Murphy - 02/21/08 02:38 AM
Just as I was writing my last post about the fact that referral business is far superior to internet leads I got a call from John Murphy with a referral. He said that the person whom he sent to me left a message for me. I am not sure which phone she called. I don't recall receiving a call from her on my office phone and I am guilty of not checking my cell phone messages as much as I should.
John gave me her phone number and I just gave her a call. She was inquiring for her son and daughter in … (7 comments)

ethical lender: Referral Ping Pong - 02/21/08 02:20 AM
I received a referral from Kathy Bennett of Re/Max North Country a few days ago. I am working on the loan file now and it is a go. A couple of days later I had the opportunity to send someone her way. Then I had another opportunity to recomend her and I did. This morning I received a call from someone whom Kathy had referred to me. If you need property in or around Plattsburgh, NY go to Kathy Bennett. She is the best in the area!
John Murphy of North Country Realty is a great guy to work with. He is never pushy and always … (2 comments)

ethical lender: Keep At It! - 02/21/08 01:39 AM
I feel that my efforts are really beginning to pay off. That being said I have had a very rough month this month. Forever I have been seeing the media paint a devastating picture of the housing crisis and credit crunch. I saw all of the media, but I felt inwardly that it did not matter as it does not affect me. I know that certain markets are suffering because of some poor investment choices that investors in those regions made.
The Power Option ARM created a lot of buying power for individuals who were banking on the continuation of a Fluffed … (0 comments)

ethical lender: 5 points 5 times. - 02/06/08 04:28 AM
You may have read my blog post asking about whether or not letter's work. I posted that blog here on AR to get some feedback with regard to a marketing campaign that I built in order to tap into more of a referral based business as opposed to a lead sifting business.
I got a lot of great feedback and I really refined my approach. I have been getting referrals pretty steadily for the past several months and now I am back to the drawing board. Referral business is great! If I can do the loan then it is most often a … (8 comments)

ethical lender: Associations... Can we be friends? - 01/18/08 01:58 AM
I love AR and the community. You guys aer great, and I love the platform. Whether it be through referrals or advice AR has helped me improve my business and my practices. I have gotten many great and inspiring ideas from many of you!
My thanks go out to all of you!
What I would like to know though is how to get more associations. I am just not sure how the whole asscoiation thing works. I currently have 11 associates but I have associated myself with many more people than that.
I understand that there may be some sort of action required from intended … (0 comments)

ethical lender: What's time blocking again?... - 01/14/08 04:35 PM
I have begun something new at work and it is working great. I have begun writing my goals for the week and posting them up on the wall by my desk. This week I had 7 immediate goals and as of today I have accomplished 5 of them. We all have our daily tasks and it is easy to forget very important things that we need to get done.
Committment the goals... Read More

ethical lender: The State of Plattsburgh. - 01/14/08 04:31 PM
The State of the City of Plattsburgh:
I've really come to fall in love with the real estate that I have come across in the Adirondacks. I live in Plattsburgh, NY near the tip of the Adirondacks. I am from the area originally, I moved away for a while to get some experience behind me. The only real draw-back to Plattsburgh is that the demographic is... Read More
This of course came as a shock to my colleagues and I as we are putting up near refi-boom level numbers. Still I guess I can see the evidence of it as more and more … (4 comments)

ethical lender: Get your marketing! - 01/14/08 04:20 PM
I'm Psyched! I just got another Real Estate Firm on board to do a portion of their marketing with me. I guess that it's not a hard sale to get a Realtor to work with me on this project because I am giving hard hitting marketing away for free. Free and I know first hand that many people, especially business people run the other way when they hear that... Read More
This is only the tip of the ice-burgh though. I am working on some marketing that I will be rolling out soon that will be highly beneficial my my Realtor Partner's. … (0 comments)

ethical lender: BAO was right on time... - 01/14/08 04:03 PM
Regarding their recent decision to purchase Countrywide, America's largest home lender.
There has been much speculation on the topic for good reason. Countywide is a very large financial insitution. If it were to collapse it would be a large chunk of the economy down with it. More than 7% of Cw's Loans are in default.
Personally, I am satisfied with... Read More
I know that the subject has been beaten to death, but it should be. This is one of those things that affects us all! Please let me know your opinion on the subject.

ethical lender: 4954 Route 374, Merrill NY 12955 - 01/14/08 03:56 PM
I frequent areas of interest to me in order to write reviews and provide information on some of the properties that My Realtor Partners have listed in the area. My mother owns two properties; one in Churubusco, NY and her primary in Mountain View, NY.  
I recently visited my mother at her camp in Churubusco, NY and since I was so close to one of my... Read More
And when I got back I wrote the above post. You may be looking for a wonderful retreat and this may just be it, or you may know someone who will absolutely love it!

ethical lender: Am I taking New Clients?... Do You Have a Referral?... -=Read This First=- - 01/14/08 03:51 PM
There is a lot that can be said about a good referral. Personally I think that business by way of referral is the only way to go. If my car is broken down I ask my friends who they take their car to. This gives me a good idea of whether or not I am dealing with a reputable professional.
This is true with just about anything that you can think of and... Read More
So while you don't officially need a referral, I highly recomend getting a referral before shopping and or do your homework!


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