I believe that Buyer Brokerage Agreements are beneficial to buyers and in many cases, they sign up without thinking twice. For those who have never heard of them before, there can be some hesitation. I ran into an objection recently that is fairly common for those who don't fully understand them....
When homeowners start thinking about selling their house, many decide to get an appraisal to see what it's worth. But unless the appraiser is willing to buy your home, don't assume that the appraised value is the same as market value - what buyers are willing to pay. According to a recent article...
I recently met with some young homeowners who are ready to move up but first must sell their house.  It's been on the market only a few weeks and already has an offer!  Unfortunately, the offer is much less than they had hoped for.   There has been some back and forth and the offer currently on t...
In a declining market, it's been shown that sellers get the highest price in the first 2-4 weeks their house is for sale. Values are going down, so the longer the home is on the market, the lower the final selling price will be. Many sellers have found this out the hard way, when they insisted on...
A Reverse mortgage (RM) may be a welcome help to homeowners over age 62 who have sufficient equity in their home and want to stay there but can no longer afford their monthly payment. Or they may want to use their home equity to improve the quality of their life with additional monthly income or ...
We've become accustomed to convenience and most buyers want a house with multiple bathrooms and don't want to consider a house with only one. If your house has only one bathroom, you can mitigate the situation if you: Make sure the bathroom rocks! (check out HGTV for ideas) It must be squeaky cle...
In her blog recently, Instead of a New Year's Resolution... How about a New Year's Theme?, Jennifer Allan suggested we eschew the traditional new year resolutions and come up with a theme for the year instead.  I think this is a great idea, and for 2009, I'm borrowing one of the themes from the a...

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