college education: College Tuition Financing, Higher Education Funding Solutions: College Affordability Act Passed - 06/08/08 12:10 PM
Financial costs of college can often times be a burden to families.  Butwith changes coming soon, families will thank the House of Representativesfor passing the College Affordability and Opportunity Act on February 7th, which now goes to a compromise committee.
The College Affordability and Opportunity Act is the 2008 version of theHigher Education Act of 1965, which will be revised and extended.  Thenew act will be based on more conventional reforms, such as increasingfederal loan monies and lowering financial costs for a variety of economicgroups.
The "College Consumer's Bill of Rights", which is included in the act, isdirected at providing loan … (2 comments)

college education: College Planning, Higher Education Funding, Financial Aid for College and "Avoiding the Ten Most Common College Admission Mistakes” - 06/08/08 12:09 PM
Written by Frank Burtnett, Ed. D. and reposted by Jeffrey Taylor
Dr. Frank Burtnett, veteran counselor and educational consultant, haswritten extensively on the mistakes made by college-bound students inthe exploration, decision-making and application process. Following arethe errors that savvy admission professionals tell Frank are commonlymade, ones that should be avoided at all cost:
Mistake # 1 - You miss the boat academically
The single most importance factor in gaining admission to the college ofone's choice is how well one performs in the most challenging collegepreparatory curriculum. Simple translation: Take tough subjects---dowell in them!
Mistake # 2 - You ignore great resources

college education: College Planning is Retirement Planning—Metro Detroit Area Parents Thank Jeffrey Taylor for Tips and Strategies in Higher Education Financing - 06/08/08 12:05 PM
How to pay for college and retirement at the same time, solving one of your biggest headaches...
Detroit, MI-How old will you be when your child graduates from college?  Today's cost of college education is daunting, especially for parents with several children to educate.  Many families have discontinued contributions to their retirement plan as their child enters their Junior and Senior years of high school, and they struggle to have enough funds available for their higher education.  Some are actually withdrawing money from their retirement plan to pay for college.  Will they be able to catch up after paying for … (0 comments)

college education: The Tuition Rx Program makes College an Affordable Reality for Families in Southeast Michigan—College Funding, Higher Education Financing, Financial Aid and More - 06/08/08 12:02 PM
A free college planning website and e-newsletter that helps families discover little-known strategies and opportunities to reduce the high cost of a college education
Southfield, MI-Jeffrey Taylor is known to southeast Michigan parents as Your Money Coach.  He offers a program to teach parents cutting edge techniques for planning and funding their children's college educations.  The Tuition Rx Program is an online source of valuable tips, strategies, a newsletter, and tools for parents and their students to find ways of paying for college without depending on financial aid. 
Mark Maupin of Right Now Marketing Group said, "I wish I … (0 comments)

college education: Jeffrey Taylor, Southfield, Michigan, offers Valuable Tips on Funding College Education Costs at a Free Workshop for Parents to Plan their child’s Higher Education Financing - 06/08/08 10:12 AM

Jeff revealed the truth about beating the high cost of college financing; his unheard of strategies are saving families thousands of dollars
Southfield, MI-Jeffrey Taylor is known to many parents as "Your Money Coach."  He offers free online seminars, offering tips to parents financing their children's college education.  "I attended his seminar and I wish this was available to me when I was paying for my daughter's education," said Mark Maupin of Right Now Marketing Group.  "I'm amazed at Jeff's knowledge and advice on getting the most from financial aid."
According to education financing expert, Jeffrey Taylor, … (0 comments)

college education: Jeffrey Taylor is Acknowledged for his Generosity in Offering a Free Seminar to Metro Detroit, Michigan Parents Planning for Future College Funding for their Children - 06/08/08 10:09 AM
Today's cost of higher education is rising at twice the rate of inflation, or more; will you be able to afford the cost of your child's college education?
 Detroit, MI-"My neighbor has three children who are currently attending college.  I just find it unbelievable how quickly time flies; it seems like just yesterday, I was baby sitting for these children!" says Sue Downey of Right Now Marketing Group.  College Education costs are increasing exponentially and parents are finding it difficult to fund their children's education.  Some have been saving since their child was born, just to find they can barely cover … (2 comments)


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