los angeles real estate: Fearless. - 01/14/11 12:31 PM
Day (232,233,234,235) Fear not! Webster says: Fear is a distressing emotion aroused by a perceived threat. One of the key words in the definition is "PERCEIVED."  (Meaning nothing has yet to occur.) How can you fear something that has yet to happen? The mind is a tricky beast. There is no such concept as fear. It is truthfully only the mind telling you that you are unable to do something. Unfortunately for some it holds you back from a lot of experiences and opportunities.
To concur the beast you have to overcome the mind.  Once you can grasp that concept, you … (0 comments)

los angeles real estate: Prepared for Business. - 01/10/11 01:52 PM
Day (228,229,230,231)Preparation. You must have it! The moment you lack preparedness, the client will sniff you out. A Real Estate agent is suppose to be looked upon as a professional. A professional earns great money, but only when the professional is prepared for business. We have valued our business thus far on being over prepared.You never know when you are not able to answer a question. When you have rehearsed to every possible situation, the result is generally a goal. The result today in our listing appointment was slightly off. But we took every piece of the puzzle that did not … (1 comments)

los angeles real estate: Second Opinion.......Please! - 01/06/11 10:10 AM
Day (225,226,227)Every property is different. Every client is very different. The funny thing is that every deal brings  a new voice of reason for the future. Last week we had situations arise for a particular property. The home is quite the deal. It has an income producing property on the premises that pays for nearly half of the mortgage. The home is located right in the heart of Hollywood with convenience to everything. The situation #1: First the home was built in 20's which is very common for homes in Los Angeles. The home is lacking a proper drainage system which … (2 comments)

los angeles real estate: Educated Clients, Shouldn't be an extra charge! - 12/27/10 09:24 AM
Day (215,216,217,218)The day of inspection(s). They can be somewhat of a nail biter, because every house is not created equal. Inspectors stay in business because of the lack of maintenance that most homeowners fail to comply with.  The home is an investment to which you must respect and maintain. Clients are failing to be educated by their professionals and in turn end up in law suits disputing undisclosed details that are material facts prudent to the responsibly of home ownership. The key to a happy client is trust and respect. Once those two are out the door, you really should start … (0 comments)

los angeles real estate: Crossroads to a new Decade = Freedom - 12/23/10 11:31 AM
Day (213,214)It is that time of year again. The malls are packed, the streets are jammed, the people are slightly on the edge all while the sounds of dancing sugar plums fill the air. It just would not be the holiday season without this combination. The Change from one year to the next is always a reminder that we are all growing older and wiser (most of us) and hopefully changing with the times. The new Decade is just beginning and we are all at the crossroads to a new era of which route we choose to travel. The paths far … (0 comments)

los angeles real estate: Happy Clients = Happy Homes! - 12/20/10 02:40 PM
Day (210,211,212)The power of Negotiation!!!! It really works. As long as you have people involved in a deal that are for the overall benefit of the clients. Today started out on a sour note. We had a clients closing costs soaring into big figures to which our client just was not able to fork out. We spent a big majority of our time today shaving and trimming costs to make the deal work to our clients best interest. Estimations can sometimes be very off in the initial closing statement. Therefor having a misguided image as to what a client could have … (1 comments)

los angeles real estate: Be Merry!!! - 12/17/10 10:12 AM
Day (207,208,209) As we head to the holiday parties this year and spend time with the people we do business with and the friends and family we party with, Remember the reason we celebrate the season. We are all here chasing a goal, and some others are not always as fortunate to chase the same goals of that we are fortunate enough to crave. Give a little this year. Even if its the spare change you have in your car. A little is always better than nothing. Spread a little cheer, because the cycle will flow through to others and the … (0 comments)

los angeles real estate: Our market is different than the rest of the country. - 12/13/10 11:04 AM
Day (202,203,204,205,206)The Housing Market forecast has predicted that the average home price of homes in California will rise by 2.0% in 2011. With that being said, the mortgage rates will increase also, not by much. However every bit adds up when it comes to financing over a 30 year period. The best time to buy is the current, too many people are stuck listening to the media. The media is taking an average of all of the 50 united states and putting them into one category. The Los Angeles market is much different than any other market in the country. Los … (0 comments)

los angeles real estate: Can you handle it? - 12/08/10 08:38 AM
Day (200,201)What are you trying to get out of your life?No one has the rule book on how to live life. Some claim they do, but if one man could really tell you exactly how to live 6 billion lives. WOW!  Entertain yourself, get to know yourself. And if you cannot spend ten minutes alone with yourself. How can you expect anyone to. Through building our business, and our relationship I have become very fond of who I am as a person. I know what I am capable of, I know what makes me tick, I know what I like, and … (2 comments)

los angeles real estate: Business 101 - 12/06/10 12:14 PM
(197,198,199)People do business with people they like. "Business 101"Building relationships is where you begin to  become successful. Get to know people in their comfort level and how they operate. We have really been involved in making contacts everywhere. We make really good friends, and yet we start to see business potential come from that. People want to always work with people they feel comfortable making a deal with and people they trust. Your suppose to look out for your friends. And the same rule of thumb plays out. Building wealth and business together is much more rewarding then doing it alone. … (1 comments)

los angeles real estate: Do you make the company? Or does the Company make you? - 12/03/10 09:26 AM
Day (193,194,195,196)Does the Brokerage brand make a difference when choosing an agent?I use to say "Yes, it certainly does."Now, I am not sure. I am starting to think that the good deeds and service that the particular agent offers is more or less the important decision when choosing an agent. When we started our search to find the "perfect" place to hang our license we interviewed everyone. The Keller Williams, Hilton and Hyland, Prudential, you name it we heard their pitches.  We eventually went with Coldwell Banker because it is internationally known, and a very big presence in Los Angeles. We … (3 comments)

los angeles real estate: Rent Vs. Buying - 11/19/10 10:19 AM
Day (174)Some people still say that it is cheaper to rent than to buy. These are the top 6 reasons "NOT" to buy a first home now! (figuratively speaking.) If you agree with the following "top 6 reasons" then you better stay put!1) Your Landlord needs the money.If your rent is $1,500 per month, you've given your landlord $90,000 over the past 5 years! And he doesn't even send you a postcard when he is spending a week in Maui!2)You'd Rather not get richer while you sleep. Homes generally go up in value in the long term. Owning a homes means … (2 comments)

los angeles real estate: Relationships= Owning a Home! - 11/19/10 10:15 AM
Day (175,176,177,178)What is a Relationship? And how does that relate to real estate?The two go hand in hand. Owning a home is very much like being in a relationship. You must nurture it, comfort it, and respect it. All three elements must exist for it to be a healthy unity. From the time you first fall in love with the house, you adore it, you want to spend every waking minute with it. You clean it, and cook in it, and really feel lucky that you have found the right house. Then time goes by and you start to get busy … (1 comments)

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