collette lee: Tower Realty and "Light the Night" - 11/03/08 05:40 AM
Team Tower Realty's campaign for te Leukemia and Lymphoma Society was a great success we raised $5,900.00 for this great organization!
Tower Realty would like to thank all of the voulnteers who came out to show thier support at the garage sale and the walk. We couldn't have done ir without you!

collette lee: Tower Realty and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society - 08/29/08 04:03 AM
The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society is holding their annual Light The Night® Walk on October 4th at California Baptist University in Riverside.d Lymphoma Society raises awareness

The Leukemia anabout the various forms of blood cancers and their Light The Night® Walk enables community members to get involved, raise money and enjoy an evening of walking with friends and family to commemorate the lives of people touched by cancer. Tower Realty is proud to be involved with such a worthy organization, so much in fact that of Tower Realty is heading up their own team. Tower Realty has made a concerted … (0 comments)

collette lee: Property Taxes - 05/28/08 10:41 AM
Dear Friends,Due to the declining market, I have helped many clients lower their tax rate by providing information to them. I have included a link in this newsletter to connect you to the Riverside County Assessors Office to obtain an application and to explain the process for lowering your property taxes. As always through good times and bad, I am here for you. Call with any needs or questions.ColletteP.S. The market has picked up, we have been busy!The link to the Riverside County Assessors office is:http://www.treasurer-

collette lee: Great Business Location - 03/24/08 10:17 AM

collette lee: Charming 1960s Style Home - 03/24/08 10:00 AM

collette lee: Prop's You Need To Know In Riverside County - 03/12/08 06:48 AM
Prop 13:  
            Under proposition 13, real property is reappraised only when a change-in-ownership occurs, or when new construction takes place. Generally, a change in ownership is a sale or transfer property, while new construction is any improvement to property that is not considered normal maintenance.  Except for these two instances, property assessments cannot be increased by more than 2% annually.
Prop 8:  
            Due to the dire market conditions within the County of Riverside, the Assessor's office has begun to review the value of properties purchased within the last year in an effort to determine if value reductions are warranted under Proposition 8.

collette lee: Highly Reduced Historic Home - 03/12/08 06:45 AM

collette lee: Tax Information You Need to Know - 03/12/08 06:03 AM
Riverside County Tax Information
Important Tax Dates:  
January 1: Lien date - the time when taxes for the following fiscal year (July 1- June 30) become a lien on property.
February 15: Deadline for filing Veterans, Homeowners, Church, Religious, Welfare Exemptions, Historical Aircraft and other institutional exemptions.
March 15: Deadline for filing Owner's Request for Review of Property Value.
April 1: Deadline for filing Business Personal Property Statements.
April 10: Deadline for payment of second installment of secured property taxes.
July 1: Assessment Roll delivered by the Assessor to the Auditor-Controller.
July 2 - November 30: Period during which the Clerk of the Board accepts petitions for Assessment Appeals … (2 comments)

collette lee: Home Ownership One Topic In the State of the Union… - 03/10/08 10:17 AM
Listening to President Bush's last State of the Union address, he was prepared for the topic of foreclosures and home ownership because every day in the media those remain very "HOT" topics. He did address that topic because so many people are affected. If you do some research you will find out that the House approved two measures this past Tuesday, which are designed to boost the ailing housing market as part of the economic stimulus package.
This is one of those times where there does not appear to be a light at the end of the tunnel. The House approved … (2 comments)

Tower Realty held its Annual Awards Luncheon at Farafalla's Italian Cucina.  "Tower Realty had a great year.  We have had tremendous support from our community and we extend our heartfelt thanks," says Broker, Collette Lee.  "Our professional agents, and great staff have contributed to our success and the great reputation we have achieved in the community.  There are many agents deserving of awards but there is only one outstanding agent of the year.  We honor Agent of the Year Brent Lee for most commissions earned as well as units sold. Brent's commitment to excellence is evident in every transaction, every step … (0 comments)

collette lee: Good Ink! - 03/10/08 09:58 AM
Tower Realty honors Collette Lee
as top agent of the month for January 2008
Tower Realty has announced Collette Lee as Agent of the Month for January.  Collette Lee, Broker/Owner of Tower Realty has been selling real estate for more than 20 years.  "With her enormous amount of dedication and hard work, she has built Tower Realty into a company that is known for its professionalism and integrity," said fellow agent Patti Triplett.  These attributes earned Lee's company, Tower Realty, the Small Business of the Year Award from the Greater Riverside Chamber of Commerce in 2005.
Lee has been the recipient of numerous sales-achievement … (0 comments)

collette lee: New FHA Mortgage Loan Potential - 03/10/08 05:04 AM
With loan limits officially increased (woo hoo!), but only for the year; I found this website that would be great approximation to see how much money your family could potentially receive in a loan.
By entering your county either by area code or name and pressing send (yes, its as easy as that) your loan information can be revealed.
In Riverside, a 4-member family could potentially receive a loan up to $961,550.  Incredible right?!? So just check it out yourself and become informed of your potential.

collette lee: Can You Believe It?!? - 03/05/08 05:19 AM
Yesterday while showing a property, dressed nicely and having a happy showing, I slipped and fell into the pool of the property I was showing.  Now mind you being fully clothed and with clients, the pool was freezing and I was soaked from head to toe.  The blessing is I'm is alright, no bruises or bumps and still laughed about it.   What a great example of having Happy thoughts. 
The advice for the day, watch your step around those pools.... 

collette lee: An Evening for the Arts in Riverside - 03/05/08 04:59 AM
Since I am a huge supporter of the community, I feel obligated to tell you about a night that should not be missed, "An Evening for the Arts".
This fundraiser is to benefit the art community in Riverside.  There are mystery locations for appetizers, a gourmet dinner, and mouth-watering desserts.  There will also be a gift auction to help raise money and of course there will be lot of fun!
If you have any questions or need more information please call the Riverside Arts Foundation, (951) 680-1345.

collette lee: You Want To Date? - 01/30/08 04:22 AM
Come and have fun at The Riverside County Fair & National Date Festival, February 15-24, it will be here sooner that you think!
2008 has an exciting line-up, headliners include: LeAnn Rimes, Los Tiranos del Norte, Blues Traveler, Heart, and SuperFiesta featuring Gerardo Fernandez and Banda Novillos.  Entertainment during the week includes: Seniors' Karaoke Singing Contest, tributes to the McGuire Sisters, the Herman Orchestra, the Beatles, and the Beach Boys!  
The fair has great shows, that are must see! Monster Trucks, Fiesta Del Charro, Bull-O-Rama, Freestyle Motorcycles, Demolition Derby and the hilarious Camel & Ostrich Races!  There is a Nightly Musical Pageant that … (0 comments)

collette lee: Let's Simplify Foreclosure - 01/17/08 10:29 AM
What is Foreclosure?
The foreclosure process enables a lender to recover the amount owed on a defaulted loan. The lender has the option of selling the property or repossessing the property.
The beginning of a foreclosure process is initiated when a borrower defaults on mortgage payments. The lender then files a Notice of Default or Lis Pendens. Some of the ways a foreclosure process may end are:
1.  The borrower pays off the default amount during the pre-foreclosure perio determined by state law.
2.  The borrower sells the property to a third party during the pre-foreclosure period. The borrower is able then … (0 comments)

collette lee: Hold Up, Wait A Minute! - 01/10/08 10:25 AM

Let me put some boom in it!  If only all noise was good noise.
This past November Riverside officials opposed DHL's new addition of an international jumbo jet at March Air Force Base, due to neighborhoods continuing to be awakened by the company's early morning departures.
DHL's international flights from Asia have brought growth to Riverside's increasing international trade and jobs to the West Coast hub.   DHL alone has created over 450 jobs, most of which are part-time package handlers with an average job earning of $10.74 an hour.
There have been recent steps taken to reduce the noise at 3 a.m. by … (2 comments)

collette lee: I Am Woman Hear Me Roar! (Part 2) - 01/10/08 07:30 AM
Why A Woman?
Previous studies have shown women owned (non-family) businesses perform at a lower level of performance than those owned by men.  However, in a study conducted by the Center for Women's Leadership at Babson College & Mass Mutual (2003), family businesses led by women get better financial results than family businesses led by men.  Female led firms employed significantly less workers to obtain the same amount of sales as men owned family firms, and were reported to be 1.7 times more productive.  Women owned businesses were shown to have 40% lower rate of family members leaving the business, and were … (1 comments)

collette lee: Lack of Judgment - 01/03/08 10:43 AM
Try not to become a man of success but a man of value.Albert Einstein
In a busy world today everyone wants to be rich or aspire to having more, but have some people forgotten that sometimes success is based on your values and morals?
This past weekend I saw a man drop money while he was fumbling around in his pocket. Well, being the karma believing person that I am I started walking over to the money to return it to its rightful owner.  However, someone beat me to the punch, but instead of returning it, they placed it into their own pocket.  … (1 comments)

collette lee: 3Bed/2Bath Home On Tree Lined Street - 01/03/08 10:34 AM


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