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briargate homes: How to Stage Your House With Kids!!! - 11/22/13 07:10 AM

Staging your house is a hard enough process, but throw kids and pets into the process and you face a whole new set of challenges. Just keep your head up and follow a few simple steps, your home will be sold in no time.  
- Encourage your children to share a room, its only for a little while.  
- Sharing the master bath is also a good idea making tiding up much faster. 
- Allow only one box of toys per child and remove all large toy items.  
- Call your favorite charity and et rid of any … (2 comments)

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briargate homes: Thinking About Making A Move To Colorado Springs? - 10/25/13 05:14 AM
When you're thinking about making a move, the first steps in the home buying process are:
- Deciding when you want to make your move
- Considering how much money you would like to spend
- Thinking about what type of home you would like
- Deciding where you would like to live
Click below to find more steps and tricks on determining what you need to do to make your move.
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briargate homes: Buying a New Home in Colorado Springs? - 10/23/13 02:35 AM
Buying a new home in Colorado Springs?  We can Help!!!  Buying a new home can be a fun an exciting process.  We have developed a wish list for the home buying experience.  A wish list is an innovative way to determine what you need and what you can do with out.  
Click below to see the wish list we have created for you.  
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briargate homes: Search for Briargate Homes Home values in 80920 - 10/16/13 04:29 AM
Understand the difference between "listing prices" (what sellers are asking for) and "sold prices" (what buyers are willing to pay).
By comparing these price trends, you'll have a good idea of where the market is heading. The median listing and sold property prices are calculated based on the market activity each month.
Some sales are not immediately available from public records. As they become available, the data are updated.
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briargate homes: Tips for Making your Home Show Ready - 09/24/13 04:00 AM
5 Tips For The Best Home Showings
Home routines tend to come to a standstill while your home is on the market. The need to keep the house clean  - and not scare potential homebuyers away - means that kids can't throw their school books on the dining room table, Dad has to pick up his stinky socks, and even the pets need to toe the line.
Keeping the house clean is a good first step toward presenting the home in the best light. But it isn't the only step.
1. Odors Have you ever walked into a home and been immediately … (0 comments)

briargate homes: Great Info on Planning for Retirement - 09/17/13 04:42 AM
Retirement Planning: Will Owning a Home Help You Retire?
There was a time when nobody had doubts about the value of owning a home. It was considered an incredible long-term investment and ideal for retirement. Today we know that real estate isn't as safe as we once thought it was, at least as a short-term investment, and Americans, young and old, are leery of sinking their life savings into a home as an investment. Knowing this, will owning a home help you retire? That depends on a number of factors, including when you purchase the home.
If you buy the home … (0 comments)

briargate homes: Colorado Springs Schools and School Districts! - 09/05/13 04:35 AM
Things to consider when finding the perfect home. 
Choosing School Districts and Schools
The neighborhoods you consider while house hunting may be determined, in part, by school districts and educational choices. If you'll be sending your children to public school, ratings and other assessment tools can help you judge the merit of the schools near you. If you're considering a private school, you may have to sort through programs with a wide range of philosophical backgrounds. Read on to learn about school ratings, types of schools and other factors to consider.
Finding Information About School Districts School ratings and test … (1 comments)

briargate homes: It's Not To Early To Start Thinking of Fall - 09/03/13 05:11 AM
Sell your Home this Fall!!  
Can you Believe it Summer is Gone! Don't be discouraged we are still in a hot market but, if things start to slow consider these easy tips.
Fall is often people consider the slow time for selling your home but don't dispare a few quick fixes are sure to get your home sold.
What can I do to make my home look its best to attract potential buyers. 
Clear Clutter, from the outside in... Clear gutters, rake your lawn, clean up toys, make sure the trees are trimmed and the weeds are pulled. … (1 comments)

briargate homes: How to Find the Right Home Inspector - 05/22/13 06:08 AM
How to Find the Right Home Inspector
The purchase of a home is often the largest investment most individuals will take part of. Finding the right inspector is very important in the home buying experience.  Some key tips in finding the right home inspector is check for credentials, read testimonials, attend the home inspection and don’t be afraid to ask questions.
Credentials Are Key
Many States don’t even require inspectors to carry licenses. Or if education is requires 

sometime it is so minimal it is laughable.  So check with regulatory agencies to make sureyour home inspector is part of … (0 comments)

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