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What's really important for a real estate buyer and/or seller?



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I recommend a radon test always be done, as this is a very heavy and dangerous gas that naturally breaks down in the soil and can find it's way into a home, and that can eventually, may cause lung cancer.  Most sellers will pay for a remediation system in case the level is above federal EPA limit...
Pests such as termites, carpenter bees and ants, as well as mice are sometimes founding during a pest inspection when a buyer is purchasing a home.  Depending on the purchase agreement, most often the seller is obligated to correct any items noted by a pest inspector.  While the buyer may have to...
The home inspection can oftentimes bring fear to a both a buyer and seller.  The buyer can sometimes think a home is inferior, depending on the how the information is communicated and also the reputation of the home inspector.  Choosing a qualified and level-headed home inspector is essential.  S...

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