brecksville ohio: Brecskville Ohio Annual Brush Pickup - New City Service - 03/13/11 01:13 PM
Brecksville Ohio Annual Brush Pickup - New City ServiceApril 4th - April 8th 2011, the City of Brecksville will pickup brush from residential tree and shrub trimming from your tree lawn.  No need to use twine or bundle the brush. The City requests that you spread out the brush to speed pickup. Important: Do not have any roots or soil with the brush -- it will damage the chipper blades. Benefit...The chips produced will mulch various landscape projects around the City.
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brecksville ohio: WalletPop.Com Says Brecksville Ohio is #2 of 20 best affordable places to retire - 07/19/09 04:10 PM
A wonderful and former real estate client of mine from Brecksville Ohio sent an e-mail to me yesterday with a link to an article from that showed that two communities in Ohio, both in the Greater Cleveland area, made the top twenty best places to retire in the United States.
Coming in at #2 on the list is Brecksville, Ohio, a community where I reside and treasure.  Brecksville is very scenic, surrounded by nature with the Cuyahoga Valley National Park and the Cleveland Metroparks, has a quaint downtown feel, has entry-level to multi-million dollar housing, has a world-class senior retirement … (0 comments)

brecksville ohio: Pay a visit to the Brecksville Recreation/Community Center…aka “the Rec” - 02/28/09 11:21 AM
As I write this post, I am sitting in the beautiful gymnasium at the Brecksville Rec Center (officially known as the Brecksville Community Center.)  It is a Saturday afternoon and my almost 8-year old son is a big basketball guy.  He has played basketball in various camps and sessions around the area over the last few years, including the Brecksville league which starts in 2 weeks.  There are at least 5-6 different sets of people shooting hoops—from a group of 7-8 year olds (my son included) to older adults, with groups of middle and high school boys thrown in.It is a … (0 comments)

brecksville ohio: A musical night at the Brecksville-Broadview Heights High School - 02/22/09 11:16 AM
I have written a lot about the arts in Brecksville and now, music gets its day. I had a wonderful experience last week as I was able to attend the combined Middle School and High School Orchestra event held at the Brecksville-Broadview Hts. High School.  Our daughter is a viola player and has been in the Orchestra since 4th grade, which is when it is initially offered in the school system.  She has enjoyed playing and we are just thrilled with how far she has come.  
What really struck me during this wonderful event was the number of students involved … (4 comments)

brecksville ohio: Pay a visit to the Brecksville Kiwanis Horse Show... - 02/14/09 01:10 PM
Each summer it is hard to believe that the huge river ford area at the intersection of Chippewa Creek Road and Riverview Road in the Brecksville Reservation is groomed and gussied-up for the annual Brecksville Kiwanis Horse Show.  The meadow is totally transformed by two large show rings, a main spectator striped tent and surrounding seating boxes.  There are also bleachers, a concession stand, and vendors all around.  It is a huge community event and many riders come from all around the area to participate.  The show is held the first week-end of August with Saturday hosting a fun, competitive hunter … (0 comments)

brecksville ohio: Pay a visit to the Brecksville Center for the Arts - 01/31/09 04:23 PM
What a truly unique place-the Brecksville Center for the Arts (BCA) is a true opportunity for people of all ages-from preschoolers to older adults to find their creative side, enjoy the discovery of  painting, hold a paintbrush or make a piece of pottery for the first time, or just enjoy time with friends at a special art exhibit.. Not only do they offer classes at the Center, but they offer after school programs at the local schools, summer classes and a whole host of events.
Our son enjoyed the BCA summer program. He took three different sessions throughout the summer after … (0 comments)

brecksville ohio: Hey…It’s a Parade in Brecksville! - 01/31/09 03:42 PM
Every year, Brecksville has two parades-a Memorial Day Parade and a Christmas Parade.  The entire community shows up for both parades and each is always a great treat.  Our daughter has participated in the Christmas Parade twice, once on a horse for Maplecrest Farm and once walking for Brecksville Stables-both times were very cold, but very fun!

Both parades include kids, adults, and an animal or two or ten... representing all kinds of groups and organizations in the Brecksville community.  There are City representatives, floats, scouting troops, the High School Band, baton twirlers, community sports teams, tiny tots in wagons, … (0 comments)

brecksville ohio: Pay a Visit to the Brecksville Little Theatre… - 01/25/09 11:49 AM
"Less than ten Brecksville residents, with a common love of theatre and their community, laid the foundation in 1941 for today's organization.  Since then we have made our home, through the generosity of the Brecksville City governance, in the Old Town Hall, a historic building on the town square.  The building has been completely renovated as a theatrical facility with state-of-the art lighting and sound."

Truly a gem in our town of Brecksville, Ohio, the Little Theatre provides entertainment for everyone.  The productions are put on in Brecksville's Old Town Hall Building, a great testament to community's commitment to … (5 comments)

brecksville ohio: Pay a Visit to the Brecksville Reservation… - 01/25/09 11:37 AM
One of the most amazing sights I have seen in a long time is that of a hawk circling intently for minutes before making its, it was the time when we were driving past the pond behind the library and the heron was languishing by the, no, it was the time the doe and her four babies crossed the Metroparks road in front of us during a spring snowfall, no wait, I know,  it was the time we were all driving back from getting ice cream at Country Maid Ice Cream (which offers natural, homemade ice cream and deserves … (3 comments)