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           "Nuisance the Cat" wishes you a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!   Ok, you gotta guess before you look or listen!  If you can..... My all-time 'crush' for about 33 years now  -  I really don't know why Rock and Roll Queen  -  Sings soft ballads to hard driving R&R, and sometimes in the same song Witch...
With the economy the way it is, the housing market, the job market, the stock market, I know that someone will read this somewhere who will suddenly be jobless.  I was thinking about this while driving back from taking our son to Chapin High School this morning, and decided to put down some thoug...
First of all a disclaimer.  It's not bigger news anymore, but maybe still being talked about more. Bigger news than the economy, the election or real estate in SC!  (Part I) Tommy's out, Dabo's in, for now, and The Rivalry is in rare form! Clemson University vs. The University of South Carolina. ...
One of the great joys of working from home: I get to walk around the house after the others are off to the office and school and turn off all the lights and light switches.  Sometimes I count the number of switches I turn off.  I'm not sure what the record is, but today I got to 11.  TVs talking ...
Gee, what a cheerful way to start the day!  This is becoming the norm these days. Our morning paper features even more positive news!  (No doubt, you can sense my sarcasm.) Note that the scare headline gets more attention than Smart Money Magazine with the story about Columbia being poised to reb...
Here's some good news to start off the week.  Smart Money Magazine put out by The Wall Street Journal has an article in the November issue on 25 cities that they expect to rebound the fastest, in fact that are "poised to rebound" from the housing slump.  Columbia, SC is in the top ten, at number ...
We have a couple of UNIQUE FEATURES on The Leo Windham Agency website!  One is the FULL SCREEN PROPERTY SEARCH that I wrote about before, and the other is FREE PODCASTS!  I actually got an e-mail from one of our neighbors with the podcast link to Leo.  This link was making the rounds in Columbia,...
Clemson University has forced out head football coach Tommy Bowden after an abysmal start to the 2008 season.  Assistant coach Dabo Swinney will be the interim head coach.  Swinney dismissed Clemson offensive coordinator Rob Spence, and will take over the play-calling duties along with recruitin...
Are your worried that we're just another gecko selling insurance or houses or whatever it is you want to buy?  Are you afraid that your most intimate secrets are dinner conversation at the Bill Gates house?  Are you worried that somebody is going to hack into your hard drive and discover a prescr...
READ ON FOR NEWS ABOUT A NEW GOLF COMMUNITY COMING TO OAK HILLS! No, thank goodness, it's not another article about rising prices or bank failures!  It was all about something that's just for pure fun every year.  It was our annual golf tournament at the end of our respective golf leagues, the p...

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