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A blog from a real estate agent in Columbus & Central Ohio! I work in Columbus, Dublin, Gahanna, Grandview, Hilliard, Lewis Center, Powell, Upper Arlington, Westerville, Worthington and more, the north outer-belt of Columbus!



A little bit of history.   1956.....Active Rainer Rich Jacobson was born we celebrated big on Active Rain...a Members Only entry, real estate professionals who are not members Join!   Word has it Rich was born December 22, 1956 in Klamath Falls, Oregon.... 1956 Jessica Hughe's Lolita the Lammy wa...
 At the end of 2006 interest rates are historically low across the country. That's good news to buyers everywhere.  If you listen to the national news about buying now you may not get the whole story though.  "Real estate is local" and the good news for Columbus and Central Ohio is that buying re...
Welcome to Active Rain Hog's Head ... that's not even his real name... His name is Mike "Hog's Head" Bosela and few people besides me call him "Hogs-head, Hogs Head or "Hog's Head.." Mike Bosela is a blogger from Michigan (the mitten state... I am guessing that Edwardsburg is near the wrist?  wes...
Do you make New Years Resolutions?  Do you keep New Years Resolutions?   " Experts in the New Year's Resolution field estimate that 25 percent of resolutions don't make it past Jan. 8." New Years Resolutions, they're easy to make, hard to keep according to CBS 'Modern Times' blog.  Lloyd Garver's...
It's about time. Winter arrives today at 7:22 Columbus Ohio.   The Winter Solstice listing in Wikipedia confused me. It says the 2006 Winter Solstice is December 22, 2006.  I went back to check, 0:22 A.M on December 22, 2006 UTC or GMT. "UTC is Coordinated Universal Time, GMT is Greenwich ...
There are areas of the City of Columbus which are in school districts other than the City of Columbus School district. Parts of northwest / north Columbus are in the Worthington School District.  For example some neighborhoods off Smoky Row Rd, the Hard Road area and off Flint and Park Roads are ...
There are areas of the City of Columbus which are in school districts that are not the City of Columbus School district. Parts of northwest Columbus are in the Dublin City School district.  For example some neighborhoods off Sawmill Rd and off Frantz Road.    The problem with the TrendGraphix Mar...
Real Living is the number one real estate company in Ohio. What Columbus Real Estate Company has been number one in Cenral Ohio for years?  HER Real Living.  HER was number one in Columbus long before the formation of Real Living in 2002.  HER Real Living lists and sells homes in Central Ohio.  R...
I got memed twice.  First by Sellsius Blog then by Jay Thompson... but I did not know about the Sellsius° Blogs "tag you are it" because it ended up in my spam filter.  I wrote a meme post on Active Rain last night.  Then early this morning reading Christine Forgione's Active Rain blog  and her o...
I stole this first part from Maureen Francis: Jay memed me today.  I am supposed to tell you 5 things you don't know about me and then I get to tag 3 of you to go do the same.  Jay's doing a wrap up when we are done.So, here I go with 5 pieces of trivial stuff about Maureen Francis. oooops Mauree...

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