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A blog from a real estate agent in Columbus & Central Ohio! I work in Columbus, Dublin, Gahanna, Grandview, Hilliard, Lewis Center, Powell, Upper Arlington, Westerville, Worthington and more, the north outer-belt of Columbus!



The Village Idiot the name of an entry on my blog ColumbusBestBlogs.comThe Village Idiot is the name of a file that you can use if you lock yourself out of your blog like I did 11 days or so ago.I came close to having to use the instruction on The Village Idiot ...
Dog lovers beware!  ActiveRain dog lovers include .... Toby and Sadie Jonathan and Tobey Elaine and Murphy Ginger and Bella.... Ginger and Bella... I can't use Ginger and Roger's ActiveRain profile page because I don't want anyone to confuse Roger and Bella.  Both Roger and Bella are adorable of ...
I must admit I watched the parade from a front lawn of a house in the Village of Riverlea.  Riverlea is surrounded by Worthington and the Olentangy river. Bands from both Worthington Kilbourne and Thomas Worthington as well as the OSU Alumni Band and a bagpipe band were in the parade this year. T...
Growing up my mother said  "Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite"  to us at bedtime.  I had no concept of what "sleep tight" meant but the part about bed bugs really concerned me.Bedbugs were virtually eradicated from the United Stats after World War II according to what I have re...
My "other" blog has been bloated with food blogging for months.  It was so easy.  It was so satisfying.  It was so comforting.  There have been signs of problems for months but I've ignored them.  A bunch of the readers who search and end up on my blog have been coming from food searches.  We hav...
I don't need help understanding the criticisms of me personally.  Help me with the bold part about .... David Esrati says Maureen-One thing about blogging- you need a slight bit thicker skin than you've displayed.It's OK for you to call Teri's blog "what a girly blog! I am looking ...
I had a business cartoon on my Discover Columbus Blog recently, an "Andertoon"  by Mark Anderson. In the Andertoon there's a business meeting going on, there are bar graphs being projected onto a screen in a power point presentation.  The caption reads "Finally, to help those of us counting carbs...
This is the second in a series of posts designed for some new Active Rain members who are members of the Columbus Board of REALTORS® Tech Users Committee.  On May 22,  2007 a subcommittee of the Tech Users Committee at the Columbus Board of REALTORS® is presenting about web optimization.  "along ...
I have cartoons on my Discover Columbus blog.  Andertoons Business Cartoons and BLaugh.  Why do I have cartoons on Discover Columbus?  Because Columbus Ohio is kinda cartoony.  Humorist James Thurber was born and raised in Columbus and went on to become well known writing and drawing cartoons for...
  If blogs had windows.... If my two blogs,  Discover Columbus and Columbus Best Blog each had a big plate glass front window there'd be a help wanted sign in the windows of both blogs. I am looking for a home inspector guest blogger to write ... about home inspection occasionally on one of my ot...

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