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A blog from a real estate agent in Columbus & Central Ohio! I work in Columbus, Dublin, Gahanna, Grandview, Hilliard, Lewis Center, Powell, Upper Arlington, Westerville, Worthington and more, the north outer-belt of Columbus!



Not Nirvana as in not paradise. I guess Nirvana is a state not a place. Nirvana is happiness, peace, lots of great things. It's a Budhist concept. It's way over my head. Nirvana was also the name of a rock group. Grunge rock The Nirvana song from the early 90's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" went thro...
It's Science Experiment Saturday on my other blog.  That's a  drawing of a flea  magnified many times if you were wondering.  It was drawn by Robert Hooke long, long ago when magnifying fleas was science.  It was so long ago the copyright on Hooke's flea is expired according to Wikipedia. Joan W...
Invited to ActiveRain by:Bonnie Erickson (Saint Paul, Minnesota) I invited Bonnie Erickson.  I believe Bonnie was my very first invitee when I joined ActiveRain.  Bonnie and I  (and others) networked before the ActiveRain Real Estate Network. We go way back in our blogging. Did Bonnie invite Tra...
07/27/2007 recently honored 100 Small Cities in the US as Top Cities:  "Best places to live   Best Places to Live: Top 100 "For this year's list we focused on smaller places that offered the best combination of economic opportunity, good schools, safe streets, things to do and a real sense of c...
Blog Tour USA is in Idaho today.  Where?  Contact the guys and find out where and when you can meet them.  Blog Tour USA says  "Call us at 646-714-2720" For a good time call...Blog Tour USA.  They may post on their site sometime today where they will be and when. Boise ActiveRainers (Ada County,...
  Blackjack? Roulette? Slots? Baccarat?  Blog Tour USA is in  Las Vegas today...... Remaining stopsLas Vegas, Nevada - July 22 Salt Lake City, Utah - July 23 Boise, Idaho - July 24 Seattle, Washington - July 25 Portland, Oregon - July 26 Reno, Nevada - July 27 San Francisco, California - July 28...
Last Friday's visit by Joe and Rudy of Sellsius°  Real Estate Blog made our local Worthigton paper this week.  Blog Tour stops at HER Office Rudy and Joe are pictured with Real Living HER office manager Tom Holcombe in the article in This Week Worthington, part of the This Week Community Newspape...
        Hello may I come in?  Me yesterday. 200k thanks to my friends and invitees.   I am conflicted on AR's points.  Can you tell?   Thanks again to my invitees.  
Can I say "bye" to The ActiveRain Silver Star Hall of Fame group and say thanks to all those who helped me get to 200K?  199,991 now.            and keep this entry POINTLESS?           Thanks all invitees!  Bye!  
In a comment on  "and a good time was had by all"about BlogTour USA's stop in St. Paul Minnesota Teresa Boardman wrote:   "Our group from here in MN are among the most talented in the country.  I have decided that Minnesota is the epicenter of blogging.  As a group we have been at longer than mos...

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