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A blog from a real estate agent in Columbus & Central Ohio! I work in Columbus, Dublin, Gahanna, Grandview, Hilliard, Lewis Center, Powell, Upper Arlington, Westerville, Worthington and more, the north outer-belt of Columbus!



And you thought Sunday November 4, 2007 was just the day to fall back...  It's National Open House Sunday! Nationwide: Link to home removed as I am no longer marketing his home. "4 days, 12 hours, 11 minutes, and 27 seconds. left" National Open House Sunday... so far my Powell Open House is the o...
  I got an email 6 days ago (10/22/2007) that said.... Congratulations!-------------------------------------------------------------You are receiving this update because your blog has passed our strictQuality Guidelines and criteria -- we believe you have a high-qualityblog and we are happy you'r...
Rooter? Or router with the out pronounced owt? I am not that much of a geek but I get the song. It bothers me though that the singer says "rooter" not "router" with the out pronounced out as in the great outdoors. "Owt" not "oot"I worry that I may be mispronouncing it... mostly in my brain. It is...
  not my dog Buddy. Buddy does not like wearing costumes.   The winner Raul an English Bulldog won the Columbus Dispatch's 2007 Pet Costume Contest, dressed as Henry VIII complete with wives heads (they look like Barbie Doll heads to me. ) Raul's costume really is creative. 2007 Pet Costume Cont...
The picture is from one of those emails you get...  I got this email with dogs dressed up for Halloween over a  year ago.  Lots of funny dog dressed up in cute costumes... thus the info about the dogs names and personal info about  the dogs below the photo...  I think Wiener Dogs really lend them...
Have you visited the NAR Wisdom site? Go vote in a poll about the value of enhanced listings.  Polls Are "Enhanced Listings" on worth the cost? Are you kidding me?  Sometimes, for the "right kind" of listing.  Absolutely! Total Voters: Check out the NAR Wisdom and cast you...
I wrote "If the California Cows Relocated to Columbus" for, my other blog. I could not post the YouTube to my blog. I tried and tried but could not so I posted it to my third blog, Discover Columbus, a RealTown Blog. I am not going to give a link to Discover Col...
A poll What do you consider Columbus Ohio? When you hear Columbus Ohio do you think of the City of Columbus? The "Greater Columbus Area?" Or something else? Geographically what is Columbus Ohio to you? Is Pataskala Columbus? Columbus - Top Ten US Haunted HousesIs Polaris Columbus?* Polaris Mitche...
Would Spiderman ever relocate to Columbus? Probably not but if Goran Utvic can speculate about Spidey moving to Chicago from New York... Goran wrote:  "If Spiderman decided that he no longer wanted to websling from the Empire State Building..."  I can wonder about Spiderman relocating to Columbus...
Halloween in Central Ohio... It's not  just for kids! Definitely not for children...  Dead Acres is scary.  Their website scares me. Dead Acres is one of the Top Ten Haunted Houses in America  Terror Park at Cooper Stadium If your tastes have matured from gore and horror to local history and Colu...

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