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A blog from a real estate agent in Columbus & Central Ohio! I work in Columbus, Dublin, Gahanna, Grandview, Hilliard, Lewis Center, Powell, Upper Arlington, Westerville, Worthington and more, the north outer-belt of Columbus!



Ooops wrong blog... Does Columbus Ohio have more than one Indonesian Restaurant? I tried Taste of Bali on Saturday night, it is the first Indonesian Restaurant I have ever eaten at.  It is definitely my favorite Indonesian restaurant... in or out of Central Ohio. Authentic?  You got me...   2548 ...
Naming your new baby ActiveRain Blog... every one is doing it.. I like Jo Soss's name for her Bremerton Washington area blog, "Beyond Bremerton" ... Jo wants to see your new blog... I'll SHOW you MINE if you show me YOURS!! Are you starting an ActiveRain "outside" blog? here's Brad Andersohn's in...
What's a blog post without a link? Or two. Or more... I am NOW having trouble with links on one of my blogs... my oldest blog, on RealTown... This is a test Is it me or is it the fckeditor?  No I am not being obscene that is what the editor on RealTown blogs is called.  The F in FCKeditor stands ...
Looking for lawyers in all the wrong places... sung to the tune of "Looking for Love" I have a list of local lawyers (yes I know attorney is more proper but I wanted the L L L ... List of Local Lawyers.) My list of local lawyers are people who practice real estate law... people who can be of use ...
We worry about being sued for blogging... Sue Who? was about a lawsuit against a real estate blogger. Some people in some places have to worry about being arrested for publishing their opinions online. Would you blog about something that could get you sued? There is another real estate blogger be...
I love polls. Sometimes I love "other" answers on polls.. you find some funny stuff in the other answers... on some issues I will not include "other " because I am afraid of the comments I could get. There is an anonymity to answering a poll. Kind of. Polling on my local blogs I poll about the mu...
I think I first met Julie Emery on RealTown's RealTalk. I follow Julie on Twitter. Julie Emery is also a member of ActiveRain. Everyone on ActiveRain always enjoys a graph showing ActiveRain "kicking the butts" of other social media for real estate so here's a graph, enjoy. I threw in WannaNetwor...
  Get well ActiveRain Sometimes it's nice to receive a card when you are "under the weather." ActiveRain had a "rough patch" recently.... a couple of members blogged about the frustrations... Lenn Harley's "WE LOVE ACTIVE RAIN . . . . . BUT. . . . . . COME ON GUYS!!! WE'VE JUST GOT TO VENT." Bri...
Circleville is 30 miles south of Columbus.  I am on the far north side of Columbus. I have been in Cleveland and Cincinnati more times than I have been in Circleville... but here's some semi local news ... links on Google: Valedictorian Admits Plagiarizing Commencement Speech10TV, OH - 9 hours ag...
Sally admits publicly to faking it... actually she brags about faking it. Katzinger's Deli scene in 'When Harry Met Sally' What a memorable scene... actually though I am just talking about faking blog comments... Problogger Darren Rowse wrote Should I add fake comments to my blog? in response to ...

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