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A blog from a real estate agent in Columbus & Central Ohio! I work in Columbus, Dublin, Gahanna, Grandview, Hilliard, Lewis Center, Powell, Upper Arlington, Westerville, Worthington and more, the north outer-belt of Columbus!



Have you checked out Cuil? Cuil is a new Search Gina Kay Landis  tweeted something about the logo on Cuil for the Real Living brokerage she is affiliated with being wrong.... Gina is with Real Living Realty Service.  I wondered if Cuil had a logo for one of the other Real Living franchises... or ...
  The NEW Localism top neighbor Has this always been there -the "How does this work?" (what is it two three weeks since the NEW Localism was introduced?) and I just never noticed it?  This link goes to Ohio Localism where I AM NOT the top neighbor!  I am sure your state has the same message about...
Looking up when schools open I thought Olentangy Schools opened a week earlier than most Franklin County schools for extra snow days?  Not something you usually think about in July... more area, more rural roads, more snow emergencies, or at least more mornings when the roads are not fit for sch...
Has the Columbus Dispatch published a back to school list yet?  They're running back to school ads... I hated back to school ads as a kid.  I liked the first day of school but I dreaded day two and beyond and just generally the end of summer. Here's a short list of the school districts in my part...
The media in Columbus is Twittering or some of the media is. Outside Columbus...does the media in your market blog? TV stations?  Radio stations?  The newspapers? Does the media in your market Twitter? Twitter is microblogging. The media in Columbus is Twittering... just like us civilians. I am @...
No you did not miss the Official ActiveRain post about ActiveRain  removing points for comment... I am quoting an anonymous friend who was making a wish...  "hoping the AR Gods remove points for comments" anonymous because it is said in a Members Only post. Do you believe ActiveRain should remove...
"Columbus?" is the headline of a blog post from a Pittsburgh blogger. What does Columbus Ohio have in common with  New York, Los Angeles, London, Chicago, Rome, Madrid, Toronto, Houston, Washington, Atlanta, Paris, Seattle, San Diego, Austin Texas, Minneapolis, Denver, San Francisco, Portland Or...
Columbus Ohio is the big city that no one expects. Columbus is the 15th largest city in the United States. Columbus is the largest city in Ohio and the state capital.   Columbus is unique for a city of it's size in that it is still growing, geographically and population wise.  Columbus is in Cen...
  Worthington Ohio is a transplanted New England village, settled by people from Connecticut and Massachusetts.  Worthington is a Columbus suburb inside the 270 outer-belt. Worthington has a village green that is still used today, but cows do not graze there as they once did... (there are cows d...
Anyone willing to pay to sponsor ActiveRain? It's getting closer to time to pay some money to ActiveRain to sponsor some local communities.  Or to not pay some money to sponsor some local communites. How much is ActiveRain worth? Nothing according to Dane Carlson's Business Opportunities Weblog ...

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