agency: Telling tales? Fool to believe... - 12/01/09 03:51 AM
Is Alan May's story   "I would not pay a dime over $850,000 for this house " a true tale from his brokerage?
Or is it a fable, a legend, an allegory, a fractured fairy tale or something else?
Comment #125 from Sherman (Sherman is anonymous or not signed in as a member anyway..) says:
"You can fool some of the people some of the time, and apparently 118 of the people so far have been fooled on this one. This is a fictitious post made up by the author in order to spark an agency discussion, which he knows … (24 comments)

agency: McAgency Laws - would you like some fries with that? - 11/20/09 12:13 AM

McAgency Laws - how about national real estate agency laws? Same laws governing our relationships with consumers from sea to shining sea? For their own protection? To make it easier for us. For...
McDonald's did it for consumers with hamburgers:
You drive up to a McDonald's anywhere in the US and you know the food will be inexpensive (cheap?),  it will fill your tummy, clog your arteries and the sodium will raise your blood pressure or so I've heard.... You know the McDonald's restaurant will be relatively clean, relatively easy to get into and out  and "fast." 
No offense to … (13 comments)

agency: Poker Face - Do You Wear Yours When Searching for a Home? - 11/13/09 10:57 AM
This is great advice for home buyers. In Central Ohio you are usually not exposed to the listing agents at showings, unless you go through an open house.   Thanks to Judy for allowing it to be Re-Blogged.
When I am working with Buyer's, I explain all of the benefits of working with a Buyer's Agent. I also warn them that they should NOT disclose any personal information or express too much interest or enthusiasm when touring a property, especially when the Listing Agent is present. I tell them to put on their "poker face" and to be the … (2 comments)

agency: Central Ohio Open House Advice - 05/08/09 10:48 PM

Real Living's Advice to Buyers on Open Houses includes this question:  
Q: I've heard that visiting an open house without my buyer's agent means s/he can't represent me in my home purchase. Is that true?
A: Perhaps.
Understand that Real Living is a company with brokerages from the east coast to the west coast and one size does not fit all.  Laws vary state to state and customs vary market to market.
Maybe rather than "Perhaps" it should be "Depends."   Real Living goes on to say (I corrected the spelling) of Realtor:
"Real estate rules of representation may prohibit you … (0 comments)

agency: When were "buyers agents" invented in your market? - 03/12/09 12:10 AM
Glen Fisher Home Inspector of NJ wrote in a comment:
"Okay, let me try again.  When I started home inspections in 1989, I don't believe the Buyer Agent had yet to be invented.  However, I did not research this and criticize me if I am incorrect. "
As much as I hate a discussion of agency relationships among real estate agents... (as my old friends on RealTalk will surely remember) lets open the discussion up to home inspectors, lenders etc ....  Are the home inspectors, loan officers, etc.  even aware of the agency relationship between the buyer and "their"  real … (13 comments)

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