big walnut: Home Prices in Big Walnut Schools are down! - 06/29/11 08:54 PM
Home prices in Big Walnut schools brought to you by Maureen McCabe of Real Living HER

The graph shows home prices in the Big Walnut School District for the past 15 months through May 2011. Prices of single family homes in Big Walnut schools are down.
Home prices in Big Walnut schools a market report for May 2011
Average active price - $419,000 Average sale price - $189,000 Median sale price - $143,000 The average active price of $419,000 is down 13.1% from May 2010.  The Big Walnut schools average sale price of $189,000 is down 12.5% from last … (2 comments)

big walnut: Homes for sale in Big Walnut schools - April 2011 - 06/07/11 08:46 AM
Homes for sale in Big Walnut schools brought to you by Maureen McCabe of Real Living HER

This graph is showing the  inventory of (homes for sale in Big Walnut schools. )  The 12.3 months of inventory (homes for sale ) is an increase of 62.1% over April 2010 inventory.  Home for sale in the Big Walnut schools (inventory)  increased 25.1% over March 2011.  This is only single family homes. 
That's a buyers market! Good for buyers... lots to choose from.  Not so good for sellers, lots of competition.
Homes for sale -123 Homes sold - 10 Months of homes … (0 comments)

big walnut: Delaware County home prices - 03/29/10 12:23 PM
Delaware County home prices  brought to you by Maureen McCabe Real Living HER 
Search Delaware County homes for sale

Delaware County home prices a market report
Delaware County $276,000 average sale price  +12.2% from February 2009.
Delaware County school districts  February 2010 average sale price and change from 1 year ago
Big Walnut schools average sale price $302,000  +20.8% Buckeye Valley  schools average sale price $227,000 -5.8% Olentangy schools average sale price $295,000 -7.2%
The Search Delawre County Ohio homes for sale link allows you to search  the online inventory of Delaware County  Ohio homes via Real Living … (0 comments)

big walnut: Delaware County Ohio Schools get their grades - 08/26/09 03:07 AM
Delaware County schools got their 2008 - 2009 report cards yesterday, August 25, 2009 along with the rest of the school districts in the state of Ohio.   The Ohio Department of Education released their report cards for the 2008 - 2009 school year yesterday.  You can look at a whole school district or a school building on the site.
There is an overwhelming amount of information available.
You can look at report cards by school district or by school building.
Rather than A,B, C, D, F the grades that are earned by Ohio school districts are: 
Excellent with Distinction Excellent … (0 comments)

big walnut: Delaware County Back to School 2008 - 07/28/08 11:11 PM

Looking up when schools open I thought Olentangy Schools opened a week earlier than most Franklin County schools for extra snow days?  Not something you usually think about in July... more area, more rural roads, more snow emergencies, or at least more mornings when the roads are not fit for school buses... and maybe Olentangy Schools get out earilier in the spring than most Franklin County Schools. Then I saw City of Delaware  and Big Walnuts starting dates and was convinced of my snow day theory... but then why oh why is Buckeye Vally in sink with Franklin County schools?

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