columbus: Columbus Real Estate - October 2012 - 11/18/12 12:04 PM
Columbus real estate courtesy of Maureen McCabe of Real Living HER
The graph shows months of homes for sale for  single family resale listings in the in the Columbus City School District for the past 15 months.  The graph for homes in Columbus schools shows the inventory (homes for sale) through October 2012 based on home sales through October.

Columbus real estate through October 2012
There was 5.3 months of homes for sale based on October home sales in the school district.  That's down slightly from October 2011 when there was 7.7 months of inventory in the huge school district. 

columbus: Columbus Open Houses - Sunday Nov. 11, 2012 - 11/10/12 08:13 PM
Columbus, Ohio real estate open houses - Sunday Nov. 11, 2012

There are 169 188 Open Houses on the HER Realtor  Open House List today.   The list is the best place to find homes that are open in central, Ohio... Columbus, Dublin, Lewis Center, Powell, Westerville, Worthington, etc.
The link to the Columbus Open House List on my website(Real Living HER / HER Realtors) is in the sidebar of and and on the version on Columbus Ohio real estate on ActiveRain a real estate network.
The Columbus Open House Link is the 7th link down in … (0 comments)

columbus: Columbus Trick-or-Treat 2012 - 10/14/12 02:26 AM
Columbus, Ohio Trick-or-Treat is October 31, 2012!  ... and Dublin, Gahanna, Grandview Heights, Hilliard, Lewis Center,  New Albany, Powell, Upper Arlington, Westerville, Worthington and more are "Trick-or-Treating" on October 31, 2012.
Back in February 2009 the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC)  decreed the future of Trick-or-Treat throughout central Ohio.  All central Ohio communities do NOT always 'Trick-or-Treat" on Halloween.  When Halloween falls on a weekend night the MORPC recommended "Trick -or-Treat" or "Beggar's Night" might be the night before Halloween or a couple of nights before Halloween. 2012 Trick-or-Treat list seems to bear that out. 
Franklin County, Ohio communities … (4 comments)

columbus: Experience Columbus Days Starts Today - 10/04/12 08:36 PM

Experience Columbus Days 2012 starts today and goes through Columbus Day, Monday, October 8, 2012.  
The site has discounts for Columbus Attractions including the Columubs Zoo and Aquarium, Franklin Park Conservatory, COSI, Ohio History Center, the Santa Maria and more.  The flyer with discounts includes tours...a meadery tour, The Segway Tour, food tours, a Civil War tour. 
The Columbus Italian Festival in Italian Village is Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  There is a discount on the Experience Columbus Days flyer for the Columbus Italian Festival. 
The site has a flyer for 25% off discounts on Columbus Dine Originals … (1 comments)

columbus: Homes for Sale in Columbus Schools - July 2012 - 09/04/12 11:59 PM
Homes for sale in Columbus Schools brought to you by Maureen  McCabe of Real Living HER.

The graph shows inventory of Columbus, resale single family homes.  The homes are those in the Columbus City School District.  The graph says there is 6 months of inventory based on July 2012 sales, up a bit from June 2012.   
Franklin County, Ohio homes for sale - July 2012
Columbus homes for sale a market report for  July 2012
Homes for sale - 2001 Months of homes for sale - 6 There are 2001 homes for sale in the Columbus City … (0 comments)

columbus: Whetstone Football 2012 - 08/23/12 07:51 PM
Whetstone High School Football 2012

It's hard to believe this is the start of the high school football season, but this is it. Whetstone High Shool is part of the Columbus City School District. The Columbus City School District is the largest school district in Central Ohio.   Whetstone High School serves the Clintonville area in north Columbus.
I found the 2012 Whetstone Braves football schedule on a site called
2012 Whetstone Braves Football Schedule
08/24 @ Hilliard Darby (Hilliard schools)08/31 @ Africentric Early College (Columbus schools)09/07  HOME Columbus Academy (Private School in Gahanna)09/14  HOME Mifflin (Columbus schools) 09/21  … (0 comments)

columbus: Columbus Neighborhood Home Prices - Feb. 2012 - 03/22/12 12:29 AM
Columbus neighborhood home prices for Feburary 2012
I'm talking about neighborhoods in the Columbus City School District...  a huge school district.  The average sale price in Columbus schools is so reasonable in comparison to other central Ohio school districts.  The average sale price of a home in the Columbus City School District was $92,000 in February 2012. 

The graph shows average home prices in the Columbus City School District for the past 15 months.  The green line is average list price, (the price of homes for sale.)  The red line is the average sale price (closed sales .)  This is … (0 comments)

columbus: Happy 200th Birthday Columbus, Ohio - 02/14/12 01:24 AM
Happy 200th Birthday Columbus

Who knew Columbus' birthday is Valentine's Day?  I do not remember the 199th birthday celebration, the 198th, 197th...
There will be birthday celebrations for Columbus throughout 2012.  There is much to do in Columbus this weekend.
The photo is downtown Columbus from the Scioto Mile in December 2011.

columbus: Red, White & Boom - July 1, 2011 - 06/28/11 10:45 PM
Red, White & Boom 2011

Usually Red, White & Boom is on July 3, but not this year.  With the 4th on a Monday in 2011 the biggest Central Ohio fireworks display moved forward to Friday, July 1, 2011.  It will be a long, spread out celebration of Independence Day this year. 
Red, White & Boom  2011 and other local fireworks
Here's a link to a list of Red, White & Boom plus many more local fireworks shows throughout Central Ohio.  The link is to a list on  NBCi Channel 4. Most Central Ohio communities have fireworks. 
Celebrating the 4th of July … (3 comments)

columbus: You say "sanitarium" I say "sanatorium" - 04/14/11 07:42 PM
"You say tomato...   
I say tomahto....
Lets Call The Whole Thing Off "
Wikipedia says:
"A sanatorium (also spelled sanitorium and sanitarium) is a medical facility for long-term illness, most typically associated with treatment of tuberculosis (TB) before antibiotics. A distinction is sometimes made between "sanitarium" (a kind of health resort, as in the Battle Creek Sanitarium) and "sanatorium" (a hospital)."
The Wikipedia page needs a citation so don't go believing this is gospel.
In old movies I always got confused about what was wrong with people who were in "sanitariums" or  "sanatoriums" Tuberculosis? Or insanity?  I wondered if one of … (5 comments)

columbus: The Mystery of the Missing Cornerstone - Worthington area history - 04/10/11 08:55 PM

The Mystery of the Missing Cornerstone
The cornerstone of the Flint School disappeared in March 2011 according to the  Worthington Suburban News, (SNP.)
In "Flint School now just a memory" Bret Liebendorfer of (Suburban Newspapers online) wrote: 
"A memorial was to include the well-known pillars, but they were pushed over by vandals; similarly, the school's 800-pound cornerstone also was to be included, but it was stolen."
800 pounds? 
Worthington area history
The village of Flint was down the road from the village of Worthington, Worthington was itty bitty until the 1950s.  Northern Franklin County was rural.
There is … (6 comments)

columbus: Twitter: Columbus Ohio Places Weekly - 03/15/11 12:36 PM
I started another on Twitter:  Columbus Ohio Places Weekly

Like I need another  A lot of people do NOT like  I do.
What's a Place on Twitter / : Columbus Ohio Places Weekly
Places like restaurants, stores, venues, businesses... I suppose even cities.  Worthington Schools could be a Columbus Ohio Place, Westerville Libraries could be a Columbus Ohio Place.  I need to go through who I follow on Twitter and put more that I follow into groups. makes a Newspaper for you (those you follow), a twitter group or a hashtag & more... … (7 comments)

columbus: Why can't we find this Westerville home? - 01/21/11 01:03 AM

Why can't we find this Westerville home?
The  Worthington Highlands neighborhood is in the Columbus Corporation Limit (in the City of Columbus) and it is in the Worthington City School District and it has a Westerville Ohio 43081 mailing address.
If you can not find a "Far North Columbus"  property in Westerville, look for Worthington. Or Columbus? Or perhaps it is in the Olentangy Local School District.
If you are looking for the Westerville City School District and Zillow, Trulia or another site has dangled this "Westerville Home" in front of you (not that there is anything wrong with … (3 comments)

columbus: Where will the buyer SEE your Columbus Ohio home? - 12/19/10 10:41 PM
Where will the buyer SEE your Columbus Ohio home?
Where will the buyer find your Columbus Ohio home?
On the Internet? 
On a local site?

Your agents website? Mine as an example
Your agents brokerages website?  My companies as an example - Real Living HER
Other local brokerages websites because of the magic of MLS IDX (Internet Data eXchange broker reciprocity*) OK IDX is more technology than magic. You can find the Re/Max and Coldwell Banker King Thompson, etc.  listings on the home search on my site.  You show ours and we'll show yours.  Does IDX  … (29 comments)

columbus: Columbus, Ohio 43214 Homes for Sale - 11/22/10 01:57 AM
Columbus Ohio 43214 homes for sale brought to you by Maureen McCabe of Real Living HER

The graph shows the inventory of single family homes for sale in the Columbus Ohio 43214 zip code for the past 15 months.  There are 12.8 months of inventory based on recent sales.  That's a buyers market!
Home prices in the Columbus Ohio 43214 area are interesting, this month even more so than usual with the median sales price higher than the average active.   There is a huge range of prices in this area because of the diverse neighborhoods along High Street.  … (0 comments)

columbus: Worthington Ohio 43085 homes for sale - 11/11/10 11:37 PM
Worthington Ohio 43085 homes for sale brought to you by Maureen McCabe

The graph shows the inventory of single family homes in the Columbus Ohio 43085 zip code for the past 15 months.  Or the Worthington Ohio 43085 zip code.   October 2010 home sales in the area were down 54.2% from October 2009 when  24 homes sold.  Inventory of single family homes for sale in Worthington Ohio 43085 is up 197.1% from October 2009.
Worthington Ohio 43085 homes for sale a market report for October 2010
128 homes for sale 11 homes sold 11.6 months of inventory $265,000 average active … (3 comments)

columbus: Columbus Ohio 43235 homes for sale - 08/12/10 08:27 AM
Columbus Ohio 43235 homes for sale brought to you by Maureen McCabe of Real Living HER Worthington

The graph shows the inventory of single family homes for sale for the past 15 months in the 43235 ZIP code.   There area 115.8%  more (single family) homes for sale in the Columbus Ohio 43235 ZIP code than there were a year ago.   There were 46.7% less homes sold in July 2010 than in July 2009.  The average sold price was up 4.6% from July 2009 but the average list price is down 18.2% from a year ago.
Columbus Ohio 43235 homes … (1 comments)

columbus: Delawanda A Clintonville Community - 07/20/10 03:02 PM
Delawanda A Clintonville Community
"Clintonville" area cottage … (0 comments)

columbus: Columbus Ohio 43202 home prices - 07/19/10 12:23 AM
Columbus Ohio 43202 home prices brought to you by Maureen McCabe of Real Living HER

The graph shows home prices in the Columbus Ohio 43202 ZIP code, the Clintonville area in north Columbus.  List price of single family homes in the 43202 ZIP code were down 12.4% from June 2009.  Avearage sale price was up 19.7% from June 2009.
Columbus Ohio 43202 home prices - a market report for June 2010
Average active price $163,000 Average sale price $188,000 Median sales price $186,000 $118 is the price per square foot for single family homes in the Columbus Ohio 43202 ZIP … (2 comments)

columbus: Columbus home stager - Modern Touch Home Interiors - 07/15/10 04:47 AM
Jamie Sweet is a Columbus home stager, her site is Modern Touch Home Interiors

The whole wide world... 
Jamie is a member of ActiveRain the largest online real estate network in the US.  Actually ActiveRain is international, we hob knob with lots of Canadians, there's a home stager from New Zealand, a real estate agent from Australia... I met Jamie through ActiveRain.   You are reading this on an ActiveRain site... unless of course this post  has been syndicated or hijacked!
Jamie's ActiveRain profile:    Jamie Sweet - Modern Touch Home Interiors
There's no place like home...  Columbus Ohio
Real … (0 comments)

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