columbus dispatch: The Columbus Dispatch Empire is growing.... - 09/29/11 12:39 PM
The Columbus Dispatch bought Columbus Monthly, Columbus CEO, Suburban Newspapers and The Other Paper as well as other local publications.  I read about it on Twitter...

The Columbus Dispatch is the owner of This Week News and NOW the Suburban News Papers direct competitors with papers in Dublin, Hilliard,  Olentangy schools, Westerville, Worthington and other Central Ohio suburbs and Columbus neighborhoods.
The Columbus Dispatch Empire already included Alive, a weekly paper... the Columbus Dispatch counter to The Other Paper. 
After hearing about the local news publishing shake up on Twitter I read about it in Business First Columbus.  

columbus dispatch: Ted Williams, Columbus Man with a Golden Voice - 01/09/11 01:24 AM
Where did YOU first hear Ted William's "golden voice" ? 
Twitter? Facebook?  YouTube? TV? Radio?  The Columbus Dispatch (our local newspaper) site? National news?  It's a poll:
Ted William is the homeless man with the "Golden Voice." Williams is the man Columbus Dispatch employee, Doral Chenoweth III  discovered panhandling on the Weber Road Exit from I-71.  I've heard the original video was made 6 weeks ago.  Someone named richey posted the video to YouTube much more recently with the message:
"Throwing this video from the Columbus Dispatch out there, hoping we can find this talent a place … (6 comments)

columbus dispatch: Old Worthington News - 08/29/09 12:03 AM
Historic area nominated for register"
I heard the Old Worthington News when I was in the office yesterday.  I heard from a Worthington Historical Society Member  that the state had accepted the nomination now it is up to the National Park service whether Old Worthington will be on the National Register of Historic Places.  Alan Johnson in the Columbus Dispatch wrote:
"The nomination of the Worthington Historic District -- bounded by North, Morning, South and Evening streets -- was approved yesterday by the Ohio Historic Site Preservation Advisory Board." 
Ohio Historic Site Preservation Advisory Board
National Register … (0 comments)

columbus dispatch: Columbus in Top 10 Manliest Cities in US - 03/06/09 09:07 PM
Columbus is the Seventh Manliest City in the country according to an article in the Columbus Dispatch.
Cincinnati is number four... hmmmm wonder why, they don't have the Arnold Classic.  The Arnold Classis is in Columbus this weekend, downtown in the Arena Disctrict.
Rounding out the top 10 is Toledo.  Dayton and Cleveland are in the top 20.
Pro-sports teams, trips to hardware stores, monster truck rallies boost a cities manliness.
The ranking is from Combos Snacks? Combos sponsored the ranking for Sperling's BestPlaces but I can't see the Manliest Cities on the Sperlings BestPlaces site.

"Manly, yes but I … (10 comments)

columbus dispatch: Does Columbus have Bedroom Communities? - 02/20/09 11:09 PM
I had to look up "bedroom" community, when I saw the term in a Columbus Dispatch Article. 
I "googled"  What does bedroom community mean 
I have heard the term "bedroom community"  before... of course.  I've sometimes wondered if I grew up in one.  Or if what I grew up in was a suburb? Or a separate town that was close to a bigger city.  The definitions I found in Google kinda told me what I already knew about what "bedroom community" means.  Some said the same thing... some contradicted one another.... some said the suburbs are bedroom communities.
Columbus Dispatch … (2 comments)

columbus dispatch: Confused in Columbus... Trick or Treat - 10/28/08 11:37 PM
or just ready to Trick or Treat a couple of nights?
School district boundary lines, mailing addresses in parts of Central Ohio can be confusing. 
The Trick or Treat 2008  schedule from the Columbus Dispatch.
Today's  Families trapped in trick-or-treating limbo     in the Columbus Dispatch seems a tad dramatic to me... Live in a neighborhood in the city of Columbus but that neighborhood is in Dublin (or New Albany or Hilliard ) school district...  Kids can Trick or Treat in their own neighborhood on Halloweeen and do dress rehearsal the night before? I'm sure the kids aren't stressed by the idea.

columbus dispatch: "Give me Liberty or give me GAS" - 07/06/08 04:08 PM

"GIVE ME LIBERTY or GIVE ME GAS"  was  the theme of one of the entries in this years Doo Dah Parade in Columbus's Short North. A lot of the Doo Dah Parade this year was about gas prices... not all of the parade was gas prices... but a lot of it was gas prices.
The Doo Dah Parade is not your ordinary 4th of July parade. The Doo Dah Parade is parody... the Doo Dah is living editorial cartoons.
Today's Columbus Dispatch editorial cartoon is about gas prices.... and about the state of the news.   Jeff Stahler, Editorial cartoonist for … (4 comments)

columbus dispatch: Plagiarism happens - 06/08/08 04:38 AM
Circleville is 30 miles south of Columbus.  I am on the far north side of Columbus. I have been in Cleveland and Cincinnati more times than I have been in Circleville... but here's some semi local news ... links on Google: Valedictorian Admits Plagiarizing Commencement Speech10TV, OH - 9 hours agoCIRCLEVILLE, Ohio — Melanio C. Acosta IV relinquished his honor as Circleville High School's valedictorian this week after admitting to district ...Plagiarizing speech costs valedictorian Columbus Dispatch Sad story.  He was the high school valeditorian.  He found a great speech on Youtube about the  Beatles and he used it as his commencement speech. He admitted the plagiarism.  He … (22 comments)

columbus dispatch: Columbus Dispatch: Can Ohio's big cities be saved? - 12/09/07 07:31 AM
This morning's Columbus Dispatch was the final installment of an eight day series about the seven largest cities in Ohio.   
Today's installment was about Columbus.  From the beginning the series admitted Columbus was different than the other six big Ohio cities.
 "Except for Columbus, Ohio's big cities have endured vast population and job losses."
Yet the picture isn't totally rosy for Columbus. I don't know what possessed me to try to write about each city each day's Columbus Dispatch coverage of one of the seven big cities on my and on / each day this … (0 comments)

columbus dispatch: Perception or reality - 12/07/07 08:33 AM
Ohio's big cities are not the only US cities with growing pains.  The Columbus Dispatch series about Ohio's Big Cities  that I've been following all week did an article about Cincinnati today.  In the web extras in the Special Series, the expert from the Brookings Institution interviewed by the Columbus Dispatch says ciites throughout the mid-west and northeast are having or have had similar growing pains. 
It's not just about being able to compete with other US cities for population and jobs either, cities have to compete in the global economy.
Ohio's cities, "perception & reality" is my percpetion on of Cincinnati. Cincinnati is the … (7 comments)

columbus dispatch: Holy Toledo - "Can Ohio's big cities be saved?" - 12/06/07 09:29 AM
Sorry I could not resist the corny headline.  I did resist it on my other blog.  I posted an entry there today called Ohio Jobs, Jobs, Jobs.  My post on ColumbusBestBlog is about the Columbus Dispatch article today that focuses on Toledo Ohio.
Today is the 5th day of a Special Report Series in the Columbus Dispatch on the seven biggest cities in Ohio... The Dispatch did Cleveland on Monday, Dayton on  Tuesday, Akron on Wednesday... and today Toledo. 
Here's a link directly to On the brink: Toledo - Leaders say manufacturing remains the answer for city  in the Columbus Dispatch. 
Good news about Toledo … (10 comments)

columbus dispatch: "My city was gone" - 12/05/07 05:07 AM
"I went back to Ohio
But my city was gone
There was no train station
There was no downtown. ...
A, O, way to go Ohio "
Those are lyrics to the 1983 song by 'The Pretenders' according to an article in the Columbus Dispatch today. The song was about Akron Ohio. Akron Ohio is one of the seven biggest cities in the state of Ohio. Chrissie Hynde lead singers of 'The Pretenders' is from Akron Ohio originally and wrote the song when she returned after 10 years in London, England.
Coincidently I moved to Akron Ohio in late 1983... I worked … (4 comments)

columbus dispatch: Ohio Cities and their suburbs - 12/04/07 05:09 PM

Dayton To Columbus Map Link  
There is an article about Dayton Ohio in the Columbus Dispatch series about Ohio's big cities today.  It was kind of trip down memory lane for me.  I lived in Dayton Ohio in the late 80's for about three or four years.  Not a lifetime...Dayton was different than anyplace I lived. Not bad different.  Just different.  Face it every city is unique.... it is all so darn local. I moved to Dayton from Akron Ohio...  Since college I'd lived in Green Bay Wisconsin and Rockford Illinois too.  College in Madison Wisconsin and growing up in a small industrial city in southeastern Wisconsin, near … (12 comments)

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