columbus ohio: Weather is local - 08/27/11 01:19 AM
Duh!  Of course it is. I blogged about local weather and Active Rain on my Columbus Best Blog today**  We get more rain than Seattle (according to an Ohio Blog) but Seattle's welcome to keep the 'Rain City' title as far as I am concerned. 
Columbus Ohio was tied with Tulsa Oklahoma and Oklahoma City **for the 9th most dangerous city as far as natural disasters. Recently Leanne Paynter of  Florida Real Estate Blog** stated her preference for hurricanes over earthquakes or tornadoes.
I prefer tornadoes. Maybe it is a midwestern thing.  Comfortable with your own surroundings? You can tell this is a … (8 comments)

columbus ohio: Ted Williams, Columbus Man with a Golden Voice - 01/09/11 01:24 AM
Where did YOU first hear Ted William's "golden voice" ? 
Twitter? Facebook?  YouTube? TV? Radio?  The Columbus Dispatch (our local newspaper) site? National news?  It's a poll:
Ted William is the homeless man with the "Golden Voice." Williams is the man Columbus Dispatch employee, Doral Chenoweth III  discovered panhandling on the Weber Road Exit from I-71.  I've heard the original video was made 6 weeks ago.  Someone named richey posted the video to YouTube much more recently with the message:
"Throwing this video from the Columbus Dispatch out there, hoping we can find this talent a place … (6 comments)

columbus ohio: Columbus Ohio the Santa Maria - 10/10/09 01:58 AM
Columbus Ohio the Santa Maria has been parked on the Scioto River since 1992. 
I visited the Santa Maria in September 2009.  I don't have any kids... 
I visited the Santa Maria on Talk Like a Pirate Day 2009 in September.
The Santa Maria in Columbus Ohio is the most authentic replica of Christopher Columbus's ship in the world.
How do I know that?  A sign at the Columbus "floating" museum in downtown Columbus told me so.  I believe the Santa Maria website (link above ) does too.  Yep
"Make your plans now to visit the world's most authentic, museum-quality replica … (0 comments)

columbus ohio: Columbus' Cost of Living Compared to other Cities - 07/10/09 01:06 AM
In "How far will my salary go in another city?" on there is a great little calculator that compares costs from city to city.   Compare Columbus' cost of living to another city.
Cost of Living Calculator on
Relocating to Columbus from another city?  Try it!
Relocating from Columbus?  Try it!
Just curious?  Try it!
It is not just cost of housing... it's cost of food, cost of housing, cost of transportation, cost of utilities,  cost of healthcare!  Columbus' cost of living is surprisingly low....
Comparing Columbus to expensive places like New York City and San Francisco is fun...

columbus ohio: Old Worthington, really - 04/24/09 10:17 PM

Really this is a picture of Old Worthington. Not 1803 old... Worthington was established in 1803. When were camera's invented?  The photo is from the 1930's. Don O'Brien  dok1 on Flickr who grew up in Worthington shared it on Flickr (with a Creative Commons license that allows me to use the photo here.) 
If you want to see some great old, Old Worthington photos go to dok1's Worthington Streets series.  It's fun to picture the streets now and what it looks liked then.  I would assume High Street was narrower?  It is not a brick road anymore.  In his remarks … (0 comments)

columbus ohio: Celebrating St. Patrick's Day in Central Ohio - 03/09/09 06:41 AM
Dublin Ohio takes the first crack at St. Patrick's Day, holding their celebration on the Saturday before St. Patrick's Day.  If Irish is an attitude, Dublin does it well 
Downtown Columbus
The Shamrock Club of Columbus  sponsors the St. Patrick's Day Parade and the Irish Family Reunion on St. Patrick's Day, March 17, in downtown Columbus.   The Shamrock Club of Colmbus
Last year Columbus was one of the cities in the US that made the national news because of a controversy over holding celebrations during Holy Week -  Columbus Controversy.   There is no conflict or contoversy this year … (0 comments)

columbus ohio: Ohio in Top Ten States Searched for Real Estate - 03/05/09 04:20 AM
This is a Re-Blog of information from Heath Coker a real estate broker "and more."
The and more is the first, link in his post,  " , The Site Engine®"  which he explains in more detail on his ActiveRain Profile:
"I also, own and operate the site called, The Site Engine®.  (it is pronounced: Are-ee-index .) is a site that will link to any listing agent or company website - free.  We don't charge a fee and we link to the site so there is no need to update anything other than your own site.  We link from … (4 comments)

columbus ohio: Where You Hang Your Hat Says A Lot About You! - 02/11/09 12:56 AM
OK  I 'll play along... I am re-blogging Paddy Pizappi.  Paddy wrote "I chose to hang my hat at my broker for many reasons - here are my top ten."Hmmm the Top Ten Reasons I Enjoy Being An Associate With Real Living HER... this was done very, very quickly so cut me some slack ...
Top Ten Reasons I Enjoy Being an Associate with Real Living HER 
10.  Real Living HER is awesome company... I've said it before and I will say it again.
9.    Stability - HER's been around for decades. I learned just yesterday, Real Living has … (7 comments)

columbus ohio: Columbus mischaracterized as "river city"? - 12/18/08 04:32 AM
We have rivers, two of them, but does that make Columbus a "river city"? called Columbus Ohio a river city in it's recent article when they named our fair city "Columbus Best Place to Grow Old"
The Best Place to Grow Old article by Maurna Desmond  says: 
"... Columbus, Ohio. This river city tops our list of cities where your nest egg goes farthest, thanks to reasonably priced housing relative to income and a 4.5% inflation rate that allows a buck to stretch a little further than other quickly growing areas."
"This river city..." I thought right away. "Is Columbus … (2 comments)

columbus ohio: Cafe Anatolia in Columbus - 10/26/08 11:24 PM
Cafe Anatolia is on the far north side of Columbus, in the Worthington area (north-east of Worthington, north of 270.) The restaurant's address is 
1097 Worthington Galena Road, Worthington Ohio 43085 
The local Turkish restaurant, Cafe Anatolia has a website. An outdated website that does not do them justice but how important is a restaurant website.  Just don't believe the menu prices.... the dinner menu online is probably two generations old. The excellent Shepherd Salad is now $9.99 for the large.  It should be labeled a huge.  We split one and I had the leftover salad for breakfast.
According to … (2 comments)

columbus ohio: Greetings from Columbus Ohio - 10/12/08 11:56 PM
Happy Columbus Day if you celebrate it.  Does your city celebrate Columbus Day?  Or does your city celebrate an alternate holiday to honor Native Americans? 
Columbus Day is a federal holiday.
Columbus Ohio, the largest city named after Christopher Columbus celebrates Columbus Day.  There is no Columbus Day Parade in town though... Columbus Day... I love a parade   The City of Columbus has a wreath laying ceremony this morning... at the statue of Christopher Columbus at City Hall, downtown Columb.  Central Ohio celebrates Columbus with Experience Columbus Days.
Whose off work today for Columbus Day in Columbus Ohio?
Your mailman, the … (6 comments)

columbus ohio: Where in the US is... - 10/03/08 11:47 PM
Where in the US is Crossville TN, Wilmington DE, Juneau AK...
US Geography
How well do you know your way around the US?  Do you use Google Maps a lot? Has ActiveRain made you more aware of geography? ActiveRain has made me aware of having a mental block on a few geographic issues... where the state of Delaware is... The difference between Crossville TN and Clarksville TN. Always get those those two cities mixed up. I wonder at how itty bitty states like CT and NJ can be so diverse. 
I have always had a hard time with the geography of … (14 comments)

columbus ohio: Columbus Ohio - 07/17/08 09:39 AM
Columbus Ohio is the big city that no one expects. Columbus is the 15th largest city in the United States. Columbus is the largest city in Ohio and the state capital.  
Columbus is unique for a city of it's size in that it is still growing, geographically and population wise. 
Columbus is in Central Ohio at the convergence of the Olentangy and Scioto Rivers.  Downtown Columbus sits on the east side of the River. 
Interesting, historic urban residential neighborhoods in Columbus include German Village, Victorian Village, Italian Village, Olde Towne East and Merion Village. 
There are condos and lofts in downtown Columbus for true urban dwelling, many … (2 comments)

columbus ohio: Red White & Boom - 06/30/08 05:05 PM

I go to Red, White & Boom most years… I have never taken my dog. I am surprised when I see dogs and babies at Red White & Boom… I don’t really know much about babies… but I would believe they would startle at loud noises. I know dogs do.
My dog Buddy has gone to the Doo Dah Parade some years to celebrate the 4th of July but he's never to Red White & Boom. I'd never take him.
From Channel 4 tips about dogs and the upcoming holiday. Edit link broken
Remember Red, White & Boom has moved … (8 comments)

columbus ohio: Columbus BEST Indonesian Restaurant - Taste of Bali - 06/29/08 04:05 AM
Ooops wrong blog... Does Columbus Ohio have more than one Indonesian Restaurant? I tried Taste of Bali on Saturday night, it is the first Indonesian Restaurant I have ever eaten at.  It is definitely my favorite Indonesian restaurant... in or out of Central Ohio.
Authentic?  You got me...
2548 Bethel Road, Columbus OH 43220
I am no food blogger... no photos... I had a phone with a camera with me but never thought to snap a photo of my plate.... Spice Lover - Special Set 3.  With plenty of water I had an opportunity to try a rice plate (?)  … (0 comments)

columbus ohio: It's the economy, stupid... - 04/05/08 12:26 AM
I've never tried Thom's on Grandview and I would really hate to post anything about a struggling businss that would hurt the owner's and other employees any worse... I thought about not approving Sam's comment on Discover Columbus. 
I feel sorry for both Rob and Sam... Rob's entire famly.  I wonder how old Sam is.
I think I will try to do lunch at Thom's one day this week... Is Sam's cryptic P.S. beware of the seafood or be aware of the seafood?  Thom Coffman one of the owners of Thom's is a respected leader in the restaurant industry. 
I think the idea … (19 comments)

columbus ohio: Columbus Ohio Tops Forbes Tech City List - 03/12/08 11:31 PM
Ok it's an Up-And-Coming Tech Cities.... list... Silicon Valley has not been replaced by Columbus Ohio yet...  Columbus has been on lists of emerging tech cities before of course... often with cities that must be there now whereas Columbus is still "up-and-coming."
The :Top 10 Up-And-Coming Tech Cities" says:
"No. 1: Columbus, Ohio."
Who else is on the list of Up-And-Coming Tech Cities?  Santa Fe NM, Milwaukee WI, Houston TX,  Boise City, ID, Pittsburgh PA, Lake Charles, LA, , Iowa City, IA, Yuma, AZ, Palm Beach County, FL.  
I wrote about Columbus topping the … (6 comments)

columbus ohio: The Blizzard of '08... spring forward - 03/08/08 04:32 PM

Time change
Did you remember to set your clock ahead? Last night / this morning was the night to "Spring Forward" Of course spring is still twelve days away.
Spring is just around the corner, robins, butterflies, daffodils... How many snows do we still have after the forsythia blooms?
I reminded the readers of Discover Columbus about it earlier this week... Spring Forward Central Ohio
The spring forward image here is a Real Living e-card.
The blizzard of 2008
If you live in Central Ohio you know it does not feel like spring now. We had a snow storm on Friday and … (11 comments)

columbus ohio: Columbus on Top 20 Cities List for Schools - 12/15/07 07:54 PM

From  'Where To Educate Your Child ' by David Savageau gives the list below which includes Columbus. 
Slide show of the Top 20 Places Top to Educate Your Child 
For more on education in Central Ohio and what had to say about schools in Columbus Ohio visit - Columbus on Top US Cities List
They rated cities based on their public and private schools, libraries, colleges.   

1:  Washington, D.C.- Arlington, VA.
2:  Madison, WI.
3:  Cambridge-Newton-Framingham, MA.
4:  Baltimore-Towson, MD.
5:  Akron, OH.
6:  Columbus, OH.
7:  Albany-Schenectady-Troy, NY.
8:  Syracuse, NY.
9:  St. … (4 comments)

columbus ohio: Columbus Dispatch: Can Ohio's big cities be saved? - 12/09/07 07:31 AM
This morning's Columbus Dispatch was the final installment of an eight day series about the seven largest cities in Ohio.   
Today's installment was about Columbus.  From the beginning the series admitted Columbus was different than the other six big Ohio cities.
 "Except for Columbus, Ohio's big cities have endured vast population and job losses."
Yet the picture isn't totally rosy for Columbus. I don't know what possessed me to try to write about each city each day's Columbus Dispatch coverage of one of the seven big cities on my and on / each day this … (0 comments)

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