graceland: Seduction in Clintonville: Graceland History - 11/09/11 04:15 AM
Seduction in Clintonville or a bit  of Graceland history  -   In my weekly installment about how Graceland Shopping Center got it's name... actually it has been weeks.  I drove by the NEW business on High Street in the south end of Clintonville and it made me think about Graceland and how The Other Paper tells the story.  Seduction....
Here is how The Other Paper tells the story of Graceland on Columbus northside, below.... The seduction today is at Target, health club, shops and restaurants in Graceland Shopping Center in north Columbus.  Clintonville?   Clintonville or perhaps the neighborhood is  Sharon … (0 comments)

graceland: Graceland... Would you buy this story? - 10/09/11 12:05 AM
Graceland...who is Graceland named after?  Would you buy this story?
Graceland is in north Columbus.  Today it is called Graceland Shopping Center.  Graceland has a Target, a Kroger,  an Urban Active, an Applebees, an OfficeMax and more... 
When the mall was developed by Don M. Casto and Don M. Casto Jr.  it was named Graceland Shoppers Mart... or the sign on the land called the future shopping center, Graceland Shoppers Mart in 1953. The shopping center opened in 1954.
I think I first read about the "Madam" who turns out to be named "Grace" on Don O'Brien's Flickr photostream with this … (3 comments)

graceland: Graceland in Columbus Ohio - How Graceland got it's name - 09/22/11 10:59 AM

How Graceland in Columbus, Ohio got it's name.
The Grace of Graceland was a woman...
Grace Murnan?  Did she marry Pat Murnan,  a colorful Columbus Ohio businessman?  Mike Murnan left a comment on a post about Graceland the shopping center we know today and referred to Grace as "Grace Murnan (nee: Grace Backenstow)
Murnan went on to sat Grace: "was the Madam owner of a brothel located at Front and Broad, in the 1920's. "
How Graceland in Columbus got it's name
Just a little bit different version.   Or... was she "Grace Backenstoe"?    According to Doral Chenoweth … (5 comments)

graceland: Graceland - a colorful history in black and white - 09/14/11 11:14 AM
Graceland - a colorful history, of colorful Columbusites.   A colorful Columbus couple gave Graceland Shopping Center it's name.

In a  comment on a post, about Graceland Shopping Center  I wondered where the name "Graceland" came from:
"Maureen McCabe wonders what "Graceland" means.  Let me tell some history of this place.
Maurice Patrick (Pat) Murnan trained his thoroughbred horses at this farm where he lived with his wife "Grace."  Pat also ran a gaming house at Broad & High during the 1920's & 1930's.  Pat dies in 1937 at the age of 76. 
Grace Murnan (nee: Grace Backenstow) was the Madam … (0 comments)

graceland: Graceland Shopping Center - 2010 - 09/07/10 12:35 AM
Graceland Shopping Center
Today at Graceland Shopping Center there is a
Kroger Marketplace Target  Two fitness centers Qdoba Applebees Sears Appliance & Hardware OfficeMax and way, way more...
A home owner near Graceland Shopping Center said of the shopping area earlier this decade:
"Graceland Shopping Center had an 80% vacancy rate and was in disrepair. There was no Target, or Kroger, or other shopping facilities, but only empty eyesore buildings." 
I believe that the home owner was referring to 2001 or 2002.
In the 70s or 80's HER Realtors (now Real Living HER... brokerage I am affiliated with)  had a … (12 comments)

graceland: the history of the Morse - Bethel Connector - 07/29/10 08:13 PM
A site called 'Neighborhood Link' has a good read about the history of the Morse -  Bethel Connector.   The  Morse - Bethel Connector would have been a road connecting Clintonville to the Bethel Road area,  a bridge across the Olentangy River....
Neighborhood Link -  Clintonville Area Commission - Morse -  Bethel Connector says:
" For over three decades, there has been debate about building a bridge over the Olentangy River to connect Morse and Bethel roads. Morse Road is located in the northern portion of Clintonville. Morse Road is located within District 7, 8 and 9 of the Clintonville … (1 comments)

graceland: Delawanda Park neighborhood the Best of All Worlds - 07/26/10 04:15 PM
Delawanda Park neighborhood  is the Best of All Worlds
Using an address that is almost in the park named Delawanda Park the neighborhood named Delawanda Park has an urban walk score of 72. Scores will vary by address.  Closer to High St. should have a higher walk score.
Bike Score?  It has to be easy to get to Clintonville, campus, Worthington even downtown Columbus from this neighborhood just northwest of the intersection of Morse Rd. and High St.
Bus Access... there is a Park and Ride right there at Leland Ave.  You don't even have to park if you live in … (2 comments)

graceland: Graceland Shopping Center - 12/29/09 04:38 PM
Graceland Shopping Center Columbus Ohio 43214 -  Map

The picture of the remains of an old house and a sign proclaiming Graceland Shopping Center is part of Don O'Brien (DOK1's)  photostream on Flickr.
Actually the sign calls it Graceland Shoppers Mart.  I wonder if Graceland was called that at first? 
The sign promising the shopping area for Christmas 1954 says the shopping area developed by Don M. Casto Jr. would  be "ONE OF THE NATIONS FINEST SHOPPING CENTERS."
More 1953 Graceland Shopping Center photos from Don O'Brien:
Future Graceland Shopping Center Site: 1953
December 1953 Graceland Signs.
On … (1 comments)

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