localism: Reading useless blog posts: Move along... - 12/06/11 12:29 AM
When you find yourself reading "useless blog posts" move along and read something else.

Usefull?  Useless you decide as the reader, just like anyone else reading blog posts.
If the content you are reading does not satisfy, move along and read something else. There is plenty to read.  There is a lot to read on ActiveRain outside ActiveRain.....  Don't like reading Localism posts?  Don't.  It is not going to bother the writer.  The writer is not talking about ice cream, neighborhoods or the local economy for your benefit.  They are talking to the locals. Or people looking to become locals, … (68 comments)

localism: Back to School Contest - 08/11/11 11:45 PM
An interesting challenge for sure... The Back to School Contest to me is more of a challenge in the old fashioned Bob Stewart 2009 way than many of the recent contests. 
Hyper local... challenging.  Talking to consumers rather than about them.
This is a Re-Blog of Kerrie's post about a contest / challenge which can get you some points and traffic on your local content. Thanks Kerrie for allowing the Re-Blog.
I jumped in with both feet, to the Back to School Contest. My three posts are in the comments on Kerrie's blog. A school supply post and two football … (4 comments)

localism: Is Localism a Neighboripedia in your area? Or a dump? - 06/07/11 01:21 AM
Is Localism a Neighboripedia in your area?  
What does ActiveRain tell Google to tell consumers to expect when they visit your state? Your county? Your city?  Your neighborhood?
Localism.com is billed as the World's Most Complete Neighboripedia... information on  communities.  Is it local information on your community? Or a dump?

The Google description says: Find local information on Wisconsin including articles, pictures, videos, blogs, listings and other real estate information provided by....
I choose Wisconsin as an example because although Wisconsin is a beautiful state it has always been one of the ugliest states on Localism.  Why?  Dumping. … (34 comments)

localism: Did Localism Die? - 04/09/11 05:35 AM
There is still a link to Localism on the ActiveRain dashboard.

Postings to the site which was "powered by the ActiveRain Real Estate Network " seems to have ceased a little over a month ago.  Last posts I see on the Localism site looking at Ohio, Texas and Wisconsin are dated February 28, 2011. 
Do the States pages (here's Ohio)  on Localism replace having a separate site for the Localism content?  Remember when those pages were changed?  The outcry over the old pages on ActiveRain?  The most important thing to most seemed to be the Leader Board?   Are the … (24 comments)

localism: Localism closed to new members? Really? - 07/05/10 06:23 AM

Is Localism closed to new members? 
I believe I just read that as an excuse why someone IS NOT a RainMaker... If YOU become a RainMaker your content will go on Localism. You can post what you want to, to Localism.
Isn't Localism open to new members?   Or did Localism close to new members while I was not paying attention?   The comment saying Localism is closed to new members is in a Featured Members Only post.  It's one of the querlous posts talking about another member talking about consumers... I can NOT quote the comment since it is in … (8 comments)

localism: Agent Genius raised the issue - Tough Love - 05/04/10 01:48 AM
During ActiveRain's recent "rough patch" Agent Genius raised the issue:
ActiveRain problems mounting, hopes apology is enough  referring to  the video of Kelan, an apology from ActiveRain for the proxy errors, the bad gateway messages and ultimately the system being down for some time.
Obviously for many of us the apology was enough.... To borrow a cliche from an old movie... "Love means never having to say you are sorry" many members LOVE ActiveRain.
Perhaps it is too early to talk about this with our Outside Blogs not yet up.... that is MY real concern.
Agent Genius raised the issue … (18 comments)

localism: Happy Halloween ActiveRain - 10/31/09 01:04 AM
Happy Halloween ActiveRain
I like Halloween...
ActiveRain 2009 Halloween posts - localism*
Columbus Scare - A -Torium
Central Ohio Trick or Treat 2009
Worthington Ghost Story the tale of rap, rap, rap
Columbus Ohio's haunted ship
Dublin Ohio's ghost stories Powell Ohio Halloween Worthington haunted or just historic
Powell Ohio - October 2009
If I could have I would have blogged about ghost stories, haunted houses or Halloween events in Clintonville, Gahanna,  Grandview Heights, New Albany, Upper Arlington and Westerville too....
Halloween posts to my peers (other ActiveRain members)  on ActiveRain
Halloween Picnik it's ghostly 
Haunted House

localism: Taking your own photos is NOT always best - 09/14/09 11:56 AM
Newsflash...   Taking your own photos  is NOT always best
You can say "don't use copyrighted photos" to one another over and over  and pat yourself on the back for taking all your own photos...to adorn your blog posts and share stories of someone who just does not get blogging, Web 2.0 or social media...
But do YOU?  
Jeff Turner  wrote a couple of great posts about using Flickr to connect to people.
Locals?  During Project Blogger in 2007 Jeff shared an assignment he gave his apprentice, Julie Ferenzi.
"The thing is, Julie's blog is local, her goals are local, … (44 comments)

localism: Localism - A Neighboripedia - it's a small world after all - 08/25/09 01:23 AM
Localism - A Neighboripedia - It's a small world after all - Mpumalanga

Lenn mentioned the travel bloggers on ActiveRain a week or so ago. 
I posted something about Ohio schools this morning so went to Ohio on Localism to make sure it looked OK.  It had not reached Localism yet but the top post there caught my eye.  I am sure Mpumalanga is a lovely spot... 
I am sure Travelchacha is a great company but it is an India Travel company squatting on ActiveRain in Illinois posting content about travel to South Africa.
I flagged it an … (42 comments)

localism: Localism - "Your Blogging Sucks" - 07/31/09 12:33 AM

Headline on Localism - "Your Blogging Sucks. How to Fix it."
The locals are blogging?  The locals blogging sucks?  Is this vendor ActiveRain / Localism member talking to Mommy Bloggers in a particular market or the local political bloggers?  Or the local sports bloggers? We have lots of Mommy bloggers, political blogger and sports bloggers in Central Ohio... talking to bloggers is NOT necessarily a bad thing.  Bloggers comment back. Bloggers like the attention.  Well maybe not if you are saying their blogging sucks.
Skimming the content of "Your Blogging Sucks. How to Fix it." the ActiveRain member is not … (26 comments)

localism: ActiveRain's got gas.... - 07/05/09 04:49 AM
Lenn compared Google links on ActiveRain, Inman, Realtor.com, Zillow, etc.
ActiveRain losing gas? By what measurement?
Lenn is comparing Google Backlinks and Pages Indexed...  
I can't help comparing traffic but if you put huge sites like Realtor.com and Zillow in it makes ActiveRain look dinky... but I am comparing to Inman.com and to Realtown.com another social network for the real estate industry with blogs. Realtown is older than ActiveRain.com
Permalink to graph stats
Yearly growth in traffic for ActiveRain has grown over 40%. And look at that kinda pinky link there.... that is … (36 comments)

localism: Localism - Where do you add a city? - 06/22/09 12:29 AM
Sheila Moran asked in a post how to add a city on Localism.... Localism, Localism where for art thou Localism (Members Only) Sheila wanted to add Gruene Texas to Localism.  Sheila wrote a post about a Gruene TX restaurant for consumers.
I commented that it was done on ActiveRain... but today I went to look and I can't see where you add a city.
My Texas geography sucks ... I was trying to find Gruene in Dallas County first... but then went and found content about Gruene and found this post from June 2008. Gruene is in Comal County Texas?
From … (8 comments)

localism: What's the point of Localism? - 06/20/09 12:39 AM

Points - Localism
Lets get this one out of the way.  You don't get any more points because you've posted something to Localism. You can post it in ActiveRain to your peers and get just as many points as you would get posting the content to ActiveRain and Localism.
I left a comment on a post written to ActiveRain real estate agents by a real estate agent wondering why he posted that peer to peer content (and previous  peer to peer content)  to consumers on Localism. I heard from an innocent bystander that my comment was rude. I … (69 comments)

localism: Is Localism fully functional yet... - 03/02/09 12:21 AM

Is Localism fully functional yet? 
Just wondering..
Just wondering in part because of a comment on a post I wrote on February 21, 2009.
The comment by Jonathan Washburn*  Comment #28  says in part:
"I am very confident Localism will be fully functional this week.  It was a much bigger project than we expected, but we have been working very diligently on it and believe it is getting close to reaching the next level. As it stands today it is getting a lot of consumer traffic; I just believe it has a lot of room to grow."
Jonathan's comment … (8 comments)

localism: Got bling? - 02/18/09 10:31 PM

I noticed someone adding their photo to a comment yesterday and wondered what ActiveRain would do to jazz up the badges so that people would get what they are and not put up their photo in the comments to look  like everyone else.  A normal reaction.
I was re-blogging when I noticed an official stamp on my photo...  The "Rainmaker" seal of approval.
In the blog about  ActiveRain's NEW Membership plan Brad said:
"The NEW Rainmaker Badge: If you currently utilize any AR product (Listing Router Campaign, Outside Blogs, Sponsored Localism Communities etc.)  the new RainMaker … (17 comments)

localism: "Localism is unlikely to become a useful marketing tool" - 09/27/08 11:35 PM
It is a quote, before the "ActiveRain Community Builders" come kick me around for being negative about Localism it is someone else's opinion that I am quoting. It is an "Other" vote on a poll.  The post is Members Only but the poll and any others are public on Polldaddy. The Deregulation of Localism  (Members Only) The poll is still open... you can still vote. Once.
Poll on Polldaddy - Localism should be (edited vs. unedited)
The full "Other" quote is : "Localism has no real purpose, and is unlikely to become a useful marketing tool."
Hmmmm that person could … (11 comments)

localism: What will you use your broom for? - 09/27/08 12:23 AM
Do you have the Welcome mat out for the NEW Localism? Are you using your broom to clean off your blog's Welcome mat?  Or for something else?
Have you provided the kind of local content that ActiveRain asked us to provide on the NEW Localism?
They are coming soon.  Jonathan said so...
"ActiveRain, real estate's leading online community, has released a dramatically updated version of its Localism neighborhood portal, where local residents, potential residents, and area merchants connect. Billed as the "World's Most Complete Neighborpedia"
We'll be connecting with them.  People.
I know how to stir the pot.  I think it … (15 comments)

localism: Do you feel betrayed by ActiveRain? - 09/19/08 12:36 AM
Does sponsorship on Localism or something else about the NEW Localism make you feel "betrayed?"
Steve Homer left a comment on one of my posts on DiscoverColumbusOH.com (my OUTSIDE ActiveRain blog):
"I, like many other AR members felt a bit betrayed by the new sponsoring system and I still feel that way.  I have sponsored nothing, but continue to be an active localism poster which keeps me a good neighbor for the time being -"
You don't have to sponsor a community to participate on Localism. You can post good quality content and that is going to give you the presence.

localism: Objects in rear view mirror may appear closer than they are - 09/07/08 07:52 AM
How does Localism look in your area? Do you ever think what you see could be distorted? You might just be too close?
Too close to be objective
In a comment on Changes to Localism Approved Content where Rich Jacobson broke the news that Localism would NOT be edited Steve Shatsky said:
"I would have a lot more confidence in the probability of self editing if the Dallas Localism didn't feature content that includes religious based humor (even when funny to some, it can be offensive to others), requests to AR agents for professional advice, a poll about wearing pantyhose, agent-specific … (64 comments)

localism: Top Neighbor - Who gets to wear the cardigan? - 07/29/08 12:23 AM
The NEW Localism top neighbor Has this always been there -the "How does this work?" (what is it two three weeks since the NEW Localism was introduced?) and I just never noticed it?  This link goes to Ohio Localism where I AM NOT the top neighbor!  I am sure your state has the same message about Top Neighbor.  That's Don Rogers from Missouri.  Link to his ActiveRain blog below...
How does this work? Do I have to pay to be a top neighbor? "Legacy" content is also considered when ranking top neighbors. We don't want to leave the early adopters … (24 comments)

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