mortgage: Columbus Doo Dah Parade - Home Mortgage - 07/07/09 09:22 AM
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
The Columbus Doo Dah Parade is in the Short North, it is an unscheduled event that happens pretty spontaeously each July 4th.  The Doo Dah Parade entrants can be very, very colorful.  Some are racy, others silly.  The floats and folks often portray  current events and politics.... local or national. The content is often for mature audiences.
There was a Transformer in the 2009 Doo Dah Parade....  Timely huh?  The Transformer 2 Movie, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen just came out in the United States in late June.
Who knew....I thought he  was … (2 comments)

mortgage: FREE... Peace of Mind Mortgage Protection - 06/26/09 12:48 AM
Did I mention it is FREE?
FREE, no cost to you or the seller.....
Real Living's Peace of Mind Mortgage Payment Protection Plan  is free to you and to the seller.
The Peace of Mind Mortgage Payment Protection Plan  (.pdf with more details) is FREE to you and the seller....
Effective June 1, 2009 Real Living HER and Real Living Mortgage offered a one year mortgage payment protection plan to Central Ohio buyers.
For first time home buyers:
8000 reasons get your butt in gear deadline for first time homebuyer tax credit looms
First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit
For … (2 comments)

mortgage: 8000 Reasons Get Your Butt In Gear: Deadline for First Time Homebuyer Tax Credit Looms - 06/25/09 06:00 AM
Janet  has a way with words doesn't she?  The "Get your butts in gear" was what caught my attention... This is a Re-Blog of a post by Janet Guilbault  in California, a reminder of the fact that you need to be in contract "no later than the end of September."
What Janet said!
First time home buyers: Are you still at the computer, doing endless "research" on how to snag the $8000 TAX CREDIT for buying a house this year? 
Does the November 30th deadline seem like a million years away as you think about fireworks (not turkey … (2 comments)

mortgage: SHOULD I PAY MY MORTGAGE? - 06/23/09 01:17 AM
This is long so I won't add to it.  Read all disclaimers carefully.  This is a Re-Blog of a post from Richard Zaretsky, Florida Real Estate Attorney.    Ohio law may be different, as the author says "Be sure to contact your own attorney for your state laws, and always consult your own attorney on any legal decision you need to make.  This article is for information purposes and is not specific advice to any one reader."  

This seems to be THE NUMBER ONE question I get.  Unfortunately there are several answers and which  is correct … (0 comments)

mortgage: The Price of Procrastination - 06/09/09 07:26 AM
I blogged about this with a link before Darrel set it up with Re-Blog but there is only so much I could quote. 
Time is money, interest rates,  in my my attempt to say "what he said."
It bears repeating ... so here is a Re-Blog. From Darrel Walters of Integrity Mortgage Funding in Georgia, here's what he said...
Everyone Wants a Lower Price, But What About the Impact of Interest Rates?When shopping for a home, the natural tendency of any buyer is to want to pay the lowest price possible. It's important to keep in mind, however, that … (0 comments)

mortgage: Time is money - Interest Rates - 06/05/09 04:29 AM
Diagnosis: "interest rate complacency...." 
In The Price of Procrastination Newnan Georgia Lender Darrell Walters says of the mortgage interest rates available now:
"These rates are artificially low! Historically, interest rates have been above 6.00%. And any rate obtained below this number is a great deal, especially on homes with price tags from 2003!"
Interest rates are low.  Home prices are low.... we in Central Ohio did NOT have the dramatic increases in home prices that some real estate markets had...  so we can't say you would have paid $380,000 in 2007 and can get it for $299,000 today...Central Ohio is … (3 comments)

mortgage: FHA 203k Streamline vs 203k Full Renovation - 05/06/09 07:45 AM
This is a Re-Blog of a post from Justin Williams a loan officer in Virginia Beach VA.
If the property you find is a great other than "___________." 
You can do "__________."
You fill in the blank with the improvements you need.   
Yes it does take a couple of weeks longer.
Renovation Lending
The main concept behind these loans a.k.a Rehab, Renovation, 203k and Home Improvement loans is quite simple, clients who wants to finance the costs of home improvements through the mortgage for a purchase or refinance.
Financing the costs of the home improvements through … (1 comments)

mortgage: New OHFA Incentive to lend Up to 3% of the Sales Price in Anticipation of the 8,000 Federal Stimulus. - 03/19/09 07:33 AM
More about the Federal Stimulus plan and a new OHFA program from a NE Ohio lender.
This is a Re-Blog of information provided by Cleveland area mortgage expert, Tim Bradford of American Midwest Mortgage. 
The OHFA program does not start until 3/30/2009.
This is a pre announcement about a program that OHFA will have available effective March 30, 2009.   The short and sweet is that OHFA will be lend Qualified Buyers up to 3% of the Sales price in anticipation of the buyer recieving the Federal Tax Credit Stimulus as part of the Recovery Program.  This could create … (0 comments)

mortgage: No Time To Waste On Short Sales; Buy Something You Can Close in 30 Days! - 03/18/09 10:51 PM
This is a Re-Blog of a post by Mike Jones, an out of town mortgage broker.  Thanks Mike!
I'd have Re-Blogged any local lender who said the same thing: 
Buyers, call your REALTOR*.  Don't squander the opportunity on a short sale that won't close for months.  The rates may have evaporated by then.   Get something under contract that you can close in 30 days.  Call your favorite mortgage broker, complete your application, and LOCK IN THE BEST RATE * 614-388-8249
Yes the short sales can be tempting. 
In some neighborhoods you can find NON Short Sales priced very similarly. 
It's … (6 comments)

mortgage: Finally Homeowners Get a Helping Hand, Program details here! - 03/08/09 08:06 AM
This is a Re-blog of a post by Hudson Ohio real estate agent Stacey M. McVey about the NEW program for those who are "Upside Down" or "Underwater" on their home can get help. 
I want to stress Stacey wrote:
"It's aimed at homeowners who have lost a job, had their payment jump, been hit with higher expenses, owe more than the home is worth or are otherwise at risk of default." 
Homeowners were lent a hand this week by the Obama Administration's newest effort to help families remain in their homes. The "Making Home Affordable" program was created … (0 comments)

mortgage: My thoughts on the housing bailout plan - 02/18/09 09:54 PM
Well not "My"  thoughts... these are Spencer Rascoff of Zillow's thoughts about the housing bailout plans. Zillow estimates the value of homes.
My thoughts on the housing bailout plan amount to:
"Gee I hope it will work"
"Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease work." 
and the like.
This is a re-blog of Spencer R of Zillow's  thoughts but then again the "Prepping for my CNBC appearance tonight" should be a tip off that it is not me.
Although I am NOT an analyst, I agree with much of what I understand here. People have to have jobs.  Overall Columbus is lucky in … (2 comments)

mortgage: Hope not looking hopeful - 02/04/09 10:55 PM
This is a re-blog of content from Cheryl Johnson, a real estate broker in California about the Hope for Homeowners Loans, a national program. 
From the NPR article that Cheryl links to:
analysts forecasted only 400,000 mortgage owners would be served by the program. There've been just 451 applications and how many loans have actually closed.... well here's the news from Cheryl  
Did you catch this on the news?  So, far, only 25 Hope for Homeowners loans have closed in the ENTIRE country!!???!
Read the NPR article here
Seems to me that ~banking institutions~ received government funds without a lot … (2 comments)

mortgage: Housing and Economic Recovery Act - HR 3221 - 08/22/08 12:53 AM
Finance is my weak point when it comes to real estate blogging and it is so important right now.  Here's current events from an expert in the Worthington market. 
Although Michael is with Guernsey Bank in Worthington I have never met Michael.  This is a Re-Blog of content from ActiveRain member Michael Reeve:
Washington has been busy lately.  In one of the most rapidly approved bills in memory, the Housing and Economic Recovery Act was passed into law, and could have significant implications on the housing and mortgage industry.  While there is a lot to share with you, I … (2 comments)

mortgage: Down Payment Assistance will still be available in OHIO after Oct 1, 2008 - 08/11/08 01:52 PM
Blogging about finance and mortgages has always been the most difficult thing for me in real estate blogging.  Really. Read any of my blogs.  Scour them for anything about finance that makes any sense.  OK I have one FHA post that gets a lot of traffic.
Tim is up in the Cleveland area but this ought to apply to Central Ohio... he says "Buyers in Ohio" and of course we have the OHFA program.
Without further ado Tim Bradford...
This is an Important read for any Buyers, Sellers or Real Estate professionals, that have concerns about DPA programs going away … (8 comments)

mortgage: Do Mortgage Brokers have BO? Can ActiveRain help? - 08/29/07 04:50 AM
The line in a Google Alert triggered by my "Active Rain" search on Google has given me a link to this forum entry a couple of times:
ACTIVE RAIN NETWORK (by: jpark31)Just stumbled upon this today. Seems like a solid networking opportunity for brokers and agents. Has anyone been successful with this site? It doesnt rival the BO by any means, however seems like a positive outlet to network with local ...Mortgage Broker Forums at Broker Outpost -
The sentence "It doesnt rival the BO by any means" makes me laugh.
A few months back I got in big trouble for … (22 comments)

mortgage: Top 10 Riskiest Housing Markets Summer 2007 - 06/22/07 01:58 AM

Columbus Ohio is NOT on the list of the Top 10 Riskiest US Housing Markets on The Real Estate Bloggers this summer.  Columbus Ohio is on the safe list for the markets with the lowest mortgage risks, again. 
Visit The Real Estate Bloggers for more information about the PMI analysis of US metropolitan regions and the list of highest risk for mortgage to see where your city ends up if you are not in Columbus Ohio, or the other nine on the list below from the Real Estate Bloggers.  Columbus is in good company, Cinci, Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Indianapolis as well as a number of Texas … (17 comments)

mortgage: Attention Columbus Home Inspectors - 05/08/07 12:07 AM
If blogs had windows....
If my two blogs,  Discover Columbus and Columbus Best Blog each had a big plate glass front window there'd be a help wanted sign in the windows of both blogs.
I am looking for a home inspector guest blogger to write ... about home inspection occasionally on one of my other blogs.
It does not pay well at all but there could be some good exposure, I believe. 
In fact guest blogging (at least on my two blogs) does not pay at all but I can show a home inspector how to make guest blogging pay off. 
I've wanted to have someone from one of … (14 comments)

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