news: Worthington set example in fight against terror - 02/10/12 12:32 AM
Worthington school district setting example in fight against terror

Channel 10 News had the story last night...  Central Ohio School Setting Example in Fight Against Terror  and that central Ohio school district is the Worthington City School District. Channel 10 News has an article and video in the link that tell the story of how Worthington schools worked with the Department of Homeland Security to become the leaders in preparation for a terrorist act. 
" The U.S. Department of Homeland Security calls having improvised explosive devices or bombs the No. 1 terrorist act.  In the past, schools were less prepared … (2 comments)

news: Columbus Zoo Rescues Animals from Zanesville - 10/20/11 08:16 AM
The Columbus Zoo  (the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium)  rescued animals from the Zanesville, Ohio exotic animal farm tragedy. 
According to an NBCi4 article:
"Six animals were caught and transported to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium: one grizzly bear, three leopards and two macaques (a breed of monkey)."
*"Sheriff Says He's Convinced There Are No Animals At Large"  written by Denise Yost yesterday, says:
The rescued exotic animals are owned by Terry Thompson's widow The rescued animals will be quarantined at the Columbus Zoo The Wilds in Muskingum County a conservation center helped with the rescue The local zoo reached out … (4 comments)

news: Lions & Tigers & Bears in Ohio - 10/18/11 11:43 PM
The lions and tigers and bears loose in Ohio are two counties east of Columbus.   View Larger Map
Thank God for Licking County. 
I heard about the animals being out of their cages when they broke in on TV last night.  I would have known earlier if I was paying attention to Twitter.
Licking County is between Muskingum and Franklin Counties. They are looking for escaped animals in south east Licking County too.
It will be interesting to see if it is a big story on national news. It's big local news.
Jungle Jack Hanna of the Columbus Zoo is in … (12 comments)

news: Sharon Heights neighborhood in the news... - 08/19/10 09:39 AM
Sharon Heights is a north Columbus neighborhood...   The Toledo Blade called the Columbus neighborhood that President Obama visited yesterday, "Sharon Heights."
"Microphone in hand in town hall-style, the President spoke and took questions from a small crowd sitting at picnic tables in the backyard of architect Joe Weithman, his wife, Rhonda, and their two children in the tree-lined, residential Columbus neighborhood of Sharon Heights. The family benefited on more than one front from the $787 billion economic stimulus package that Mr. Obama pushed through Congress last year almost exclusively with Democratic votes."
E. Kanawha Avenue? ...That is Sharon Heights, Clintonville area... … (2 comments)

news: A newspaper on a PC? "That's Crazy Talk" - 02/05/09 07:40 AM
"A Newspaper? On a PC? That’s Crazy Talk"  in the Bits column on the the New York Times website,  Sam Grobart shares a  video from a 1981. It a San Francisco television newscast about the two San Francisco print publications pioneering newspapers on PCs.
"Imagine if you will sitting down to your morning coffee... turning on your home computer to read the days newspaper"
"That's Crazy Talk!"
The San Francisco PC owner dials ...and I mean dials... look at the monitors... look at the keyboards but really, really look at that red rotary dial phone.  That's primitive. The PC owner … (3 comments)

news: Columbus Dispatch: Can Ohio's big cities be saved? - 12/09/07 07:31 AM
This morning's Columbus Dispatch was the final installment of an eight day series about the seven largest cities in Ohio.   
Today's installment was about Columbus.  From the beginning the series admitted Columbus was different than the other six big Ohio cities.
 "Except for Columbus, Ohio's big cities have endured vast population and job losses."
Yet the picture isn't totally rosy for Columbus. I don't know what possessed me to try to write about each city each day's Columbus Dispatch coverage of one of the seven big cities on my and on / each day this … (0 comments)

news: Perception or reality - 12/07/07 08:33 AM
Ohio's big cities are not the only US cities with growing pains.  The Columbus Dispatch series about Ohio's Big Cities  that I've been following all week did an article about Cincinnati today.  In the web extras in the Special Series, the expert from the Brookings Institution interviewed by the Columbus Dispatch says ciites throughout the mid-west and northeast are having or have had similar growing pains. 
It's not just about being able to compete with other US cities for population and jobs either, cities have to compete in the global economy.
Ohio's cities, "perception & reality" is my percpetion on of Cincinnati. Cincinnati is the … (7 comments)

news: Holy Toledo - "Can Ohio's big cities be saved?" - 12/06/07 09:29 AM
Sorry I could not resist the corny headline.  I did resist it on my other blog.  I posted an entry there today called Ohio Jobs, Jobs, Jobs.  My post on ColumbusBestBlog is about the Columbus Dispatch article today that focuses on Toledo Ohio.
Today is the 5th day of a Special Report Series in the Columbus Dispatch on the seven biggest cities in Ohio... The Dispatch did Cleveland on Monday, Dayton on  Tuesday, Akron on Wednesday... and today Toledo. 
Here's a link directly to On the brink: Toledo - Leaders say manufacturing remains the answer for city  in the Columbus Dispatch. 
Good news about Toledo … (10 comments)

news: "My city was gone" - 12/05/07 05:07 AM
"I went back to Ohio
But my city was gone
There was no train station
There was no downtown. ...
A, O, way to go Ohio "
Those are lyrics to the 1983 song by 'The Pretenders' according to an article in the Columbus Dispatch today. The song was about Akron Ohio. Akron Ohio is one of the seven biggest cities in the state of Ohio. Chrissie Hynde lead singers of 'The Pretenders' is from Akron Ohio originally and wrote the song when she returned after 10 years in London, England.
Coincidently I moved to Akron Ohio in late 1983... I worked … (4 comments)

news: Ohio Cities and their suburbs - 12/04/07 05:09 PM

Dayton To Columbus Map Link  
There is an article about Dayton Ohio in the Columbus Dispatch series about Ohio's big cities today.  It was kind of trip down memory lane for me.  I lived in Dayton Ohio in the late 80's for about three or four years.  Not a lifetime...Dayton was different than anyplace I lived. Not bad different.  Just different.  Face it every city is unique.... it is all so darn local. I moved to Dayton from Akron Ohio...  Since college I'd lived in Green Bay Wisconsin and Rockford Illinois too.  College in Madison Wisconsin and growing up in a small industrial city in southeastern Wisconsin, near … (12 comments)

news: "Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite ... " - 05/25/07 09:54 PM
Growing up my mother said  "Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite"  to us at bedtime.  I had no concept of what "sleep tight" meant but the part about bed bugs really concerned me.
Bedbugs were virtually eradicated from the United Stats after World War II according to what I have read about them.  I have heard and read about bedbugs return to  the US. 
Darn, Columbus was already having trouble sleeping before the news. 
The news, bedbugs in Columbus
I am going back to sleep... or to bed anyway.

news: Free Speech - Ohio - 05/02/07 09:37 PM
Teri started it. 
Teri Lussier  in Huber Heights started it on her site  just because it made her laugh.  I thought the hullabaloo was over Dayton area strip-clubs because the fella with the funny line about givng bagels to a Columbus food pantry is a Dayton area strip-club owner. I wrote Mid Ohio FoodBank scores bagels
Nooooooo it's over proposed state law, Senate Bill 16, now in the state house of representatives. It passed in the senate 24 to 8, I believe.  Some say Senate Bill 16 is not constitutional.
Fighting the law proposed by the conservative Cincinnati based 'Citizens for Community Values' is now the cause of the  nonprofit civil-liberties group 'Progress Ohio', taking the … (4 comments)

news: When do we start getting the "Hazard Pay" - 12/11/06 10:26 PM
A 74 year old man taking pictures of a house on the north side of Columbus "for a real estate company" was shot yesterday.
Channel 4 News Story   "Man, 74, Shot During Attempted Robbery,  Three Men Interviewed, Released"
I heard about it as breaking news at 6:00 yesterday (it happened at 1:30 PM.) I wanted to blog about it then but resisted the urge... who do I think I am Brenda Star?  Lois Lane?  I can't find the story in this morning's Columbus Dispatch.
Immediately I wondered if he was a a REALTOR®?  They said his name on the 6:00 news, Wesley Walker, so I looked … (15 comments)

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