ohio: Farewell Neil Armstrong... - 08/26/12 10:58 PM
Farewell Neil Armstrong
I remember watching that as a kid. It is sad there is a political commercial slapped on it today but it's 2012. Everything has a commercial on it.  
Neil Armstrong,  the first man to walk on the moon died over the weekend in Ohio.
Neil Armstrong was born in Ohio, Wapakaneta, Ohio. Neil Armstrong died in Cincinnati if you believe CNN.com
"23 hours ago – Neil Armstrong, the American astronaut who made "one giant leap for ... Armstrong died Saturday in Cincinnati, Ohio, according to a NASA ..."   Or Neil Armstrong died in Columbus if Google is correct:
"Died: August … (4 comments)

ohio: Spring is Around the Corner Columbus - 02/03/12 01:29 AM
Spring is Around the Corner for Columbus Ohio according to Buckeye Chuck

Can you send belated Groundhog Day cards? 
Buckeye Chuck in Marion Ohio did not see his shadow yesterday morning so we will NOT have another six week of winter in Columbus, Ohio.  Of course we really have not had much winter weather at all this year.  
Punxatawny Phil did see his shadow this morning so he is predicting six weeks more of winter.   I hear Buckeye Chuck has a better record when it comes to accuracy.   According to people who keep track of this. Or can remember … (1 comments)

ohio: Osage Oranges: Worthington Farmer's Market - 10/22/11 05:45 AM
"Osage Oranges" at the Worthington Farmer's Market

Do you know about using Osage Orange to deter spiders? Osage Orange or Osage-orange?  I showed a house in Lewis Center about four years ago and there were Osage Oranges in the basement.  The buyer told me what they were... why they were there.
Maclura pomifera Wikipedia cites something that says the spider thing is not true...
Last year I was showing a house on acreage on N. Liberty Road and the buyer told me the trees along the driveway were Osage Orange trees(?)  Osage Oranges are also called Hedge Apples.  The … (0 comments)

ohio: Columbus Zoo Rescues Animals from Zanesville - 10/20/11 08:16 AM
The Columbus Zoo  (the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium)  rescued animals from the Zanesville, Ohio exotic animal farm tragedy. 
According to an NBCi4 article:
"Six animals were caught and transported to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium: one grizzly bear, three leopards and two macaques (a breed of monkey)."
*"Sheriff Says He's Convinced There Are No Animals At Large"  written by Denise Yost yesterday, says:
The rescued exotic animals are owned by Terry Thompson's widow The rescued animals will be quarantined at the Columbus Zoo The Wilds in Muskingum County a conservation center helped with the rescue The local zoo reached out … (4 comments)

ohio: Lions & Tigers & Bears in Ohio - 10/18/11 11:43 PM
The lions and tigers and bears loose in Ohio are two counties east of Columbus.   View Larger Map
Thank God for Licking County. 
I heard about the animals being out of their cages when they broke in on TV last night.  I would have known earlier if I was paying attention to Twitter.
Licking County is between Muskingum and Franklin Counties. They are looking for escaped animals in south east Licking County too.
It will be interesting to see if it is a big story on national news. It's big local news.
Jungle Jack Hanna of the Columbus Zoo is in … (12 comments)

ohio: Olentangy Schools got an A+ - 08/29/11 02:05 AM
The Olentangy Local School District got an A+ on their report card for last year. 

The school district in Southern Delaware County recieved an Excellent with Distinction designation from the Ohio Department of Education for the 2010 - 2011 school year.
The Olentangy Local School District Report Card for the 2010 2011 school year. is an 8 page  .pdf (Acrobat Reader document) chock full of information about the Delaware County school district.
You are able to view a report card for each and every elementary, middle and high school in Olentangy schools on the state site, to see how a … (2 comments)

ohio: Weather is local - 08/27/11 01:19 AM
Duh!  Of course it is. I blogged about local weather and Active Rain on my Columbus Best Blog today**  We get more rain than Seattle (according to an Ohio Blog) but Seattle's welcome to keep the 'Rain City' title as far as I am concerned. 
Columbus Ohio was tied with Tulsa Oklahoma and Oklahoma City **for the 9th most dangerous city as far as natural disasters. Recently Leanne Paynter of  Florida Real Estate Blog** stated her preference for hurricanes over earthquakes or tornadoes.
I prefer tornadoes. Maybe it is a midwestern thing.  Comfortable with your own surroundings? You can tell this is a … (8 comments)

ohio: Where do we disclose the snakes? - 01/28/11 10:18 PM
The question "Where do we disclose the snakes?"  could just as well be where do we disclose the
bats in our belfry?
Where do we disclose the ...?
The question is where do you disclose the presence of a pest or the treatment / removal of the presence of a pest to prospective buyers of your Ohio home?  Answer below... I want to share this video with you first.  Scared of snakes?  I am.
I am sure the snake story that is hot now is the same snake house that was in the news back in 2006...  Here's … (50 comments)

ohio: when the buyer absolutely positively must have possession of the house to dispose of a body - 05/22/10 09:15 AM
Possession... when the buyer absolutely positively must have possession of the house to dispose of a body...Truth is stranger than fiction... title fraud was the least of this guys worries.

Sheldon's  "SNEAKY SNEAKY SNEAKY!!!" post about title fraud reminded me of a the story of Dr. John Boyle and his estranged wife Noreen. Quotes are from his appeal of his murder conviction (link below.)  
Buyer asks agent : What's under the basement? 
"Boyle contacted the realtor and inquired about what was under the basement floor, in case he wanted to make any alterations to the house."
Someone murdered … (12 comments)

ohio: Grants for Grads - OHFA - 05/13/10 01:33 AM
Grants for Grads -  Gosh I got it wrong...
I was thinking it was graduating from Ohio colleges...  It is graduating from Ohio high schools and then going on to graduate from a college (associate degree, bachelors degree, masters degree, Phd.) but it does NOT need to be an Ohio college...
next step buy a house in Ohio...   Central Ohio homes for sale  - Search
or perhaps get a job in Ohio... then get ready to buy a house.
I went to a class... about OHFA programs including the Grants for Grads Second Mortgage...
Second Mortgage?  The 2.5 second mortgage is … (0 comments)

ohio: Comparing Central Ohio Schools - 02/20/10 12:02 AM

Comparing Central Ohio Schools
Moving to Central Ohio and wondering about schools?  As real estate agents we can't tell you what schools are the best for your children but we are able to provide you resources to find the best schools for your family.
I have a list of "selected"  Central Ohio School Districts on my website.  They're  "selected" because of geography... these are the school districts in Northern Franklin County or Southern Delaware County, the areas I primarily work:
Big Walnut Local Schools, Buckeye Valley Local Schools, Columbus City Schools, Dublin City Schools, Gahanna - Jefferson City Schools, Grandview … (0 comments)

ohio: Zillow... where's Cinci? - 12/19/09 10:24 PM
Hey Zillow where's Cinci?  I am not asking geographically I got that down. I am asking why Zillow does not have Cincinnati information among US metro areas. Just wondering. I am trying to follow Spencer R's instructions for comparing foreclosures to falling home values for Columbus. Cinci being missing should NOT really concern me, yet I went out to dinner Saturday night and had a conversation about Zillow and Cinci being missing....
Zillow Home Value IndexYou need the latest version of the Macromedia Flash Player.Download the free Flash Player now!
More US Home Values 
Zillow's got Columbus!
I live and … (7 comments)

ohio: The story of... - 11/03/09 10:52 PM
I have had a clock on my first blog for a long, long time... That site has a 'Time and Temperature' category. It's a category that was inspired by a church in the Worthington area.
Of course we just "fell back" in Ohio on Sunday morning.  The whole day light savings time confuses me.  Are we on daylight savings time in Ohio now or are we off daylight savings time? Is this "standard" time?  Is this EST and during the summer EDT? Or vice versa?
It probably does not matter whether it is EDT, or EST really. I look … (4 comments)

ohio: Ohio Issue 3 Gambling - 11/01/09 09:58 AM
On the ballot Tuesday - Issue 3 is casinos in Ohio.
Four casinos in the state. One casino each in Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus and Toledo are what we are voting for or againtst. 
Vote here first. Vote for real on Tuesday.

ohio: Columbus Closings Changing - 2010 - 09/01/09 11:38 PM
by Maureen McCabe -  Columbus Closings Changing in 2010 - September 2, 2009
A Real estate closing is when the ownership of the property changes hands.  We do round table closings in Central Ohio until the end of 2009, then we will start doing escrow closings like most of the rest of the world. 
NOW in Central Ohio we all sit around the table (in theory) and sign closing documents - Central Ohio Round Table Closings 
When in Rome do as the Romans do.... When in Columbus do as Columbusites do.
I started selling real estate in the Dayton area … (6 comments)

ohio: Franklin County Ohio schools make the grade - 08/26/09 01:49 AM
Some Franklin County Ohio schools make the grade... others are still working on it.
Congratulations to Franklin County schools districts who got top grades for the 2008 - 2009 school year as many schools are starting the school year this week.  
The grades were released yesterday.  There is so much information about Franklin County school districts on the Ohio Department of Education site it is mind boggling. 
The easy thing for me is to look at the report cards. 
You can look at report cards by school district or building by building within a school district.
The state does not … (0 comments)

ohio: Ohio Schools report cards - making the grade? - 08/25/09 12:35 AM
Ohio Schools report cards come out today.
This morning Channel 10 News says:
"The Ohio Department of Education planned to release its annual school district report cards on Tuesday morning.
The report cards, scheduled to be released at 10 a.m., rank each district based on how they are performing in several areas."
As you send your kids off to school for the 2009 - 2010 school year what grade is the state giving your school district?  A number of schools in northern Franklin County, Southern Delaware County start tomorrow I believe.
Information for some Central Ohio public school districts on … (0 comments)

ohio: Which Ohioan to send to Washington DC? - 08/17/09 12:11 AM
Which statue of a historic Ohioan should be sent to Washington to represent the state in the National Statuary Hall Collection?
Paul Brown from Massillon
Thomas Edison from Milan
Bob Hope from Cleveland
Dean Martin from Steubenville
Annie Oakley from from Greenville
Jesse Owens from Cleveland
The Wright Brothers from Dayton
Currently one of Ohio's two statues is William Allen a congressman and former Ohio Governor (?)
I read an article about it in the Columbus Dispatch.  I'd never heard of Allen before...  or why Allen is losing his spot. Other states have switched statues.  Each state has 2 statues.  President … (2 comments)

ohio: Ohioans win FREE groceries for a year - 08/15/09 04:47 AM
Ohioans win FREE groceries   

It's only open to Ohioans.
Visit some farms - virtually
Fill out some entries...online
Read the official rules... looks to me like you could enter via each  farm each day.  One entry per farm / farmer per day.
Ohioans win FREE groceries 
by visiting virtually Ohio farms:
a beef farm
a dairy farm
an egg farm
a pork farm
a soy farm
a turkey farm
representing farms throughout the state of Ohio.
Looks like the closest farm among the featured farms.... to where I live and work is the hog farm in Johnstown Ohio … (6 comments)

ohio: Franklin County Ohio home prices rising - 08/14/09 11:55 PM
Maureen McCabe Real Living HER -  Franklin County Ohio Home prices are rising...  sale prices....

it's gradual.
Active (list) prices are not rising... as much... well except April and May 2009.  I am paying more attention to the red line in the graph for Franklin County - homes sold, Franklin County home prices are rising.
Friday Chris Svec, the Vice President of New Market Development for Real Living, Inc. tweeted:
CSvec: There is a 7.4 month supply of homes on the market in Columbus, OH - a 3 year low! And prices are on the rise. The 7.4 months is … (0 comments)

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