photos: Will Google+ kill Posterous? - 07/27/11 04:01 AM
Will Google+ kill Posterous?  
Maybe I ought to say will "Google+ replace Posterous?"
"Kill" sounds so violent. 
Posterous says:
"Posterous is the easiest publishing platform around. If you can email, you can manage a website and share it with small groups or the world."
Posterous is pretty darn easy.  If I remember Posterous.  I forgot Posterous for weeks at a time. I mean I forget to send content to Posterous.  This morning (July 27, 2011) my Posterous subscriptions was one post from Susie Blackmon. It's OK.  Susie is on Google+ so I got my morning fix of horsing … (5 comments)

photos: Stealing is good? "How to steal like an artist" - 04/02/11 03:43 AM

We hear over and over on ActiveRain that stealing is bad...  Just don't do it.  It's in the Guidelines.  We hear it elsewhere too.   "Thou shalt not steal"
The post "How to steal like an artist...." from Austin Kleon is hot.  It's been tweeted a mere 3733  times to date.  It's been "Liked" 222K +/ -  times on Facebook... and counting of course.
"How to steal like an artist"  is ALL the rage on the Internet, Twitter, my Google Reader and in my mailbox this dreary Saturday morning...  The full title of Kleon's post is "How to steal like an … (8 comments)

photos: Naked "Barbie" Doll - What Images are you Related To? - 12/12/10 01:37 AM
What  "Google Images" are you Related To?

I am related by a comment to a naked "Barbie" Doll image on Google.  And you?  Google your name, then look at the link for images. What images are you related to?  Anything funny?  Share a link to the images related to your name...  if you want (remember there are no follow tags in the comments.)   Or describe a funny image that matches your name. Don't be tempted to snatch an image* that is not yours.  It is probably not licensed for you to use it. You can contact the owner and … (20 comments)

photos: ActiveRain success story, well sorta - 10/23/10 01:21 AM

An ActiveRain success story, sorta.
Yesterday I heard from someone working on a TV show asking to use one of my photos on an ActiveRain post  for a TV show. I am not sure it will happen. 
This is NOT the photo.  It is not a photo of a house.  It is a photo of a sign.
I have to find the photo.  It is one I have used over and over and over on ActiveRain and I have made it real small for my use.  The voice mail yesterday gave me the name of the post he found the … (13 comments)

photos: Blogging 101 - Don't be a user - 10/09/10 02:37 AM
Blogging 101 - Don't be a user
Who do you trust for advice about copyright?  Lenn Harley of course.
Who do you trust about "using" another person's photos that are licensed with a Creative Commons license? Jeff Turner! - Creative Commons license
A week or so ago Bob Haywood wrote: Blogging 101 - Using Outside Material Properly.  It got featured. His follow up post  "Boo Hooing"  about comments on the post got featured too. Bob boo hoo'd about hateful comments, long comments... John Novak's comment.
I wrote the LONG comment! Bob's example of how to use a Creative Commons … (28 comments)

photos: Pictures tell the story - especially when you are selling your home! - 06/30/10 02:37 AM
This is a post from my friend Lori Cain out in Tulsa Oklahoma... what's true in Tulsa about photos is true in Central Ohio too.  Universal?
Lori's post A picture tells a thousand words - especially when you are selling your home!  is so true.  A picture is worth a thousand words.
I hate taking photos of homes but I have to admit to Lori being correct that buyers need photos of homes online. 
I don't know how to take 2 dozen photos of a 2 bedroom home.  I will admit I don't like to pay for a professional photographer … (3 comments)

photos: Everything you always wanted to know about Creative Commons licenses* - 02/23/10 11:40 PM
Everything you always wanted to know about  Creative Commons licenses   *but were afraid to ask was answered by Jeff Turner an ActiveRain member in a couple of ActiveRain posts from long, long ago.
Free Photos At The Flickr Of A Mouse 
For The Love Of Creative Commons
Those with the gift of photography sometimes want to share some photos and they tell you so in how they license their content.  If a photo is "All Rights Reserved"  you can not use it unless the owner grants you permission. 
If a photo is "Some Rights Reserved" check it out...  can the … (14 comments)

photos: Jay Leno Yourself - 10/22/09 06:30 AM
Jay Leno Yourself
I believe needs to start a Jay Leno look alike contest.
The Ogrevision effect on allows you to blow up various parts of your body.  Keep it clean....  I was trying to plump up my lips with Ogrevision....
Instead I slipped and had a long witchy chin. Longer and witchier than "for real."
hmmmmmm big Ogreish chin?
Then with just a little work....
Voila a Jay Leno chin
Jay Leno Yourself with
Ogrevsion is unfortunately a premium feature so you'd have to pay to play, if Picnik did a Jay Leno Look Alike Contest.

photos: Taking your own photos is NOT always best - 09/14/09 11:56 AM
Newsflash...   Taking your own photos  is NOT always best
You can say "don't use copyrighted photos" to one another over and over  and pat yourself on the back for taking all your own adorn your blog posts and share stories of someone who just does not get blogging, Web 2.0 or social media...
But do YOU?  
Jeff Turner  wrote a couple of great posts about using Flickr to connect to people.
Locals?  During Project Blogger in 2007 Jeff shared an assignment he gave his apprentice, Julie Ferenzi.
"The thing is, Julie's blog is local, her goals are local, … (44 comments)

photos: Courthouse photography - 08/09/09 01:21 AM
I am NOT much of a photographer.
I love old courthouses.  When I drive into another county and see one like those that Richard Weisser has photographed in Georgia I think of the movie 'Back to the Future.'   The domes, pediments, columns and the clock towers in these buildings are so appealing.
Richard's post:
I had my civil rights violated yesterday and I was illegally detained. Has the United States become a police state?
I had been asked not to photograph at a local mall because of security. It's different. It's private property... and it's just a mall... Polaris … (9 comments)

photos: Mugshots - 07/22/09 02:05 AM
I have a new one...  new ones.  Mugshots... plural I had to take a bunch because  I am not photogenic.
I have a new "do." Actually it is NOT that new. I have had short hair for about a month now... I need a hair cut.  That is why I like long hair... the style does not grow out.  Or the lack of style does not grow out.
A local blogger made fun of me a number of months ago for using my high school (or college?) picture on Twitter... It has not been that long... but I have not … (18 comments)

photos: May I take a photo? Pretty please... - 08/30/08 03:33 AM
Do you ask permission before taking photos for your blogs, Flikr photo stream, etc? "May I take a photo of your store (mall, shopping center, etc.)?"
"May I take a photo your restaurant?"
"May I take a photo of my food at your restaurant?"

It's poll time
If my meal is a W*h*o*p*p*e*r and onion rings I better make that "to go." Here's a conversation about it on Flikr... Flikr "No Videotaping or Photography Permitted"sign all rights reserved on this photo.
Melissa Grant inspired this... Melissa wrote Before you post that Restaurant Picture You might want to … (70 comments)

photos: Mugshots... the bald and the beautiful - 08/20/08 12:53 AM
Formal Realtory looking photo? Or something more casual?
New ActiveRainer Stephanie Jones asked about formal vs. informal photos...
Mugshots... Mugshows   The bald and the beautiful definitely have an advantage over me....
I first saw them on Twitter...  the Twitter crowd is doing it...
Jeff Turner
Steve Belt
Ines of Miamism
Dale Chumbley 
Mariana Wagner
Maureen Francis
You can post your mugshot to mugshow...
"This is by far the easiest and fastest method of taking your Dailymugshot. Using your webcam, you can take your mugshot right from within the website, so there is no hassle of file … (17 comments)

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