polaris: Will Earth Fare sell your Lewis Center, Ohio home? - 05/12/12 12:16 AM
Will Earth Fare sell your Lewis Center, Ohio home?  Help sell? 

Could the proximity to the new store in the Polaris area help sell your Delaware County, Ohio home?  Earth Fare opened at Polaris a couple of weeks ago.  Earth Fare is on the street west of Polaris Fashion Place, Gemini Parkwway.
Or maybe just make living in Lewis Center a little healthier?  Earth Fare is the "Healthy Supermarket."  Their sign says so. 
A NW Columbus Neighborhood and Trader Joe's
Just before I heard the Earth Fare  at Polaris was opening, I was wishing for a Trader Joe's in … (4 comments)

polaris: Earth Fare: Healthy Inspiration for Columbus - 04/25/12 08:49 PM
Earth Fare - healthy inspiration for Columbus

Opening Day at Earth Fare the healthy supermarket in Columbus
The new Columbus supermarket at Polaris - Earth Fare opened Wednesday April, 25, 2011. The Columbus store is the fourth Earth Fare in Ohio, their 26th store nationally.  The new store is located at 1344 Gemini Parkway, Columbus, Ohio 43240 the street west of Polaris Fashion Place. 
A sign at Earth Fare states the companies philosophy for healthy food. No GMO, no high fructose corn syrup, no steroids. A full list is available on the Earth Fare website (link below.)  Another sign … (4 comments)

polaris: Polaris: Earth Fare Opens Today - 04/25/12 02:20 AM
Open Today -  Earth Fare

Columbus Earth Fare is at 1440 Gemini Place, Columbus, Ohio 43240 - West of Polaris Fashion Place. 

Earth Fare - Opens Today at Polaris ... opened TODAY. 
Visit the Earth Fare website and sign up for coupons today.
Or at least today... as you walk in Earth Fare employees will sign you up for coupons. Join Earth Fare's Welcome Home program for freebies. 
I signed on online at home, the online form says:
"I would like to receive weekly freebies from Earth Fare"
It's a "yes" or "no" question. 
I was … (4 comments)

polaris: Polaris Area: Blue Agave Mexican Restaurant - 03/26/12 01:13 PM
The Blue Agave in the Polaris area may be my new favorite Mexican restaurant. 

Blue Agave Mexican Restaurant
The Blue Agave chile rellenos may be the reason the Mexican restaurant in the Polaris area is probably my new favorite central Ohio Mexican restaurant.  Blue Agave makes their chille rellenos with egg rather than batter.  The red sauce on top is nice and light too. And they are huge.  The photo was a combination plate with two chille rellenos, the two sides are not shown.  I had enough left overs for two more meals. 
The restaurant is east of Interstate 71 … (3 comments)

polaris: Columbus, Ohio 43240 home prices - 06/22/11 03:06 PM
Columbus, Ohio 43240 home prices brought to you by Maureen McCabe of Real Living HER

The graph shows home prices for the Columbus, Ohio 43240 area in southern Delaware County.  The 43240 zip code is the Polaris.  The 43240 zip code is a small area.  The average sale price of $186,000 in the 43240 zip code  in May 2011 was down 3.1% from a year ago.   This graph is just single family homes.
Columbus, Ohio 43240 home prices a market report for May 2011
Average active price - $195,000 Average sale price - $186,000 Median sale price - … (0 comments)

polaris: I love Smokey Bones at Polaris - 01/30/10 01:23 AM
We eat at the Polaris, Smokey Bones a lot.   Officially the name of the Polaris area restaurant is Smokey Bones Bar & Fire Grill.
Smokey Bones has great coupons... In the Columbus Dispatch... Sunday Dispatch I assume.  What does a Sunday Dispatch cost?  Isn't a "Buy One Entree, Get One Free" coupon worth the cost of a Sunday Columbus Dispatch? I did not really know where the Smokey Bones coupons come from... but we always seem to have one.   The Columbus Dispatch, The Bag, the mailbox, direct from some barbecue heaven ???   Dino the manager of the Polaris Smokey Bones  … (1 comments)

polaris: Polaris - Claddagh Irish Pub - 01/24/10 11:19 PM
Claddagh Irish Pub is at Polaris in Southern Delaware County.
Despite my name and heritage... I am not a big "Irish" food fan.  What can I say? I like Mexican and Indian food...  Don't get me wrong.  I love corned beef and cabbage. I love salmon.  I love potatoes.   I love Irish whiskey... I have never really enjoyed any of the Columbus "Irish" restaurants.  I have NOT been to Ireland though either.
I love the look of Claddagh Irish Pub.  If I was a big drinker it looks like a lively bar.   Claddagh Irish Pub says of  itself "We present an authentic … (0 comments)

polaris: NIMBY Columbus worst place for a casino - 01/05/10 09:54 AM
NIMBY means Not In My Back Yard ...  Columbus worst place for a casino? A poll brought to you by Maureen McCabe Real Living HER
Let's go negative here on Discover Columbus OH - Columbus Ohio real estate and say where is the worst place in Columbus for a casino. I did a poll on another ColumbusBestBlog.com   Columbus Best location for a casino.
In November the state voted to change the Ohio constitution to allow 4 casinos.  Cleveland, Toledo, Columbus and Cinci.  The location of the Columbus Casino was to be in the Arena District in downtown Columbus.  There is … (0 comments)

polaris: Olentangy schools homes for sale - December 2009 - 12/10/09 09:15 PM
Homes for sale Olentangy schools brought to you by Maureen McCabe Real Living HER

The graph and data is  just for single family homes in the Olentangy School District.
Homes for sale Olentangy schools  - a market report
Homes for sale 624Homes sold in November 2009 63
Months of inventory based on current sales 9.9-19% homes for sale than a year ago  (inventory is down by 19% in comparison to end of November 2008)  -31.7% months of inventory (based on closed Sales) in comparison to November 2008  (31.7% months less inventory than one year ago) Average active price $486,000Average … (0 comments)

polaris: Polaris Fashion Place - in words... - 08/03/09 12:47 PM
"Busted" by security at Polaris Fashion Place 

"Unauthorized scavenger hunts or unauthorized photography"
No I was not conducting a scavenger hunt authorized or unauthorized at Polaris Fashion Place Mall.   I was taking photos.  The very polite  security manager said no one can take photos for security reasons.  To paraphrase, his next remark... they can't just restrict the terrorist from taking photos, therefor they must restrict everyone from taking photos.  
I did not see it posted anywhere at Polaris (I was outside in the Lifestyle Center not in the enclosed mall) but I do find it online after being told.

polaris: Columbus Far North area - 06/25/09 06:29 AM
My Columbus is the north side of Franklin County and the south side of Delaware County...  if you are reading this on Discover Columbus I am trying to change the old header I had with a picture of downtown Columbus with the words DiscoverColumbusOH.com ....  It's "purdy picture..."  it identifies Columbus but not necessarily my Columbus. In the interim I have a Real Living theme on the blog.

My Columbus looks more like  the header I am using on My ActiveRainRain blog....  I thought it was funny to have the City of Columbus skyline and the cornfields all around, it … (2 comments)

polaris: Polaris - Catalog Clearing House - 06/12/09 09:10 AM
I was in the Polaris area and saw signs for 50% to 90% off so I had to go check it out...
Catalog Clearing House is in the old Circuit City store building at Polaris...
Today is their Grand Opening. Their webpage Catalog Clearing House complete with a YouTube video about what they are.  The store was kind of like a big flea market except it is all new merchandise. The Catalog Clearing house webpage ( gives their hours, shows where they are (map)  and promises new merchandise daily.
If you need:
T-shirts lots of funny T-shirts Leg Lamps? (fishnet stocking … (2 comments)

polaris: Happy Cinco de Mayo Central Ohio 2009 - 05/04/09 12:11 AM
Happy Cinco de Mayo Central Ohio
What is your favorite Central Ohio Mexican restaurant? Mine are mostly in the Clintonville and Polaris area. Feel free to add a comment with the name and location of your favorite Mexican restaurant in Central Ohio.
Online Surveys & Market Research
Compliments of Maureen McCabe Real Living HER Columbus and Central Ohio real estate


polaris: Polaris Restaurants, Siriusly It's a Dog Eat Dog World - 10/25/08 01:09 AM

There are lots of restaurants in the Polaris area... more opening everyday... competitive.
I've been aware of some odd comments about Polaris area restaurants that have been left on my blogs for a long time.  Well since the beginning of 2008.  There's an odd pattern.  I wrote about it.... on DiscoverColumbusOH.com mixing in some other commercial comment oddities in Hilliard and Italian Village.  Commercials for pizza and a band?
Curious Comments - Is YOUR blog ever used commercially?
Looking at Columbus food blogs and review websites you can't help but see a pattern but possibly the pattern is … (2 comments)

polaris: Columbus - DSW - 09/24/08 11:30 PM
Designer Shoe Warehouse is based in Central Ohio.   There are three stores in Columbus, Northwest (Filene's Basement and DSW combined) Easton and Polaris. 
I have heard the Polaris DSW store is the largest DSW store in the country.  Truth or fiction?  Who cares! It's minutes away from me. Not that I am a big shoe buyer. I can appreciate a large selection of shoes though.
From the DSW website:   Polaris DSW - Polaris Fashion Square 1200 Polaris Parkway Columbus, OH 43240 614-854-0994 Sun 11am-6pm, Mon-Sat 10am-9pm
Map - 1200 Polaris Fashion Square

Compliments of Maureen McCabe Real Living … (0 comments)

polaris: The Polaris Post Office has a beer drive through - 08/18/08 01:32 PM
The real reason I did a double take when I noticed the United States Post Office on the corner of Lyra Drive and Polaris Parkway is that I have never before seen a United States Post Office with a beer drive through.
Polaris Area - Columbus Ohio 43240
See for yourself... Parked behind the Post Office a matching Beer Drive - Thru.  How is that for progressive?  Postage stamps and a 6 Pack of PBR?

Maureen McCabe Real Living HER Columbus and Central Ohio Real estate

polaris: Polaris Area - Columbus, Ohio 43240 - 08/18/08 01:01 PM
I was wondering where the Polaris Area Post Office was recently...
I was at the Wendy's at Polaris (map)   when I noticed a post office across the street.  I took a couple of photos of the Post Office...  because it was kind of puzzling to me... that it was there in plain sight... in an area, I am pretty familiar with but I had never noticed it.
I tried looking up officially if the Post Office I saw on Polaris Parkway was THE Post Office for Columbus Ohio 43240, or if what is described as a "Contract Unit" on the … (0 comments)

polaris: "Polaris With the Top Down" - 08/10/08 05:36 AM
I blogged about the new section of Polaris which is opening this fall last week: Polaris Outdoor Lifestyle Center
Today's Columbus Dispatch has "Polaris WIth THE TOP DOWN" by Maria Matzer Rose has lots more about the new section of the mall which will be an open this fall...
"Outdoor addition, opening this fall lures big retailers".... I knew there had to be more stores going in on the south east corner where the Kaufmann's used to sit .... here than what I could remember from walking around and searching on the Internet for who was going to go into … (0 comments)

polaris: Polaris Area Trivia - 08/08/08 11:16 PM
Previous trivia ... who was the first act to play the Polaris Ampitheater in 1994? The last act to play the renamed Germain Ampitheater in 2007? Speaking of Polaris...  the Polaris Centers of Commerce website does just that... did you know:
"in 1995 Bank One acquired 175 acres and began a building of what has become the second largest, single user occupied building in the World behind the Pentagon. It has over 2 million square feet, housing approximately 8,500 employees."

It's that big? Really? I am so used to driving by it I did not realize it was that big...  That … (0 comments)

polaris: Polaris Ampitheater - R.I.P. - 08/08/08 12:36 AM
From the Polaris Centers of Commerce site:
"In 1995 the Polaris Amphitheater opened and provided the first Central Ohio venue devoted to presenting major music acts. Millions of people came to POLARIS to enjoy performances by various artists."
I thought 1994 was the first season of concerts at what was eventually renamed Germain Ampitheater.  The last season was 2007. I thought I saw REM in concert in 1995 (the one and only concert I attended at the venue) and that 1995 was the second season of the music venue.
How I remember it... this could be wrong.  You know how memories … (4 comments)

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