qassia: Hey Qassia what are YOU selling? - 04/09/08 01:17 AM

Hey Qassia do you take ads selling women?

What made me see red the other day on Qassia was a large colorful ad in the column with the faces of a number of Asian women. Lots of pictures of young women, with links. It was on my intel about the city of Columbus Ohio. It was an ad for a Chinese dating and marriage site. I wish I would have grabbed a screen shot.
Is Qassia selling Russian women on other members "intel"? Selling women from other countries where "mail order brides" are common? Am … (13 comments)

qassia: Free Speech - What if you had to pay to comment on ActiveRain? - 04/05/08 07:14 PM
Pay with your ActiveRain points...
Qassia tried it... charging members to comment, rather than paying for comments.  Qassia has Qassia dollars rather than points but what if you had to pay with your ActiveRain points for making comments on ActiveRain?  What if other ActiveRain members paid you points to comment on your blog? 
Join Qassia- Qassia is not just real estate but has a real estate directory. Qassia is a beta.
Would making points cost points (but pay points to the blogger) stop the "water cooler" atmosphere?
Would paying to comment reduce
the "great post thanks for sharing it" type comment?the gaming "hey come visit my blog since I … (6 comments)

qassia: Quassia Directory is live... who's on the top of the real estate list? - 03/17/08 10:24 PM
Marc Grossman! 

Looking at the Real Estate category on the Qassia Dircectory on tuesday morning... Who is on the top of the heap?  Looks like it is based on the money (like AR points) Q Number...[Q$3,205]
Number three on the real estate directory is Marc Grossman's Central Florida Real Estate Blog  Congrats Marc! 
I was so excited for Marc I did not notice numbers 4 and 5 on the list are both of my blogs.. for a few minutes anyway.
The directory has been up since Sunday I believe.  Qassia is still a beta but it is or is shortly going to be … (30 comments)

qassia: What the heck is Qassia? Helpful hints... - 03/06/08 11:26 PM
Helpful Hints about Qassia. Initially it's a race against the clock for money*.
Me on Qassia I am using a different photo than the default tattoed  tummy now.
1. Invite every one you know quickly (called referrals on Qassia.)
2. Don't worry about the tattoed tummy... (It's Maureen Francis... she said so) just  send out referrals quick... once you have sent out a bunch of referrals worry about the belly image with the tattoo or don't. I am usually pretty pokey about profiles but the tattoed tummy made me put up a simple profile quick with another photo.  I join social networks on reflex.  Setting up … (21 comments)

qassia: If ActiveRain Points were money? - 03/05/08 09:47 AM
What would ActiveRain be like if  the points were money?  
I don't really get it.  Qassia says "Come to mama" and has a  picture of a belly with a tattoo... the tattoo says "Qassia."  Ok....
Your Qassia invite from me:
I did rather well in inviting people to AcitiveRain a real estate network for points that aren't really worth anything.  They show the credit for inviting on Qassia as dollars.  Do you find cash compelling?
The Qassia site says:  
"Qassia is fantastic because you get credit for sharing your intelligence. The more credit you earn, the better … (31 comments)

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